RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            


                                                                                                                         15.Niall to 23.Agnan                                                                  

15.Niall / Niul / Nel, who was the "second" son of 14.Feinius Farsaidh the 1st King of Scythia, was a renowned "schoolmaster" who studied and taught the 72 "individual languages" that had evolved at that time after the building of the Tower of Babel / Nimrod, and he was invited to Egypt by "Cincris" the Hyksos Pharaoh, to educate his Egyptian people in the different languages, and in appreciation the Pharaoh "Cincris" gave him land at Campuss Eyrunt near the Red Sea, and also his daughter Scota in marriage. While there, 15.Niall had one of his followers, Gaedhal / Gael, a son of Eighor / Eatnor, improve on the existing language that was in use by his own people, known as Bearla Tobbai or Gortighern, which was the main original language of that time, that was to be continued on by the Hebrews / Habiru / Semites who were to be descended from 10.Noah's other son, 11.Shem. The new Gaelic language was to become known as Gaodhilg / Gaeilge. 15.Niall also befriended the descendants of the Hebrews, the Israelites, who were also there in bondage in Egypt, who were to come under the influence and leadership of Moses, and because of this "personal" connection 15.Niall's Gaelic followers later on took no part in the harassment, or the pursuit of the Israelites either into the Red Sea or Reed Sea.

     Early on the new language  Gaohhilg adopted by the Scythian Gaels was to be composed of 16 letters, ABCDEFGILMNORSTU, which were at that time individually named for shrubs and trees and it did not include JKQVW, with H and P added on later to make 18 letters. Ailm - a fig / palm, Beith - birch, Coll - hazel, Dair - oak, Eadhna - aspen, Fearn - alder, Gort - ivy, H - uath / white thorn, Ioga - yew, Luis - wild ash, Muin - vine tree, Nuin - ash tree, Oir - broome, Peith - dwarf elder, Ruis - bore, Suil - willow, Tene - furze / whin bush, Ur - leath shrub.

16.Gaedhal / Gael Glas, the son of 15.Niall, then became the most important original "direct male" line ancestor of the aristocratic warrior Gaelic Celts, for while he was still young he was personally cured of a snake - bite, on his neck, by Moses who also promised him a "Western Isle of Destiny" for his descendants where no such serpents would exist," and the Gaels were to continue to try and find this "promised land" until much later on while they were in Spain (Castile and Portugal) they were to eventually find their way to this specific Western Land or Isle, which would come to be known in more modern times to their descendants as Eire / Erinn / Ireland.

17.Asruth / Esru his son was to continue to stay in Egypt and govern his own Gaelic followers in peace, and his son was;

18.Sruth / Sru, and shortly after 17.Asruth died the Gaels where "attacked" by the Egyptians who had long remembered that the Gaels had taken no part in the attack against the Israelites, and many of the Gaels were killed in the conflict, and there was the aristocratic Egyptian Royal family connection remaining also through 15.Niall's marriage to Scota the daughter of Cincris the Pharaoh, which also did not endear them to the Egyptians, as they were always aware of these Scythian foreigners who had a maternal claim over the Egyptian kingdom. To the Gaels there was also the possibility that with their "increasing numbers" they could easily finish up in a simliar situation as the Israelites had before, in bondage to the Egyptians. 18.Sruth decided it was time to "depart" from Egypt to ensure that there would be no chance of any further "persecution" occurring to them there, and along with his Gaelic followers they set out and were eventually to reach the island of Crete / Candia in the Mediterranean Sea were they found that there were "no serpents" existing there and they decided to settle down there and this is where he was to eventually die, and his son;

19.Eber Scott / Scutt was also later on to decide to leave the island of Crete a year after his fatherís death also, with the "majority" of his Gaelic followers, although some of the Gaels had decided to remain behind there, and so he returned to their original territory in Scythia, on the Steppes above the Black Sea where they met up with their Fenian kinsmen who were by then descended from 15.Neanul, the older son of 14.Feinias Farsaidh, who had succeeded his father as the 2nd King of Scythia, but the Fenians there refused to share any part of their Scythian territory with them and many "conflicts" broke out because of this during which time the Gaels were to be the more dominant warriors in the battles. 19.Eber Scott then became their 1st Gaelic King of Scythia in his own right and the Gaels where to then "settle down" there for a further 4 generations.19.Eber Scott was to eventually be slain in battle against Noemus, the son of the previous Fenian King of Scythia.

20.Beouman / Beogamain / Boamain the son of 19.Eber Scott became the 2nd Gaelic King of Scythia also, but the conflicts with their Fenian kinsmen continued on over sovereignty.

21.Oghaman / Agaman / Ogamhain his son, became the 3rd Gaelic King of Scythia, but the conflicts still continued on with their Fenian kinsmen over sovereignty.

22.Tait / Tat his son then became the 4th Gaelic King of Scythia, and the internal conflicts in Scythia over sovereignty still continued on.

23.Agnan / Agnonion / Agnomain his son, soon after his father died also, became involved in a conflict with an aristocratic warrior rival for the Kingship of Scythia whom he killed, and he then came under greater pressure from his opponent's kinsmen, so he decided it would be best to take his Gaelic followers and leave Scythia altogether, and they boarded their ships and sailed around the Caspian Sea for several years until eventually "settling down" into the Macotic Marshes on the Black Sea, until he also died, and this then was to be their way of life for nearly the next 300 years.


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