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                                                                                                                                       24..Laimhfionn to 36.Mil.           

24.Laimhfionn / Lamhfhind who was the son of 23.Agnan, along with his Gaelic followers who had their own fleet of ships, continued to sail around the various islands, landing wherever, and whenever, they could for supplies, but Caichear their Druid constantly reminded them that this would continue to be their way of life for the next 300 years until they found their promised "Western Isle of Destiny," and eventually they arrived at Gothia / Gethulia / Lybia / Libya in the north of Africa where they later set up Carthage, and 24.Laimhfionn was to a die there.

25.Eber / Eibhear Glun Fionn / Glunfhind, his son, was to be born and also die in Libya, and the Gaels were to remain settled there for 150 years (8 generations) as the aristocratic warrior Gaelic Kings and Chiefs there and his son was;

26.Agnan / Agni / Adhonn Fionn - of Fair Complexion who was to be the father of;     

27.Febric / Feibric / Febri / Ebric Glas the father of;  28.Nenuall / Neanual the father of;   29.Nuadhad / Nuada Nuagatt / Niagatt the father of;    

30.Alladh / Alldod / Alluidh / Allot the father of;  31.Arcadh / Earchaidh / Earcada / Ercha the father of; 32.Deagh / Death / Deaga the father of;

33.Brath / Bratha who was also born in Libya, and became aware that their aristocratic Gaelic warrior numbers had increased quite substantially, and he once again rekindled the memory of the promise of Moses and their "Western Isle of Destiny where no serpents would exist" and he along with his Gaelic followers set out from Libya and crossed the Mediterranean Sea with a great fleet, and eventually landed on the coast of what is now Spain, (then part of Gaul,) and settled the Gaels in the region there in the north of the Country that became Galicia.

34.Breoghan / Brigus / Bregon (Son of Fire) the son of 33.Brath, who founded Brigantia / Corunna in the north of Spain is also the ancestor of the Celtic Brigantes of which he was to also send a Celtic colony into Briton early on who settled in York, Lancaster, Durham, Westmoreland and Cumberland, whose Celtic Gaelic descendants later were to stand up to the Romans when they were to also invade Briton. 34.Breoghan became the aristocratic warrior Gaelic 1st King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia (Castile and Portugal) and he was to construct Breoghan’s Tower on a high mountain in Galicia, and also Braganza in Portugal. The Brigantes, who were also of tall stature, would later also colonize Co. Laois, Co. Wexford, Co. Carlow and Co. Kilkenny in Southern Leinster, and Co. Tipperary and Co. Waterford in the Munster Province in Ireland.

35.Bile / Bille, his son, was to become the aristocratic warrior Gaelic 2nd King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia / (Castile and Portugal.) and it was to be 35.Ithe, his brother, who was to be up on the high tower on a cold Winter night and thought that he could see a far Western Isle in the distance and because of this he was  to decide to carry out an expedition with a small fleet of ships to go and seek out this distant island, and he was to become the first of the Gaels to land in Inish Ealga (Eire / Erinn). 35.Ithe in the future would become the direct male line ancestor of the Gaelic Ithian Families in the south of Ireland, who were to eventually have their territory mainly in Co. Cork in Southern Munster and later on their descendants, the Darinian aristocratic warrior Families, would also be descended from his son, 36.Lewy / Lughaidh who was to accompany his father to Inish Ealga on the original expedition. The Gaelic Ithians would later evolve into the Gaelic Ithian Darinian aristocratic Septs (Family branches) throughout the same region, and as aristocratic warriors would be based on the Fir Bolg Erainn Septs who were there before them, becoming then known as the Ithian Corca Loigde / Lughaidh Sept. (The Darinians would be named for their then ancestor Darin who was to become one of the male line aristocratic warrior Ithian Kings there in Southern Munster.) Later on, 36.Lewy would also join in with his second cousins, who were 8 of the sons of 36.Mil, and their mother and step - mother, Scota, daughte of the Pharaoh, and ancestress of all of the Gaelic Milesian aristocratic warrior Scottii, on the second Gaelic expedition into Ireland, initially to avenge his father 35.Ithe's previous death there, at the hands of the 3 Sythian Tuatha de Danann Kings who were then to be in control of Ireland. The aristocratic warrior Gaelic Ithian Families would produce 4 Kings of Tara / Ireland, (58.Lewy / Lughaidh mac Con would be one of these in the very late 2nd Century AD) and their main modern Family would be represented by the O Driscolls.

36.Mil / Mile Easpain (Milesius the Celtic Warrior Hero of Spain) whose Gaelic name was originally 36.Gallamh / Gollamh  (warrior), was a son of 35.Bile, who was personally widely respected throughout Gaul and he was to succeed his father after his death, as the 3rd Gaelic King there, and he was to also become the direct male line ancestor of the Celtic aristocratic warriors known later on as the Gaelic Milesians in Ireland, This would be through 3, of his 8 sons who were to make the second Gaelic expedition to Inish Ealga / Eire. 36.Gallamh's name would be later changed by the Celtic Irish monks to Milesius from the Latin term (mileadh - warrior) and from there shortened to 36.Mil. Prior to the death of 35.Bile his father, 36.Mil was to return to Scythia where Reafloir was then the King of Scythia who put him in command of his army and after he defeated the King's enemies there he became very popular and married Seang the daughter of Reafloir. The Scythian King became jealous of his increasing popularity and tried to do away with him, but he was able to turn the tables on Reafloir and kill him instead. By that time Seang had also died, so he took their 2 sons, Eber Donn - of Brown Complexion and Airioch Feabhruadh and left Scythia and went on to Egypt with his Gaelic followers in 60 ships where he went into service for Nectanbus / Nectonibus the Pharaoh (King) of Egypt who made him his commander also.

    36.Mil was able to defeat the invading Ethiopians in battle on the Pharaoh's behalf, who then gave him one of his daughters, another Scota (Scottii), in marriage, who produced 2 sons there, in 37.Eber Fionn - of Fair Complexion who would become the direct male line ancestor of the hEberians in Eber's Half in Southern Ireland, and 37.Amergin the Gaelic Milesians Druid who would therefore be excluded from Kingship. They were to remain in Egypt for 8 years during which time he had his followers gain as much knowledge as they could to bring that extra education back to Spain to the Gaels. After leaving Egypt, on the way back to Spain another son, 37.Ir,  who would become the direct male line ancestor of the Gaelic Milesian Irian Septs, was to be born on the Island of Irena near Thrace, and yet another son, 37.Colpa was to be born on the Island of Gotia. On returning to Spain he found that  his father, 35.Bile, had died, and foreigners and other dissidents were creating trouble there for the Gaels, and during 54 battles he was to drive them all out of the region and create peace there again. A Famine then set in for 26 years, which he personally believed was a punishment for not seeking out their "Western Isle of Destiny" that had been promised to his ancestor, 16.Gael Glas by Moses, as the 300 years that had been stipulated by Caichear the Druid to his ancestor, 24.Lamhfionn was now up. He sent his uncle, 35.Ithe and his son, 36.Lewy / Lughaidh together with 150 Gaelic warriors in their indivual boats to try and find this Western Isle of Destiny, and they set out and eventually landed on the southern coast of Ireland in the the Munster Province where he left his son, 35.Lewy with 50 of the Gaels to guard their ships.

    35.Ithe headed inland with the rest of the Gaels, and along the way he was to learn that 3 sons of Ceramal, namely mac Cuil, mac Cecht and mac Greine had been the Scythian Nemedian Tuatha de Danann Kings in Ireland for the previous 30 years taking turns at ruling one year at a time, while naming Ireland each time after their wives, Eire, Fodhla and Banbha. Mac Cuile was the ruling King at this time, whose wife, Eire who it is believed was a grand - daughter of Oghma a previous Tuatha de Danann King who had invented the Oghma style of writing during his lifetime. 35.Ithe was also informed that the 3 Kings were at this time up in the north in the Ulster Province at Aileach / Stone Horse / Nead where they were settling a personal dispute over their family treasures. 35.Ithe sent back word to his son, 36.Lewy to sail their ships up to there and they would then meet up with their other group there. 35.Ithe was to arrive there first and he met up with the 3 Kings and they all got on so well, that he was able to assist them to arrive at a sensible solution to their personal dispute, but he made the mistake of telling them what a great looking country Eire / Ireland was, which made them realise that he might return with more Gaels and try and take over Ireland. Along the way as he was leaving their presence with his group to meet up with 36.Lewy the 3 Tuatha De Danann Kings decided to attack 35.Ithe's party of Gaels defeating them with 35.Ithe mortally wounded during the conflict at Magh Ithe / The Plain of 35.Ithe in what is now the Barony of Raphoe in Co. Donegal. When 36.Lewy finally found him he gathered up his injured body and took him back to Spain where he showed him to the Gaels there who were very upset and out for revenge, so 36.Mil then made preparations for a large exhibition to Ireland, but he died before they were ready to go, and it was to be left up to Scota, his 8 sons and 36.Lewy to lead the Gaelic aristocratic warriors on the expedition back to Eire / Ireland. 

     Scota was later on to give her name to Scotland through her descendants the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Scottii (Irishmen) who were to have their initial kingdom of Dal Riada in Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province, which they were later to extend across the Irish Sea into Dal Riada / Alba / Scottish Highlands / Argyle (The Land of the Gael.). (By that later time they would be at first descended from *69.Conaire 11 the 111th King of Tara / Ireland, and eventually also *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland through her and 36.Mil's youngest son, *37.Eremon the direct male line ancestor of all of the hEremonian Septs in Ireland from whom they were both to be descended although through different Heremonian male lines culminating in the Gaelic Milesian Kings of Scotland  also.


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