35                                                     RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                  35.Ith - 59.Lewy mac con the 113th King of Ireland

 33.Brath who was born in Libya, became aware that his Gaelic followers had increased quite substantially in numbers and he once again rekindled the memory of the promise of Moses to the Gaels of their "Western Isle of Destiny where no serpents would exist" and he decided to set out from Libya with a great fleet of the Gaels and they finally landed on the coast of what is now Spain, then part of Gaul, and created a Gaelic settlement in the region that became Galicia in the north of the country. His son;

34.Breoghan / Brigus who is also the ancestor of the Brigantes, became the Gaelic 1st King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia now known as Castile and Portugal and constructed Breoghan’s Tower / Brigantia in Galicia, and Braganza in Portugal, and one of his sons, 35.Bile was to become the Gaelic 2nd King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia / Castile and Portugal and his son, 36.Gallamh / 36.Mil, came to be widely respected throughout Gaul as the Celtic Hero of Spain, as he had previously gone to Egypt to serve Nectanbus the Pharaoh / King there where he defeated the Ethiopians in battle on his behalf. Nectanbus then gave him his daughter, Scota / Scotia in marriage who was to give her name to Scotland through her Gaelic Milesian descendants, the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Muscraige Scottii / Irishmen through one of her surviving sons *37.Eremon. and his hEremonian / Heremonian descendants. *88.Conaire 11 the 111th King of Tara / Ireland in 157 AD and his son, 70.Eochy / Cairbre Riada and later on still in the early 6th Century AD through 93.Fergus Mac Earca, who was a brother to 93.Murtogh Mac Earca the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill 131st King of Ireland. 36.Mil was to succeed his father as the Gaelic 3rd King of Castile and Portugal in Spain and was to also become the main ancestor of the Celtic aristocratic warrior Gaelic Milesians in Ireland, predominantly through 3 of his 8 sons, who were to make the second Gaelic expedition to Inis Ealga / Eire / Ireland due to the previous murder of their great - uncle, 35.Ithe there by the 3 Scythian Tuatha De Danann KIngs.  36.Gallamh's (warrior) name would be later changed by the Celtic Irish monks to 36.Milesius from the Latin term / mileadh (warrior) and from there shortened to 36.Mil. 34.Breoghan's other son;

35.Ithe had been sent on an expedition by his nephew, 36.Mil to Inis Ealga / Ireland from Spain, and he would be the first of the Gaels to land in Eire / Erinn after becoming aware of this Far Western Isle of Destiny promised to his ancestor, 16.Gael Glas by Moses and he was to be slain there by the 3 Tuatha de Danann Kings, as they had considered that he was showing too much appreciation for the terrain and the climate, but despite his demise, he was to eventually become the ancestor of the aristocratic warrior Gaelic "Ithian" Septs / Family branches - in the south of Ireland mainly in Co. Cork in Southern Munster through his son;

36.Lewy / Lughaidh who had originally accompanied his father on his initial expedition to Inis Ealga / Eire / Ireland, who had then returned his father's lifeless body to Spain, and as a consequence he was to then join in with his second cousins, the sons of 36.Mil, on the second expedition then into Ireland to avenge his death. The Ithians descended from 36.Lewy would at first become known as the aristocratic warrior Lughadians and would later evolve into the Gaelic Ithian Lughadian Darinian Corca Loigde aristocratic warrior Septs Family branches throughout the same region, incorporating the Fir Bolg Septs there. These aristocratic warrior Septs later on would include the O Cagneys / Ui Cainge, the O Driscolls / Ui hEidersceoil, the O Trowers / Ui Treabhair, the O Crehans / Ui Criadhagain and the O Curnanes / Ui Cairnein. Earlier on they would become known as the Darinians named for his descendant 56.Daire / Darin who was to be one of the future Ithian Kings. 60.Fothach / Fathadh Canann one of 59.Lewy Mac Con’s sons is the ancestor of the Mac Awleys / Mag Amhalguidh of Caarach, the O Learys / Ui Laoghaire of Ros, the Rosses / Rushes, the Mac Flancy / Clancy / Mag Flannchuidh of Dartrach, the O Coffeys / Ui Cobhthaigh, the O Curneens / Ui Cuirnin, the O Flynns / Ui Floinn of Ard, the O Barrys / Ui Baire of Ara, the O Toomeys, the Mac Allens / Ailin in Scotland.  36.Lewy’s other son;

          37.Mal was to be the father of;  38.Ead Raman / Edaman the father of 39.Logh / Logha the father of; 40.Maithsin the father of; 41.Sin the father of 42.Gos / Gossaman the father of 43.Eadhaman / Adaman the father of 44.Eireamhon the father of;  45.Logh Feidhleach / Logha Feile the father of 46.Lachtaine / Lochtnan the father of 47.Nuadha Airgtheach / Nuaclad Argni the father of 48.Deirthine / Deargthine the father of 49.Deadhadh Dearg / Deagha Dearg the father of 50.Eadhamhraidh / Deagha Amhra the father of 51.Euillean / Ferulnigh the father of 52.Sithbolg the father of 53.Daire Diomdhach the father of 54.Each Bolg who also had a brother, 54.Lughaidh the ancestor of the Mac Clancys of Dartry in Co. Leitrim and maybe the Mac Cawleys / Mac Gauley of Calry in Co. Westmeath, and was also the father of 55.Ferulnigh the father of 56.Daire / Darin the direct male line ancestor of the Darinians, who was the father of 57.Lewy / Lughaidh the father of 58.Marceline mac Niadh the King of the Ithian Darinians who was to marry 84.Sadhbh the daughter of *83.Conn - of the Hundred Battles the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh 110th King of Tara / Ireland the direct male line ancestor of the Dal Cuinn (People of *83.Conn) and their son was to be;

      *59.Lewy / Lughaidh mac con - (the son of the hound) whose epithet came about because as a sickly young youth he suckled the teats of his favourite greyhound, Ealor Dearg, and later on he became the Ithian 113th King of Tara / Ireland when his uncle, *84.Art - the Lonely the Heremonian Dal Cuinn 112th King of Tara / Ireland and 6 of *58.Lewy's Heberian younger half - brothers from 84.Sadhbh were slain in battle against him and his Brythonic and Fir Bolg allies. (These 6 brothers were the sons of 84.Ailill Oluimm the Heberian 1st King of Munster and 84.Sadhbh who he had married as a widow after 57.Marcelline Mac Niadh's demise.) This was to be a very decisive victory in a battle that occurred over *58.Lewy's determination to have a turn at the Munster Kingship, which also then allowed him to secure the overall Kingship of Tara / Ireland instead in his own right for 27 years, until he was to be removed from the position and was later slain by Fergus / Feircis Dubh - Dheadach, a son of Imchad / Coman Eces who then became the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Fiatach 114th King of Ireland for one year only. *58.Lewy mac con had 5 sons, 

 (1) Fothach Airgthach who would be the 118th King of Ireland jointly with his brother,

(2) Fothach Cairpreach the 119th King of Ireland
who in 285 AD slew his brother and was slain himself soon thereafter in the Battle of Ollarbha,

(3) Duach
the ancestor of the O Connells, the O Hennessys, the Mac Eircs etc, 

(4) Fothach Canaan
the ancestor of the O Barrys, the Mac Alins / Mac Colums the Earl of Argyle, and

(5) Angus / Oenghus / Aeneas Gaifhuileach the ancestor of the O Coffeys.

ne of these 4 brothers is also the ancestor of the O Hallinans.


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