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                                                                                                                *62.Rory Mor the 86th Irian King of Tara / Erenn  - 105.O Farrell / O Ferrell.

*62.Rory Mor - the Greater was the Gaelic Milesian Irian 86th King of Tara / Erinn (See 37 .Ir - *62.Rory Mor) who is the direct male line ancestor of the Irian Families from the Clann - na - Rory Sept. 63.Cionga his sixth son was to be the direct male line ancestor of 68.Conall Cearnach - of the Victories the outstanding leader of the Red Branch Knights of Ulster. who was also the father of 69.Laoiseach Ceann Mor the direct male line ancestor of the O Mores / O Moores in Co. Laois in the mid - north - west of Southern Leinster. and 104.Aongus Mor the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Guinness, and 82.Aongus Gabhneach the direct male ancestor of the Mac Gowans, and many of the other important Irian Families in the Ulster Province, the Connacht Province and Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province. (See also *62.Rory Mor - 89.Eochy Cobo.) *62.Rory Mor was to die in 218 BC and his 5th son was;

*63.Ros / Rossa Ruadh - of Red Complexion who was to be the father of;

64.Fergus mac Roich Mor who was himself to be the Gaelic Milesian Irian King of Ulster for 3 or 7 years until he was to be replaced by agreement by his kinsman and second - cousin, 65.Conor mac Neasa who then became the Gaelic Milesian King of Ulster who was also to later renege on a promise to 64.Fergus mac Roich that he would not kill the sons of Naoise if he personally brought them back to Ireland, which upset 64.Fergus Mor who then went to the Connacht Province / Sreng's Fifth into the service of 76.Maeve / Maedhbh the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Queen of Connacht, and her aged husband 64.Ailill / Oilill Mor, and was to be in constant conflict with 65.Conor mac Neasa.

64.Fergus Mor and 76.Maeve were to form a liaison, as she was still very young, and she produced 3 sons who were triplets by him, one of whom was,

      (1).65.Conmac who became the direct male line ancestor of the Conmaicne Septs / Conmaicne - Mara / Connemara, Conmaicne Cuil Tolaigh / Kilmaine in Co. Mayo and Conmaicne Rein in Co. Longford and the southern part of Co. Leitrim. Conmaicne Cinel Dubhain / Dunmore in Co. Galway. Another was (2).65.Corc who became the direct male line ancestor of the Corc Modhruadh / Corcomroe in Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province previously Southern Connacht and the other was (3).65.Ciar the direct male line ancestor of the Ciarruighe Luachra, Ciarruighe Chuirc, Ciarruighe Aoi and Ciarruighe Coinmean.

64.Fergus Mor was also to be the father of 1.65.Dallan, 2.65.Anluim, 3.65.Conri, 4.65.Aongus Fionn, 5.65.Oilioll, 6.66.Firceighid, 7.65.Uiter, 8.65.Finfailg, 9.65.Firleachta and 10.65.Binne.

       (1).65.Dallan in turn was to be the father of 66.Lewy / Lughaidh the father of 67.Nathi the father of 68.Baer the father of 69.Becan the father of 70.St. Mochna / St. Cronan of Ballagh.

     (4).65.Angus / Aongus Fionn was to be the father of 66.Mac Niadh the father of 67.Orchon Orchen the father of 68.Foranan / Feranan the father of 69.Labhra the father of 70.Cait the father of 71.Aililol / Oilioll the father of 72.Diochon / Diochan the father of 73.Sliebhe / Sleibhe the father of 74.Gofrid / Gofnid the father of 75.Conor the father of 76.Dermod the father of 77.Lochlan the father of 78.Duffy / Dubhthaig the father of 79.Maolbrenan.  

     (6).65.Firceighid was to be the ancestor of the Eoghanacht of Ara - Cliach and the father of 66.Rory the father of 67.Lawlor / Lalor the father of 68.Daire the father of 69.Conri the father of 70.Benard the father of 71.Donogh / Doncha the father of 72.Eocha the father of 73.Eoghan (Eoghanacht Ara Cliach)  the father of 74.Chuconnacht the father of 75.Maonaigh the father of 76.Dinfeartach the father of 77.Duibtheach the father of 78.Loingsedh / Loingsech the father of 79.Dunlaing the father of 80.Bruadar.

    (8).65.Finfalig is the ancestor of the O Dugans and the O Coscridh Chiefs of Fermoy in Co. Cork in Southern Munster.

64.Fergus Mor was to be eventually killed by an officer of 76.Maev's husband's court while he was bathing in a pond near Rath Cruachan and was interred at Magh Aoi in the Connacht Province.

65.Conmac who was the eldest of the 3 sons from 76.Maev was to receive his portion of her inheritance, and what he was to gain personally along the way in Conmaicne (The People of 65.Conmac.), which was to be all of Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster, and the surrounding nearby territory in most parts of Co. Leitrim, Co. Sligo and Co. Galway in the Connacht Province and also some nearby at Conmaicne Beicce / Cuircneach, which later became known as Dillon's Country in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster. They reigned there as Irian Conmaicne Kings until driven out by the English Galls / foreigners.  His son was;

66.Moghatoi who became the father of  67.Messaman the father of  68.Mochta the father of 69.Cetghun the father of 70.Enda / Enna the father of 71.Gobhre the father of 72.Iuchar the father of 73.Eoghaman the father of;                          

 74.Alta the father of 75.Tairc the father of Dallan the father of Lughdach the father of Lughdach the father of St. Canice of Aghaboe and 76.Teagha the father of 77.Ethinon the father of ;

78.Orsenmar / Orbsen Mor who had territory at Loch Orbsen / Loch Corrib, (were Manannan had been drowned), in Co. Galway in the south - west of the Connacht Province, named after him after it broke out in his territory after he died. His son was;

79.Conmac (Conmaicne ?) the father of   80.Lughach the father of  81.Beibhdhe the father of  82.Bearra who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Berry / O Bury / Ui Bearra Families, and whose son was;

83.Uisle the father of  84.Eachdach the father of  85.Forneart the father of  86.Neart the father of  87.Meadhrua the father of 88.Duff / Dubh the father of 89.Earcoll the father of  90.Earc the father of  91.Eachdach the father of;   

92.Cusrach the father of  93.Fionnfhear the father of 94.Fionnlogh the father of  95.Onchu the father of  96.Neidhe the father of 97.Finghin who had 5 sons,of which 3 are 98.Maoldbhreac whose son, 99.Sireden is the direct male line of the O Sheridans and O Kirwans / Ui Ciarrovan, O Kerrigans / Ui Ciaragain 98.Mochtan who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Morans. 3.Rinnal who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Daly Families of the Conmaicne. His other son;

98.Fiobrann became the father of sons who are the direct male line ancestors of the O Canavans, O Birrens, Mac Birneys, O or Mac Kennys, O Branagans, Martins and O Bredin Families while another son was;  

 99.Mairne the father of 100.Croman / Cromman the father of 1.Biobhsach of the male line ancestor of the O Reynolds of Connacht, 2.Gearadhaion the ancestor of the O Gaynors, 3.Giollagan the ancestor of the O Gilligans and O Quinns in Co. Longford in Northern Leinster, and also from them come the Mac Shanleys, the O Mulveys, and the O Mulkeerans  / O Mulherns in Co. Donegal in the north - west of the Ulster Province. He was also the father of;

101.Eimhin the father of 102.Angall who was the Milesian Gaelic Irian King after whom the Conmaicne kingdom of Annaly / Annalies was named in Co. Longford and part of Co. Westmeath / Upper Anghaile / Upper Annaly and adjacent part of Co. Leitrim / Lower Annaly. His descendants were to be the original Irian Kings of Annaly, who were to be later on subjugated by the English Galls / Foreigners, and would then have to accept their own territory as shire land, and they then became the Lords of Upper and Lower Anghailes / Annalies. One of his sons 103.Fingin is the direct male line ancestor of the O Finnegans of Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster and another;

103.Braon became the father of 104.Conall / Congal (fierce as a hound) the father of;

105. Fergal / Fearghal (valiant warrior) who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Farrells / O Ferrells / O Freehill / O Freel  / Ui Fearghail of Longford / Ui Longphort Fearghail (O Farrells Fortress) who had their territory in Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster. In 960 AD 105.Fergal who was their Irian King was defeated by 105.Mahon the Heberian Dal gCais Prince of Thomond / Northern Munster and future 39th King of Cashel Munster, on the banks of the River Inny were it flows into Loch Ree, after 105.Mahon had sailed up the River Shannon. 105.Fergal was also to be among the Gaelic Milesian Irish Kings who later supported 105.Mahonís brother, *105.Brian Boru - of the Tributes the Heberian Dalcassian 175th High King of Ireland in the Battle of Clontarf near Dublin in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster. This great battle was to occur against the all out Viking Invasion in 1004 AD when their advance was finally halted and 7,000 Vikings and their Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Southern Leinster allies were killed.

The Ui Fearghail Families later split into 2 main Septs / Family branches, The O Farrell Buidhe - of the Yellow Hair whose territory was in the south of Co. Longford, and the other The O Farrell Ban - of the White  Hair whose territory was in the north of Co. Longford.

Like most of the other Gaelic Milesian Irish Families the English also eventually confiscated the territory of the Ui Fearghail even though some of the main members of the Family had also turned non - Catholic to try and hold onto it.


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