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1185 AD - 1205 AD 111.Donnell / Domhnall Mor na Cuirre Mac Carthy, his son who was born in 1138 AD , was the Prince / Tanaiste of Desmond / Southern Munster who defeated the Anglo - Norman Galls / Foreigners in the Munster Province and drove them out of Limerick in 1196 AD and again in 1203 AD, killing 160 of them. He was the father of 3 sons, including 112.Dermod Mac Carthy of Dun Droghan who died in 1217 AD who left 2 sons of his own, 113.Teague Mac Carthy who was killed by his uncles in 1257 AD and 113.Finnian Mac Carthy who was killed by his uncles in 1235 AD. Another son of 111.Donnell Mor na Cuirre was 112.Donnell Oge / Goth Mor who was the Chief of Carbery and the ancestor of Goth / Got, and Mac Carthy Glas and Mac Carthy Riabach. His other son was;


112.Cormac Fionn Mac Carthy, who was born in 1170 AD who founded the Tracton Abbey near Kinsale in Co. Cork and Henry 111 the Norman King of England unsuccessfully tried to get him to ally with him against Scotland, He died in 1242 AD leaving 6 sons, 113.Donnell Ruadh na n -Oigh Bhreath Mac Carthy, 113.Donn Mac Carthy of Inis Droighan the ancestor of Mac Carthy of Acharassy, 113.Dermod Mac Carthy the ancestor of Mac Donough and Mac Carthy of Duhallow, 113.Donnell Fionn who became the ancestor of Mac Carthy Clann Donnell Fionn of Evenaliah, 113.Donough an Druimin - the Drummer the ancestor of Mac Donnell of Barotto and the Ui Druim Septs  / Drum, Drumin and Drummond, and another son was;


 113.Donough Cairtneach Mac Carthy, who was to be the ancestor of the English Viscounts Mac Cartney who were also the English Barons of Lisanoure, and he is also the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Riabach / Reagh / Grey / Clann Carrthaigh Riabach. He also became the Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil  King of Desmond / Southern Munster and produced 2 sons, Donnell Mac Carthy who was to be an ally of Edward Bruce when he came into Ireland, and also served later under Robert the Bruce who then gave him territory in Argyle (The Land of the Gael) in Scotland from where his descendants migrated into Galloway also, and later still back into Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province. They also received a title from the English when in 1776 AD George Mac Cartney was created Viscount Mac Cartney and the English Baron of Lisanoure. 113.Donough Cairtneach Mac Cartney's second son, 114.Teague Mac Carthy of Dun Mac Tomain also produced a daughter, Catherine who married Murtogh Mor O Sullivan Mor.


113.Donnell / Domhnall Ruadh na n - Oigh Bhreath Mac Carthy his eldest son was the Prince / Tanaiste of Desmond / Southern Munster who was born in 1239 AD and died in 1302 AD who married Margaret the daughter of Nicholas Fitz Maurice  the third English Earl of Kerry whose wife had been the daughter of O Brian the Dal gCais Prince of Thomond / Northern Munster, and among others he left 114.Donnell Oge Mac Carthy, and 114.Dermot Oge Mac Carthy of Tralee who was slain in 1325 AD at Tralee by his cousin, Maurice Fitz Nicholas Fitz Maurice the fourth English Earl of Kerry. 114.Dermod Oge Mac Carthy was to become the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Finghin Mac Carthys of Cetherne and Gleneroughty, whose descendant in 1880 AD was to be Randal Mac Finghin Mor Mac Carthy the Catholic Bishop of Kerry. 114.Orflaith his daughter, married 114.Turlough Mor O Brian, His other son;

114.Donnell / Domhnall Oge - the Younger Mac Carthy Mor, who was born in 1239 AD  who was a Prince of Desmond  who was to become the ancestor of the Clann Domhnaill Ruaidh in 1306 AD besieged Carbery and took his father's cousin 113.Donnell Maol Mac Carthy prisoner, but soon released him and they later combined their forces against the Anglo - Norman Galls in Desmond. His son was;


115.Cormac Mac Carthy Mor the Prince / Tanaiste of Desmond, was born in 1271 AD who died in 1359 AD, and had been married to Honoria the daughter of Maurice Fitz Maurice the English sixth Earl of Kerry from his wife Elizabeth Condon, and they produced 116.Donnell Mac Carthy Mor, 116.Dermod Mor Mac Carthy the Chief of Muskerry / Muscry / Muscroighe in 1353 AD who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Chiefs of Muskerry who became the English Earl of Clan Carty, 116.Feach / Fiacha who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Maing, 116.Donough Mac Carthy who is the ancestor of Mac Carthy of Ardcanaghty, 116.Finghin Mac Carthy, 116.Donnell Buidhe Mac Cartney, 116.Teague of Leamhain, 116.Eoghan Mac Carthy of Bord Mainge the ancestor of Mac Carthy of Cois Mainge, while 116.Catherine his daughter married The O Sullivan Mor.


116.Donnell / Domhnall Mac Carthy Mor was the Prince of Desmond who was born in 1303 AD and died in 1371 AD, who was married to Joanna the Countess of Desmond the daughter of Maurice Oge Fitz Gerald the English fourth Earl of Kildare who diedthe in 1391 AD and they produced;


117.Teague na Mainistreach - of the Monastery, who was born in 1340 AD and died in 1413 AD in the City of Cork and was interred in the Franciscan Monastery of which he supported and was the father of;   


118.Donnell / Domhnall an Dana / Daimh - the Poet Mac Carthy who was born in 1373 AD who was the Prince of Desmond who rebuilt the Franciscan Abbey of Irreelagh / Muckross Abbey on the border of Loch Lene, which was the foundation of his ancestor, Cormac Mac Carthy and dedicated it to the Holy Trinity and he was to die at an advanced age and left among others, 119.Eleanor / Nell who married Geoffrey O Donoghue the Eoghanacht Chief of Glenflesk. He was also the father of; 


119.Teague / Tadhg Liath Mac Carthy who was born in 1407 AD and slain in battle between his forces and the English Earl of Desmond in 1490 AD and was the father of;


120.Cormac Ladhrach Mac Carthy who was born in 1440 AD and died in 1516 AD who was the Prince of Desmond who married Eleanor the daughter of Edmond Fitz Maurice the English ninth Earl of Kerry from his wife Mora the daughter of O Connor Kerry, and was the father of;


121.Donnell / Domhnall an Druimnin Mac Carthy, Prince of Desmond, born in 1481 AD, who concluded a Peace with Sir Leonard Grey the English Lord Deputy in Ireland under which he gave up Teague and Dermod O Mahony who were his kinsmen as hostages and among his children were 122.Donnell Mac Carthy, 122.Teague Mac Carthy whose daughter 123.Catherine married Thomas Fitz Maurice the English Lord of Kerry, 122.Catherine who married the well known Florence / Finghin Mac Carthy Reagh, 122.Honoria who was the fourth wife of James Fitz Gerald the fifteenth English Earl of Desmond, and was the father of;


122.Donnell / Domhnall Mac Carthy Mor, who was born in 1518 AD, who was married to Honoria the daughter of his brother - in - law James, Fitz Gerald the English Earl of Desmond and in 1565 AD he was the first appointed English Earl of Clan Carty / Glencar by Elizabeth 1st who heaped honours on him including the title of Viscount of Valentian in Co. Kerry. In 1568 AD he was looked on as the King of Munster.


1596 AD 122.Donnell / The Mac Carthy Mor, died, who was the first and last English Earl of Clan Carty and all his Irish territory in Desmond was confiscated by Elizabeth 1st and given over to the English Episcopalian non / Catholic planters, and as he was the overall leader and overlord of Donnell Cam O Sullivan / The O Sullivan Beare who was his neighbour, he along with all the other Irish Chiefs in the Munster Province now had much more to worry about. He left no legitimate son, but Donnell, his Illegitimate son, was to proclaim himself The Mac Carthy Mor, but did not succeed to the position. 123.Elana his daughter, married 121.Florence / Finghin Mac Carthy Riabach who was then accepted as his legitimate heir and  they became the parents of 122.Teague Mac Carthy who also was to die in the Tower of London, 122.Donnell Mac Carthy, 122.Florence Mac Carthy and 122.Conall Mac Carthy, and they also became the ancestors of the Reas, Rays and Wrays. 122.Donnell Mac Carthy married Sarah, the daughter of Randal Mac Donnell the English Earl of Antrim, who was the widow of Niall Oge O Neill of Killinbah, and also of Sir Charles O Connor Sligo, and they produced 2 sons, 123.Florence who married Elinor the daughter of John Fitz Gerald the Knight of Kerry who died without issue. and 123.Cormac Mac Carthy who married Honoria the daughter of John - of Brittas, who was Colonel in King James 11's army. 124.Fingin Mac Carthy, his son married Mary the daughter of Charles Mac Carthy of Clogroe and produced 125.Randal, 125.Cormac Mac Carthy, 125.Donnell, 125.Eliza and 125.Anne. This 125.Cormac Mac Carthy married Dela the Welsh heiress who was the daughter of Joseph Welply / Welch or Guelph who had settled in Co. Cork in the territory there previously confiscated from the Mac Carthys of Muskerry.

       121,Florence Mac Carthy Riabach who was a son of 120.Sir Donough Mac Carthy Riabach, was born in Carbery in 1579 AD and was to die in the Tower of London on December 18th 1640 AD, and had a gravestone there marked Markarkey after he was held in captivity there twice, firstly for 11 years for marrying an Irish Princess without Elizabeth 1st's permission, and then 39 years for Reasons of State without any trial at all. In 1600 AD Aodh O Neill at Innis Carra near Cork declared him The Mac Carthy Mor and was backed up by Aodh O Neill the Ard Righ / High King of Ireland. 


1602 January 2nd: Although the Battle of Kinsale in Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster was to mean the end of the Irish Brehon Law and Gaelic Ireland, in the meantime 123.Daniel Mac Carthy, a son of The Mac Carthy Mor the previously deceased first English Earl of Clan Carty, along with O Connor Kerry would stick it out to the end, the Anglo - Irish Earls, Fitz Gerald the Knight of Glin and Fitz Gerald the Knight of Kerry and others joined in with the Eoghanacht Chaisil Chieftain Donnell Cam O Sullivan to try and continue to defend the Munster Province against the English onslaught.

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