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                                                                                                       85.Eoghan Mor - 88.Luigthech / Mac Carthy - 2

85.Eoghan Mor, the oldest son of 84.Ailill Oluimm, was to therefore become the aristocratic warrior ancestor of all of the Eoghanachta / Eoghanacht Septs (The People of 85.Eoghan / Owen) whose territories were to be eventually in Southern Munster in Desmuma / Desmond / Southern Ireland. Initially their territory was to be in the south of Co. Limerick and Co. Tipperary in Tuadh Mumhan / Thomond Northern Munster, but later on they where pressured into resettling even further south into Co. Cork and Co. Kerry due to the arrival of the Viking menace on their eastern front and the ongoing disruptions caused by the Vikings to the Irish Brehon Law, along with the resulting growing significance of their aristocratic warrior kinsmen the Heberian Dal gCais in Thomond / Northern Munster who were renowned throughout Ireland for always being, " The first into battle and the last out."


       The main Heberian Eoghanacht aristocratic warrior Septs / Family branches were to be formed primarily from outstanding sons who where either Kings or Princes / Tanaistes / heirs apparent of the descendants of 85.Eoghan Mor, and these Septs mostly all came to share the Eoghanacht Kingship of Cashel / Munster at one time and among these later on were the O Callaghans / O Callahans, the Mac Carthys, the O Keeffes, the O Donoghues, the O Donovans, the O Mahonys and the O Sullivans Septs who were to become much more predominant, and as such were to carry forward their particular Septs / branches of the Eoghanacht male line to the Kingship of Cashel / Munster


 86.Fiachu / Fiacha Muillethan - of the Flat Head was to be the son of 85.Eoghan Mor - the Greater, who had been born well after his father had been killed at the Battle of Magh Mucromhra, and as he was still an infant, it was to be his uncle, 85.Cormac Cass - of the Curly Hair who would follow his father, 84.Ailill Oluimm, into the Gaelic Milesian Heberian 2nd Kingship of Munster, but on discovering the existence of 85.Eoghan Mor's young son, 84.Ailill Oluimm had then decreed that the Heberian Families of his two eldest sons, 85.Eoghan Mor and 85.Cormac Cass where to share the Kingship of Munster in the future. After his demise in 234 AD. his second eldest son, 85.Cormac Cass, became the Heberian 2nd King of Munster who would later on become the Heberian 1st King of Tuadh Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster as he then shared the Heberian Kingship of Munster with 86.Fiacha Muillethan who was to become the Heberian Eoghanacht 1st King of Desmuma / Desmond / Southern Munster and 3rd King of Munster.


 87.Ailill Fland Bec / Oilill Flann Beag, a son of 86.Fiacha Muillethan, was then to be the Heberian Eoghanacht King of Munster and rule for 30 years, and he had an older brother, 87.Ailill Mor. 3 of 87.Ailill Fland Bec's sons where to leave prevailing Eoghanacht aristocratic warrior dynasties including;


      (1) 88.Maine Munchain / 88.Daire Cerbba becoming the father of 89.Fiachu Fidgennid who would be the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanacht Ui Fidgeinti Septs, the Muintir Aicheir Septs, the Muintir Mhiadhachain Septs and the Clann Mheic Dabhith / David Sept of Thomond. Other Eoghanacht Septs were also descended then through 89.Fiachu Fidgennid’s son, 90.Brion, which included the Ui Choirpre Aebda Sept through his son, 91.Cairbre / Coirpre and the Ui Chonaill Gabra Sept through his other son, 91.Daire. His particular Ui Fidgeinti Sept's male line was also to eventually produce 101.Olchobur who may have been / or not been the Ui Fidgeinti 20b King of Cashel / Munster who was to die in 796 / 7 AD and if so their one and only. The Ui Fidgeinti Sept was also to produce the Septs / Family branches of the O Donovans, and the O Collins of Cairbre / Carbery in Co. Cork who are the ancestors of Michael Collins who was to greatly assist in finally removing the English oppression from over 26 Counties in Ireland in 1921. 88.Maine Munchain other son, 89.Daui is the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Duach Argetrois Septs, and another son, 89. Eochy / Echu Liathan became the ancestor of the Ui Liathain Septs.


      (2) 88.Lare Fidach was another of the sons of 87.Ailill Fland Bec, and a brother to 88.Maine Munchain / 88.Daire Cerbba, and he was to be the father of *89.Criffan / Crimthann Mor mac Fidaig who was not only to became a Heberian Eoghanacht King of Munster but also the Gaelic Milesian Heberian 125th King of Tara / Ireland due to the connections of his sister, 89.Mongfind / Mong Fionn who was at that time the Heberian Queen of the deceased *89.Eochy Mugmedon the Gaelic Milesian 124th King of Tara / Ireland, and the mother of  90.Brion the direct male line ancestor of the Heremonian Ui Briuin Septs and 90. Fiachra the direct aristocratic warrior male line ancestorr of the Ui Fiachrach Septs who would be the first and second Heremonian Dal Cuinn Kings of Connacht respectively. She was to be the one mainly responsible for *89.Criffan becoming the Gaelic Milesian Heberian 125th Kingship of Tara / Ireland in the first place, but her plans for her son, 90.Brion to gain the overall Kingship of Ireland after him were not to go as she planned.


      (3) 88.Luigthech / Lughaidh another of 87.Ailill Fland Bec's 3 sons would be the one who would carry the Heberian Eoghanacht aristocratic warrior male line of the Mac Carthys forward to the Kingships of Cashel / Munster who was to have 3 sons, 89.Lewy / Lughaidh, 89.Cathub and most important of all 89.Conall Corc the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanacht Chaisil Septs and the majority of the Eoghanacht Kings of Cashel / Munster.


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