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                                                                                                                                   88.Luigthech - 90.Nadfroich / Mac Carthy - 3


 88.Luigthech / Lughaidh, one of the 3 sons of 87.Ailill Fland Bec, who was to carry the male line forward to the Heberian Mac Carthys was to be the father of 3 sons also who left aristocratic warrior issue includingh; 89.Lewy / Lughaidh who became the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanacht  Ui Lugdech Eile Sept, 89.Cathub / Cobhthach who became the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanact Ui Chathbad Chuille Sept, and his eldest son,  


 89.Conall Corc  who was to become the Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil 1st King of Cashel / Munster and the direct male line ancestor of all of the Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Septs, who were all to have their fort - dun on the Rock of Cashel / Caiseal in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of the Munster Province that he was to initially set up on in the late 3rd Century AD, and he was to also become the direct male line ancestor of the Iar Muma / Western Munster and the Des Muma / Southern Munster Tuatha / Family regions in the south of the Munster Province through 7 of his own sons.


      While the Heberian Eoghanachta Septs descended directly from his ancestor 85.Eoghan Mor were to produce at least 57 Eoghanacht Kings of Cashell / Munster, the Chaisil Septs descending directly from 89.Conall Corc himself were to produce 28 of these Kings in their own right, with 109.Cormac Mac Carthy to be their last when he would first become the King of Des Muman / Desmond / Southern Munster and the 46d King of Cashel / Munster after constructing Cormac's Chapel on the Rock of Cashel, before his death in 1138 AD.


 89.Conall Corc who would continue to ensure that their aristocratic warrior male line was carried forward to the Heberian Mac Carthys, was initially forced to flee to Alba / Scottish Highlands to get away from the amorous attentions of his young step - mother, and while there he married Mong Fionn the daughter of the King of the Celtic Cruithin Gaelic Picts, and produced several of his sons there also, including;


          90.Main Leamhna the aristocratic warrior ancestor of the Lemnaig i nAlbain / Mormhaor Leamhna Sept - of the Stewards of Lennox who were to produce the Stewart / Stuart Kings of Scotland,  90.Cairbre / Coirpre Cruithnechan the ancestor of the Eoghanacht Maige Gerginni nAlbain Sept. 90.Cronan another of his sons would marry 92.Cairche one of the daughters of *91.Laoghaire mac Niaill the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian 128th King of Ireland, one of the 8 sons of *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Ireland and ancestor of the "southern" and "northern" Ui Niaill Septs, whose Sept was to receive territory in Co. Westmeath later to be known as Cuirneach / Dillon's Country. 90.Cronan would be among those who with St. Patrick and *91.Laoghaire mac Niaill were to review the Irish Brehon Law with Daire a Prince / Tanaiste of Ulster and Rosse mac Trichinn.


         The Cruithin Picts too where originally also of the Scythian race descending initially also from 12.Magog, and in Alba / Scottish Highlands had Gaelic Milesian and Tuatha De Danann maternal lines there also after *37.Eremon had given them the wives of the warriors who had been lost during the Gaels second expedition into Ireland. After the Scythian Cruithin warriors had first landed in Eire / Erinn, and before *37.Eremon the first Gaelic Milesian joint King of Tara / Ireland was to advise them to pass on over into Alba, they had successfully assisted one of *37.Eremon's Chiefs in a battle in the south - east of Ireland against a tribe of Celtic Britons who had settled in there and were using poison on the tip of their weapons. As the Scythian Cruithin had no women with them, in gratitude, *37.Eremon had given them the women who had been the spouses of the many warriors who had been initially lost in the battles in Erinn, allowing them to take them with them onto Alba also with a contingent of Gaelic warriors to assist them to set up there with safety. The upshot of this was that as the Celtic Gaelic Milesians always chose their Kings from the male line, he was to give them the women on condition that in Alba the Scythian Cruithin should choose their Kings from the female line. In the future this was to pay off for a united Scottish Highlands in the 9th Century AD because of the advent then of 94.Kenneth / Cinaeth mac Ailpine who was to be the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Scottii King of Albany. 94.Kenneth at that time was to be the Scottii King in Argyle (Land of the Gael) in Alba after his father, 93.Alpine the previous King of the Heremonian Scottii was killed in battle, against the Viking Norsemen, within days of his maternal grand - uncle, the Cruithin Gaelic King of the Picts also being killed. This meant that he was able to eventually also lay title to both Celtic Kingships and join the Scythian Celtic Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Scottii and the Scythian Celtic Cruithin Gaelic Picts together, becoming the overall Heremonian King of Alba / Albany, which in turn became Scotland (Land of the Scottii / Irishmen) descended from Scota the wife of 36.Mil / Gallamh and the Gaelic language and Celtic Gaelic customs then became supreme there in the Highlands.


89.Conall Corc's other sons were;  90.Mac Iair who is the ancestor of the Ui Mac Iair Septs and  90.Mac Brocc who is the ancestor  of the Ui Maic Brocc Septs while; 


     90.mac Cass of Des Muma / Desmond  / Southern Munster who was another of 89.Conall Corc's sons would leave 3 Kings of Cashel / Munster through his son 91.Eochy / Echu, the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Ecach Muman Septs, who was also to be the father of 92.Criffan / Crimthann who in turn was to be the direct aristocratic warrior male line ancestor of 2 Eoghanacht Raithlind Septs from 2 of his own sons who were to leave Heberian Eoghanacht Ui Ecach Muman Kings of Cashel / Munster. In turn his first son, 93.Leary / Loegaire is the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanacht O Learys / Ui Laegairi Septs who were to only produce 105.Dub Da Bairenn the Ui Ecach Muman Ui Laegairi 36th King of Cashel / Munster who was to die in 959 AD, which then ended their particular Eoghjanacht Raithlind Sept's male line to the Kingship of Cashell / Munster. His other son, 93.Aed Ulalgarb is the direct aristocratic warrior ancestor of the Ui Ecach Muman Cenel nAeda Sept who were to produce the other 2 Kings of Cashel / Munster, and the first of these 95.Felim / Feidhlimidh was to be the Heberian Eoghanacht Cenel nAeda 8a King of Cashel / Munster who became the direct male line ancestor of the Cenn Faelad Sept while his grandson, 97.Becc is the direct male line ancestor of the Cenel mBecce Sept.


     Their second Cenel mBecce Raithlind King of Cashel / Munster was to be in the distant future when 109.Molloy / Mael Muad, would become the Cenel nAeda 40th King of Cashel / Munster who would die in 978 AD after he was to become involved with 107.Donovan / Donndubhan from the previously mentioned Eoghanacht Ui Fidgeinti Sept, who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Donovan Septs in Southern Munster. At that time 107.Donovan was the Eoghanacht King of the Ui Choirpri Sept who had their territory in the east of Co. Limerick in the north - west of Munster. Both of these Eoghanacht Kings were to form an alliance with Ivar the previous Viking King of Limerick and together they were to slay 105.Mahon the Heberian Dal gCais 39th King of Cashell / Munster who was a brother of *105.Brian Boru - of the Tributes who was to then become the 41st King of Cashel / Munster and the Gaelic Milesian 175th High King of Ireland. This killing of one of their own Heberian Kings of Cashell / Munster in cohorts with the Scandinavian Vikings did not go down too well with the other Heberian Septs in the Munster Province and it was to see the end of their Eoghanacht Raithlind male line altogether from (2) 90.Mac Cass to the Kingship of Cashel / Munster. They were to be represented in later times by the two main Septs of the O Donoghue Mor and the O Donoghue - of the Gleann, and the Cenel nAeda Septs of the O Mahony Fionn - of Fair Complexion and O Mahony Ruadh - of Red Complexion, along with the O Flynns / Ui Floinn Lua the Chiefs of Muskerry / Muscry Linn and the O Mahonys of Cairbre / Carbery in Co. Cork in Southern Munster.


      Another of his sons, 90.Cairbre / Coirpre Luachra is the direct male line ancestor of the Eoghanacht Locha Lein Sept of the Iar Muma / Western Munster Families who where to also produce 4 Kings of Cashel / Munster, and his grandson, 92.Daui Iarlaithe was to be the Locha Lein 3a King of Cashel / Munster, whose great - grandson 95.Aed Bennan was to be the Locha Lein 9a King of Cashel / Munster and the father also of 96.Mor Muman who became the ancestress of many of the aristocratic Mhumhain / Munster Families. 95.Aed Bennan in turn was also to be the ancestor of 99.Muldoon / Mael Duin the Eoghanacht Locha Lein 20a King of Cashel / Munster, and 102.Olchobar the Eoghanacht Locha Lein 24th King of Cashel / Munster. 90.Cairbre / Coirpre Luachra is also the ancestor of the O Moriartys / Ui Murtagh Families.


90.Nad Froich / Nathfraoch, 89,Conall Corc's other son would be the one to carry the Eoghanacht Chaisil aristocratic warrior male line forward to the Heberian Mac Carthys, as he would be the 2nd King of Cashel / Munster after his father, and ultimately produce 3 distinct Eoghanacht Septs from his own 2 sons, who all together would go on to produce 18 Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Kings of Cashel / Munster.


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