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                                                                                                                           88.Nadfroich - 91.Angus mac Nad Froich / Mac Carthy - 4


      All of the Heberian Eoghanacht Clanns descended from 85.Eoghan Mor were to produce Kings of Cashel / Munster at one time, along with the Heberian Dalcassians / Dal gCais Sept descended from 85.Cormac Cass his younger brother. These Gaelic Milesian Heberian Septs are traceable through their individual Kings and Chiefs back to 84.Ailill Oluimm the Gaelic Milesian 1st King of Munster whose father, 83.Mogha Nuadhat was the King of Southern Ireland / Mogha's Half  / Eber's Half who was a descendant of *37.Eber Fionn the son of 36.Mil / Gallamh, the descendant of 16.Gaedhal Glas,  a son of 15.Niall, the descendant of 12.Magog, the son of 11.Japheth, the son of 10.Noah, the descendant of 1.Adam.


      Also in the south of Munster Province originally were the many Celtic Erainn Fir Bolg Septs who over time became subject to the Gaelic aristocratic warrior Celts, and despite their genetic differences they also all claimed their male line descent from 12.Magog interbreeding with the Heremonian Deisi Muman Sept, the Heberian Eoghanacht Ui Liathain Sept, the Fir Maige Fene Sept, the Heremonian Muscraige Breogain Sept, the Heberian Eoghanacht Cenel nAeda Sept, the Ciarraige Cuirche Sept, the Heberian In Deis Deiscirt Sept, the Heberian Eoghanacht Arada Chliach Sept, the Uaithne / Owney Sept, the Heremonian Muscraige Arada Tire Sept and the Heremonian Muscraige Tire Sept. The Fir Bolg Osraige Septs originally in the Heremonian Ui Laoighre UI Connla kingdom of Ossory in what became Co. Kilkenny in the south - west of Southern Leinster, a smaller territory squeezed between the Munster Province and Southern Leinster, and also the Heberian Eoghanacht Ui Duach Sept.


89.Conall Corc's other son who especially contributed to the Heberian Eoghanacht Des Muma / Desmond / Southern Munster Families was;   


90.Nad Froich / Nathfraoch who became the 2nd King of Cashel / Munster and he was also to be the one to carry the Eoghanacht Chaisil aristocratic warrior male line forward to the Mac Carthys, and ultimately produce 3 distinct Eoghanacht Septs from his own 2 sons, who altogether would produce 18 Kings of Cashel / Munster and one of these sons was; 


        91.Ailill who was to become the direct male line aristocratic warrior ancestor of the Heberian Eoghanacht Aine Sept, whose son; 92.Criffan / Crimthann was to be the father of; 93.Enda the direct male line aristocratic warrior ancestor of the Ui Endae Sept and the father of 94.Garban who became the Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 8c King of Cashel / Munster, but he did not produce any aristocratic warrior Kings, which ended his particular male line to the Kingships. 94.Awley / Amalgaid his brother, had been the the previous  Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 8b King of Cashel / Munster before him, and 94.Awley's son, 95.Cuan was to become the Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 12th King of Cashel / Munster who was to die in 641 AD, as the father of 96.Mael Umai whose son, 97.Eterscel was to be the Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 17th King of Cashel / Munster who was to die in 721 AD. In turn his son, 98.Cathussach was to become the Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 20th King of Cashel / Munster who also left no aristocratic warrior issue towards the Kingships. Despite this 96.Mael Umai's other son, 97.Uisnech was to be the father of another 98.Cathussach who was to be the father of 99. Dub Indrecht whose son, 100.Olchobar was to become the Eoghanacht Aine Ui Enda 20b King ? of Cashel / Munster who died in 815 AD, which was to bring an end to their particulararistocratic warrior male line to the Eoghanacht Kingship from 91.Ailill altogether.


 91.Angus / Oenghus mac Nad Froich the other son of 90.Nad Froich was to be the 3rd King of Cashel Munster, and the first Christian King of Cashel / Munster, and he was to be the one who would now continue on the Eoghanacht Chaisil male line from 89.Conall Corc to the Eoghanacht Chaisil Kingships of Cashel / Munster and the Mac Carthys.


       By his time the number of members of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Deisi Sept who were descended from 83.Fiacha Suighdhe, (who had been one of the brothers to *83.Conn - of the Hundred Battles the Gaelic Milesian 110th King of Ireland and the direct aristocratic warrior male line ancestor of all of the Dal Cuinn Septs), had multiplied in the Munster Province. They had previously been driven out of their original territory in Co. Meath in Northern Leinster by *85.Cormac mac Airt the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn  115th King of Ireland due to their rebellion over sovereignty, and had been given territory in Urmhumha / Eastern Munster by 84.Ailill Oluimm the Heberian 1st King of Munster. 91.Angus mac Nad Froich as the 3rd King of Cashel / Munster was now to also give them added territory in Munster at Magh Feimin north of the river Suir as far as Corca Eathrach in Machaire Caisil (The Plain of Cashel).  


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