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                                                                                             *88.Carroll / Carioll Colla Uais the 121st King of Tara / Ireland  - 111.Mac Donnell

                                                                                                          Sorley Mac Donnell / Mac Samhairle Domnaill - Earls of Antrim.  

322 AD. *87.Fiacha Sraibhtine the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 120th King of Tara / Ireland was slain by the 3 Colla brothers who were the 3 sons of his brother, 87.Eochy / Eochaidh Doimhlen / Dubhlen as they had been advised by their Druid that, this was the only way they would ever gain the direct male line to the Kingship of Tara / Ireland. They were to kill him in the Battle of Dubh Chomar in Crioch Ros in Breagh / Brega in Co. Meath in the south - east of Northern Leinster, while his son, *88.Murray / Muireadach Tireach, his Champion, was away elsewhere.

323 AD. *88.Carroll / Carioll Colla Uais - the Noble, became the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 121st King of Tara Ireland for 4 years who was one of the 3 sons of 87.Eochy / Eochaidh Doimhlen, and a brother to 88.Murray / Muireadach Colla Da Crioch - of the Two Countries (Ireland and Alba / Scottish Highlands) and 88.Colla Meann - the Famous who were to be later known as the 3 Collas (Great Chiefs / Champions).

326 AD. *88.Murray / Muireadach Tireach became the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 122nd King of Tara / Ireland, and as  he had great compassion he only exiled his cousins the 3 Colla brothers, banishing them and 300 of their followers to Alba / Scottish Highlands and was to rule over Ireland in his own right for the next 30 years.

327 AD.  88.Carroll Colla Uais, 88.Murray Colla Da Crioch and 88.Menn Colla Meann the 3 Colla brothers, returned to Ireland with a group of only 27 followers, and went to their kinsman, *85.Murray Tireach the Gaelic Milesian 122nd King of Tara / Ireland, once again under the instructions of their Druid, to threaten him so that  their previous kin slaying / finghal of his father might also then be on him if he killed them, but instead he forgave them and made them his Champions.

331 AD. Seeing the numbers of the 3 Colla Septs / Family branches growing stronger *88.Murray Tireach advised them to go further to the north of Ireland and seek out territory there for their own 3 Colla Families, and once there over time they were to found the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian 3 Colla kingdom of Orghialla / Oriel in Southern Ulster and nearby in Co. Louth in the far north - east of Northern Leinster. During the conflict that brought this about in the Battle of Archadh Leithdheirg in Fearnmhagh the 3 Colla brothers came up against the Gaelic Milesian Irian Septs in the Ulster Province originally descended from 37.Ir the ancestor of all of the Irian Septs in Ireland, who had been a brother to their original ancestor 37.Eremon the ancestor of all of the Heremonian Septs. Fergus Fogha, the son of Fraechar Foirtriun, who was now to be the last Gaelic Milesian Irian King of Ulster, who resided at the main Irian fortress of Eamhain Macha / Armagh, was killed in the conflict, and they burned the fortress of Eamhain Macha, which then came to an end as a major Gaelic Milesian aristocratic fortress. Overtime their 3 Colla Septs were to secure all of the territory there from the Righe and Loch nEathach westwards. 85.Colla Meann was killed during one of the battles, and he then became the direct male line ancestor of the Mugdorna Septs there. This particular expedition into the territory there in Ulster was the beginning of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn advance there and one of the sons of *88.Carroll / Carioll Colla Uais who carried their aristocratic warrior male line forward was to be;

89.Earc  who was the father of ;

90.Fergus / Fearghus the father of ;

91.Geoffrey / Goffraidh the father of 92.Many / Maine the father of;

93.Niallghus the father of ;

94.Sweeney / Suibhne the father of;

95.Meadhruidhe the father of;

96.Siollan the father of ;

97.Giolla Adhamhnan (The Servant of St. Adomnan) the father of;

 98.Giolla Brigte (The Servant of St. Brigit) the father of;

 99.Sorley / Samhairle the father of;

 100.Rannal / Raghnall the father of;

101. Donnell / Domhnall the direct male line ancestor of  the Clan Donald / Donnell (Cinel Domnaill) and the father of;

102.Angus / Oengus Mor mac Donald who was also a brother to 102.Alexander / Alusdar mac Donald the ancestor of the Clann tSithig through his son,103.Echdonn. 102.Angus Mor mac Donald's son 'who continued their male line was;

103.Angus / Oengus Og - the Younger Mac Donald the father of;

104.John / Eoin Mac Donald the father of;

105.John / Eoin Mor Mac Donald the father of;

106.Donnell / Domhnall Ballach Mac Donald the father of;

107.John / Eoin Cathanach Mac Donald the father of;

108.Alexander / Alusdar Mac Donald the father of;

109.Sorley / Samhairle Buidhe / Sorley Boy - of the Yellow Hair Mac Donnell the father of ;

110.Rannal / Raghnall Mac Donnell the father of, 

111.Rannal / Raghnall Oge Mac Donnell.


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