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                                                                                                                                           89.Cairbre / Eochy Riada (Dal Riada)   

89.Eochy / Eochaidh / Cairbre Riada - riata one of the sons of *88.Conaire 11 / Conary the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh 111th King of Tara / Ireland was to lead his Ui Conaire Dal Riada (People of 89.Riada) Septs from out of the Munster Province, which was under Drought conditions at that time, to the north - east of the Ulster Province that was to become the kingdom of Dal Riada named for him, which was to be made up of part of Co. Antrim and part of Co. Derry / Dunboe in Coleraine, which was not in the Gaelic Milesian Irian kingdom of Ulaidh. From there the Dal Riada Septs were to expand their territory of Dal Riada 10 mile across the Irish Sea, also into nearby Alba / Scottish Highlands in Airer Gaedhil / Argyle (The Land of the Gaelwhere they were to be constantly in conflict with the Scythian Gaelic Picts. 89.Cairbre Riada was to become the direct male line initial ancestor of the Heremonian Ui Conaire Scottii / Irishmen in their kingdom of Dal Riada in both of their territories that were then separated by the Irish Sea. (This region in Ulster was where the Battle of Murholg had occurred between the Scythian Nemedians and the Hamitic Fomorians, and also was where *40.Sobairce who had been one of the first joint Gaelic Milesian Irian 16th Kings of Tara / Erinn in 1532 BC had constructed his fortress, previously known as Dun Sobairce / Dunseverick situated on a rock that projected out into the sea near the Giant's Causeway). The kingdom of Dal Riada was also divided into 2 territories in Co. Antrim (1) The Glynns, that included several large Glens running from Olderfleet / Larne / Latharna to near Ballycastle along the sea shore and also included what became the Barony of Glenarm and part of Carey, and (2) The Routes / Reuta / Ruta that later on became the Baronies of Dunluce and Kilconway.

89.Caibre Riada's son, who carried his particular Ui Conaire male line forward was;

90.Cionga who became the King of Dal Riada who was the father of

91.Felim Lamhfoidh who became the King of Dal Riada the father of;

92.Eochy Fortamhail the King of Dal Riada the father of;     

93.Fergus Uallach the King of Dal Riada the father of;

94.Aeneas / Angus Feart the King of Dal Riada the father of;

95.Eochy Munreamhar the King of Dal Riada the father of;

96.Earc the King of Dal Riada who was to be the father of;                               

97.Loarn the last Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Conaire King of Dal Riada whose maternal grandson 93.Fergus mac Earca became the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain first King of Dal Riada and the direct male line ancestor of the Milesian Gaelic Kings of Albany, Argyle and Scotland.


89.Cairbre Riada's other son,

90.Earc who was also a King of Dal Riada was the father of;

91.Foirthed the father of;

92.Fiachaidh Cath Maol the father of;

93.Eochy Andod the father of;

94.Eagar Cearr the father of;

95.Fidh Feige the father of;

96.Cruitluath the father of;    

97.Sean Cormac the father of;

98.Felim / Feidhlimidh Roineach the father of;

99.Angus Buidhe Neach the father of;

100.Angus Aisling Theach the father of;

101.Angus Feart the father of;

102.Eochy Muin Reamhar the father of;        

103.Earc the father of;

104.Neisi Mor - the Greater.


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