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                                                                                                   *91.Dathi the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn 127th King of Tara / Ireland 

405 AD.*91.Dathi / Nathi / Feradach, the son of 90.Fiachra Foltsnach - of the Flowing Hair the second Heremonian Dal Cuinn King of Connacht, and direct male aristocratic warrior ancestor of the Ui Fiachrach Sept, became the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn Ui Fiachrach 127th King of Tara / Ireland in his own right, and he would be the last Pagan King of Connacht.


428 AD *91.Dathi / Nathi / Feradach was to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the previous Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn 126th King of Tara / Ireland and carry out expeditions harassing the retreating Romans in Briton, Wales and in Gaul until he pushed them back to the Alps and in the 17th year of his rule he was induced to go from Tara to the River Erne / Eas Ruaidh cataract at Ballyshannon, due to a territorial dispute among his kinsmen, which he then settled, and while he was there he had Doghra the Chief Druid inform him of his future for the next 12 months. He convinced him to send 9 of his aristocratic warrior Chiefs to Rath Arcaill, which was the Druidís camp on the River Moy, with *91.Dathi himself making up the nine. *91.Dathiís Queen, Ruadh - of the Red Complexion also had a palace at Mullach Ruaidre in that region at Skreen in Co. Sligo in the north - west of the Connacht Province. The Druid himself went to Dumha - na - nDruadh where he stayed on the southern side of a mound there near Rath Arcaill to further consult his art, and on reflection he then informed *91.Dathi that he would follow the way of *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages and *89.Criffan / Crimthann "Mor" the previous Gaelic Milesian Heberian Eoghanacht 125th King of Tara / Ireland, and carry out an expedition to Alba / Scottish Highlands), Albion / Briton, and Gaul / France and Spain. *91.Dathi informed his Chiefs of his plans and they all agreed to go with him, and they returned to their homes to get their warriors ready in Co. Roscommon in the east of Connacht and they crossed over the River Shannon and travelled further to the east into the ancient palace of the Hill of Frewin / Fream Hainn in Port Lomard in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster, where the Druid Finnchaem informed him of a grave matter that had occurred in ancient Irish history there in 130 B C that had been pertinent to the present Heremonian Dal Cuinn Kings of Ireland.


       *75.Eochy / Eochaidh "Aireamh"- the Ploughman, who was then the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh 93rd King of Tara / Erinn and the father of 76.Queen Maeve of Connacht, had built a palace there to ensure that his own family would eventually be independent of Tara, as always under the Irish Brehon Law, the residence at Tara was to be given over to the next reigning King of Erinn, but the territory on which *75.Eochy "Aireamh" had built the palace had initially belonged to the Feara Cul Sept of Teffia / Teabhtha in the south - west of Northern Leinster, and they had not been asked, or even given the opportunity of giving their permission to use the sight although they were to be involved in building it originally. Mormael the Feara Cul King was so upset about this error of judgement that at the next Feast of Samhain in November he had killed *75.Eochy"Aireamh" the 93rd King of Tara / Erinn and escaped the scene undetected and the Feara Cul Sept had then tried to blame his death on the Scythian Nemedian Tuatha de Danann Sept who had their territory nearby, in the person of Siogmall from the Sidh Neannta in Co. Roscommon in the east of the Connacht Province, on the western side of the River Shannon. Despite this, over time the Feara Cul Sept's part in the slaying became known, so they all then decided it would be best to flee from their territory in the south - west of Northern Leinster on the eastern side of the River Shannon and go over to the west and cross over to the other side into Connacht. They were then to settle down there on the border of Co. Galway and Co. Roscommon in Connacht were they were to remain for the next 300 years. This then led onto another phase in the history of the Dal Cuinn Kings that would involve the Feara Cul Sept, as by this time *85.Cormac mac Airt was to come out of exile in the Connacht Province to try and regain back the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Kingship of Tara / Ireland in 225 AD from *58.Lewy / Lughaidh mac con who was by this time the Gaelic Ithian 113th King of Tara / Ireland who had been the one who had killed his father, *84.Art - the Lonely the previous Gaelic milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn 112th King of Tara / Ireland 27 years before. *85.Cormac mac Airt was then to invite the Feara Cul Sept to return with him to Northern Leinster by crossing to the east over the River Shannon to act as his support bodyguard and when he eventually became the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 115th King of Tara / Ireland in his own right he gave the Feara Cul Sept territory once again in Northern Leinster in the far east to the north of Tara at Kells / Ceanannus Mor in Co. Meath were they became known as the Feara Cul Breagh / Brega, while their original territory had been in the south - west in Co. Westmeath in Northern Leinster.


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