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                                                                                                   ACV / General Applications

Aches: When soaking Aching Joints in very hot water a splash of AC Vinegar makes the water appear to be cool.

 Anaemia: To prevent add AC Vinegar to the diet.

 Armpits: To clean use a cloth moistened in AC Vinegar and if left will eliminate odours for several hours.

 Asthma: Soak Gauze Pads in AC Vinegar and fasten to the inside of the Wrists with tape.

 Arthritis: 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar and 1 x teaspoon of Honey in a glass of water to be consumed morning and evening / or 2 x teaspoons in a glass of water 3 x times a day before each meal as it is rich in Potassium.

Arthritis Tonic: Put ½ x Grapefruit, 1 x Orange, 1 x Lemon, 2 stalks of Celery and 4 x cups of Water in a saucepan and cut the Celery and Fruit into chunks including the peelings and simmer in Water uncovered for an hour. Press the softened food through a jelly bag and add 1 x Tablespoon AC Vinegar and 1 x Tablespoon Epsom Salts and drink a glass of water twice a day and add ¼ of this Tonic to it. (Takes a month to take effect.)

Arthritis Rub: 2 Egg Whites, ½ cup Turpentine, ½ cup AC Vinegar and ¼ cup Olive Oil, mix together and use immediately by gentle massage into Aching Joints and wipe off with a soft cloth. N.B: The Turpentine can be left out if desired as it irritates the Skin.

General Use: AC Vinegar combined with Fruit or Fruit Juices.

 Athlete’s Foot: Itchy / Peeling. Soak socks for 30 minutes in a solution of AC Vinegar water composed of 1 x part AC Vinegar and 5 x parts water before washing. Bathing: 2 to 3 x cups of AC Vinegar in a full Bath to which a handful of Thyme may be added if available.

Blackheads: See under Skin.

Bones: To be healthy require Boron as it assists the release of Steroid Hormones and regulates their use and life activity. Calcium, Manganese, Silicon and Magnesium are also important and all of these are in AC Vinegar.

 Burns: Douse with AC Vinegar especially Alkali Burns.

 Calcium Test: A genuine Calcium tablet should break down in 30 minutes in ACV and an Antacid tablet in 10 minutes. To test these Supplements put 3 ounces of AC Vinegar in a cup at room temperature, add the tablet, stir briskly once every 5 minutes and the tablet should be disintegrated in 30 minutes. 

 Cataracts: are created by Oxidation of the Eye Lenses caused by Free Radicals / Oxidants, which are absorbed by the Beta-Carotene in the AC Vinegar, which is an anti - Oxidant. It also boosts the Immune System and gives Cancer protection and allows the Body to produce Vitamin A that is also another anti - Oxidant against Cancers of the Bladder, Colon and Respiratory System.

 Colds: Take an 8 inch square of Brown Paper soaked in AC Vinegar and sprinkle with Pepper and bind to the Chest with cloth strips, placing the Pepper near the Skin for 20 minutes and remove and wash the Chest.

 Cooking: To produce less Gas from Legumes and make them more Digestible splash a little AC Vinegar in the pot, which makes them tender and easier on the Digestive System.

Corns and Calluses: Tape ½ slice of stale Bread soaked in AC Vinegar to the offending area overnight.

 Cervical Cancer: AC Vinegar Test can be used to gain a more accurate result from a Pap test.

 Disinfectant: Minute trace of ½% of AC Vinegar in a water solution.

 Dandruff: Make shiny by rinsing after every shampoo with 1 x cup of AC Vinegar mixed into 2 x cups of warm Water, or if severe make a strong Infusion of Stinging Nettle and add an equal amount of AC Vinegar and massage in to the Scalp morning and night. Or beat 2 x Egg yolks into 1/2 cup of warm Water and massage into the Scalp and Hair and leave for 10 minutes then rinse out with warm Water. Then massage into the Scalp 2 x Tablespoons of AC Vinegar and leave for 3 minutes before washing out.

Ear Infection: Mixture of AC Vinegar and Water.

Eye Infection: Mixture of AC Vinegar and Water.

 Feet / Aching: In Ankle deep bath Water add ½ - cup AC Vinegar and walk back and forward for 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

Food: Add AC Vinegar as required for better Health.

Food Poisoning: Prior to visiting any questionable health areas take 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar 30 minutes before meals in a glass of Water, Vegetable Juice or Beverage. Honey can be added to improve the taste. 

Free Radicals: Damage the Cells and the Beta - Carotene in the AC Vinegar acts as a powerful anti - Oxidant absorbing them.

Gas: See under Unsettled Stomach.

 Hair /  to  Blonde: AC Vinegar and a Water Wash adds sparkle. To Brighten Dark Hair:  with AC Vinegar and a Water Wash. For Healthy Hair: Ingest 4 x teaspoons each of AC Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses and Honey in a glass of Water. Over - Permed / To eliminate Frizz: AC Vinegar and Water Wash.

Hair / Condition / Protect: after Shampooing rinse the Hair with plenty of tepid Water to get it entirely Soap free and use a final rinse of AC Vinegar to remove residual Alkaline traces and restore the natural Acidic balance of the Scalp. (AC Vinegar has an Astringent effect on Oily Hair.) Any herbs can be Infused, singly or mixed in this rinse to leave the Hair sweet smelling and very shiny. After pouring the AC Vinegar rinse through the Hair blot it dry and gently untangle with the Fingers and a wide - toothed comb. Chamomile and Yarrow stimulate Hair growth, Horsetail and Sage add shine and enhance the colour, Parsley assists with Dandruff and restores the thickness of thinning hair, Rosemary darkens Dark Hair and imparts a lovely fragrance,

Hands: To clean and soothe scrub with Cornmeal moistened with AC Vinegar, rinse in cool water and pat dry.

Headaches: Add a dash of AC Vinegar to the Water in a vapouriser and inhale for 5 minutes and lay quietly. Gives relief within 20 minutes. Persistent - Soak the bottom edges of a brown paper bag in AC Vinegar, place on head like a chef’s hat and tie with a long scarf to relieve in 45 minutes.

Health: 1x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar to a glass of Water every day.

Healthy / Alert: 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar and 1x teaspoon of Honey in a glass of Water consumed 3 x times a day - a half an hour before meals.

Heart Burn: small amounts of AC Vinegar with Water will usually relieve and if it works will indicate the Body has a deficiency of Acids in the Digestive System.

Hiccups: Sip a glass of warm Water with 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar added. Sipping from the far side of the glass works even better.

Horses: Apple Cider Vinegar is used for Dystokia / Difficult Births. Dosage: 1 x Tablespoon a day in the feed especially for In Foal Mares and also ensures stronger Foals.

Illness: to re - balance the Body after - take 1 x Tablespoon of A C. Vinegar and 1 x Tablespoon of Honey in a cup of warm Water.

Indigestion: small amounts with Water will usually relieve and if it works will indicate the Body has a deficiency of Acids in the Digestive System.

Iron Deficiency: Cook in Iron Pots and add AC Vinegar to food to leach the Iron out into the food.

Itchy: Welts / Hives / Swellings / Blemishes: Mix AC Vinegar and Cornstarch into a paste and pat on.

Kidneys: Small amount of AC Vinegar every day keeps the Urinary Tract Acid, which reduces infection.

Leg Cramps: To a ½ a glass of Water add 1 x teaspoon of Honey, 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar and I x Tablespoon of Calcium Lactate, once a day.

Long Life: Sip an AC Vinegar Tonic slowly before each meal made up of one glass of Water, 2 x Tablespoons of AC Vinegar and one teaspoon of Honey.

Memory: Improve with a glass of warm Water and 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar.

Microbes: AC Vinegar inhibits their growth.

Mouth Wash Gargle: 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar and a Glass of warm Water and Gargle.

Muscles: Tired / Sprained - Wrap in a cloth soaked in AC Vinegar that has been wrung out and leave for 3 to 5 minutes and repeat when needed. Cayenne Pepper can also be added to the mixture for extra relief.

Nails: To strengthen soak them in AC Vinegar daily then paint with White Iodine and drink 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar in a glassful of Water or Juice 3 x times a day.

Nausea / Vomiting: Soak a cloth in warm AC Vinegar and wring out and apply to the Stomach and replace with another as they cool out.

Night Cough: Sprinkle AC Vinegar on the pillow.

Old Age: means less Acid in the Stomach and less Calcium taken up and a Calcium Supplement taken with AC Vinegar Tonic may assist.

Osteoporosis: Prevention - Add AC Vinegar to all Water in which Soup Bones are cooked as it brings out the Calcium, with the stronger the solution greater the Calcium.

Low Calorie Calcium Rich Chicken Soup: ½ cup AC Vinegar, 1 kilo Chicken Bones, ¾ cup tiny Pasta, 2 Bouillon Cubes, 2 slightly beaten Egg whites, 2 x Tablespoons freshly chopped Parsley. Place in a gallon of Water and simmer the Chicken Bones for 2 hours uncovered. Strain the broth and trim off the Fat, strip the Meat from the Bones and add the Chicken, Pasta and Bouillon Cubes to the stock. Bring to boil and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and dribble the Egg whites into the hot liquid while constantly stirring, mix in Parsley and serve.

Pimples: See Skin.

Rectal Itching: Dampen a Gauze Square in AC Vinegar and apply gently.

Salad Dressings: (1) Add Clover Honey, 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar and 1 x teaspoon of Olive Oil and mix with a bowl of Greens or, (2) Mix ¼ cup of AC Vinegar, ¼ - cup of Corn Oil and 1/8 cup of Honey.

Skin: To make soft, radiant, and prevent blemishes - Mash 3 x large Strawberries, ¼ - cup of AC Vinegar (pH close to that of the Skin), leave sit for 2 hours, strain AC Vinegar through a cloth, pat onto face and neck.

Skin Dryness / Itching: As Soap is Alkaline it strips the natural Acid Mantle of the Skin and to restore and re - balance the Acid / Alkaline component, rinse the Skin with AC Vinegar. Add 1 cup AC Vinegar to the Bath water or pat straight on the affected areas with a Cotton Pad or ball, or mix equal parts of AC Vinegar and hot water, cool and use as a Facial Wash by patting on with Cotton Balls. This has a Tonic effect on the Complexion as a whole and refines the Pores.

Skin Protection from the Sun: Mix AC Vinegar and Olive Oil in equal parts and apply to the Skin surface.

Spots / Liver Spots: 1 x teaspoon of Onion Juice, and 2 x teaspoons of AC Vinegar mixed and applied with a soft cloth / or ½ fresh Onion dipped in a small dish of AC Vinegar can be rubbed on the effected area. Takes a few weeks to fade.  

Sprain: A splash of AC Vinegar in very hot water, if it is required, makes the water seem to be cooler.

Sunburn: Bath in lukewarm Water to which a cup of AC Vinegar has been added.

Sore Throat: Germs (1) ¼ cup of Honey and ¼ cup of AC Vinegar, take 1 x teaspoon every 4 hours or as required. (2) ½ x cup of Water, 1 x teaspoon Cayenne Pepper, 3 x Tablespoons Honey, ½ x cup AC Vinegar. Sip the mixture occasionally.

Stomach Ulcers: The use of AC Vinegar in the Diet can assist in the prevention of those induced by the over use of Alcohol.

Stomach Distress: Over use or any sensitivity to AC Vinegar to an empty Stomach can be avoided by including Honey in the solution.

Swimmer’s Ear: Equal parts AC Vinegar and boiled Water, rinse out after each swim. For a better drying solution use equal parts AC Vinegar and Alcohol. (Prevents Bacterial and Fungus growths.)

Unsettled Stomach: Sip quietly on a glass of warm Water to which 1 x teaspoon of Honey and 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar has been added.

Urine Burns: AC Vinegar Compresses applied to the affected area of the Skin assists in restoring its natural Acid condition promoting healing.

Varicose Veins: Soak a cloth in AC Vinegar and wrap around the Legs for 30 minutes morning and evening and relief occurs within 6 weeks. Also follow each treatment by sipping slowly a glass of warm water with 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar added and if overtired add a teaspoon of Honey.

Venom: Can be inactivated by dousing immediately with full strength AC Vinegar.

Weight: To a glass of warm Water add 1 x teaspoon of AC Vinegar and drink before each meal.


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