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                                                                                                                                          APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - General Home Use

*Natural compounds made with AC Vinegar create a Natural Organic and cheap Natural product for use around the home. N.B: Do not seal a foaming Vinegar mixture in a tightly capped container.


Air Freshener: Mix 1 x teaspoon Baking Soda, 1 tablespoon AC Vinegar, 2 x cups of Water, allow foaming to stop, put in pump spray bottle, put on lid and shake well, spray into air.

Appliances: 1 x teaspoon of Borax, ¼ cup of AC Vinegar, 2 cups of hot Water, put in spray bottle, spray on and wipe off with cloth or sponge.

Brass / Copper Cleaners: (1) Equal parts of Lemon Juice and AC Vinegar, wipe on with paper towel, and polish with soft dry cloth. (2) 2 x Tablespoons Catsup, 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar, and polish with clean cloth. (3) Mix 2 x teaspoons Salt, 1 x Tablespoon Flour together then add enough AC Vinegar to make a paste, scrub metal with paste, rinse and buff dry. Add more Salt for harder jobs, or extra Flour for a softer paste.

Brushes / Clean: Cover in boiling AC Vinegar, let stand for 1 hour, then heat until boiling point and simmer for 20 minutes, rinse well working softened paint out of the brushes - Repeat if too encrusted.

Carpet / Light Stain: 2 x Tablespoons Salt, ½ cup of AC Vinegar, mix until dissolved into a paste, rub into stain, let dry and vacuum up the residue. Heavy Stains - 2 x Tablespoons Salt, 2 x Tablespoons Borax, ½ cup of AC Vinegar, mix into a paste, rub into stains, let dry, and vacuum up the residue.

Chewing Gum: saturate with AC Vinegar and if heated will work faster.

Chrome / Shine: Polish with AC Vinegar.

Cleaner / Non - Abrasive: To AC Vinegar add Chalk.

Cooking: To produce less Gas from Legumes and make them more Digestible splash a little AC Vinegar in the pot, as this makes them tender and easier on the Digestive System.

Cooking Odours: Simmer ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar in an uncovered pot of Water, add ½ x teaspoon of Cinnamon for extra air cleaner if required.

Counter Tops: Mix 1 x teaspoon Liquid Soap, 3 x Tablespoons of AC Vinegar, ½ x teaspoon Oil and ½ cup of Water and wipe down.

Cutting Boards: Wipe with full strength AC Vinegar. Rub with Baking Soda, spray on full strength AC Vinegar, let sit for 5 minutes, rinse with clear Water.

Decals / Remove: See under - Chewing Gum.

Deodorant: See under - Soap Scum.

Disinfect: To AC Vinegar add Borax and tot also deodorize and stop Moulds.

Dish Washing: ½ x cup of AC Vinegar. Cuts grease and uses less soap.

Drains: Pour down ½ x cup of Baking Soda, then a ½ x cup of AC Vinegar, wait 10 minutes, then run hot Water down the drain.

Odour Free: Pour ½ x cup of AC Vinegar down drain once a week.

Dusting: Dampen with equal parts of AC Vinegar and Olive Oil.

Eyeglasses: Add a splash of AC Vinegar to Water.

Faucets / Fixtures / Clean: 1/3 x cup of AC Vinegar, 2/3 x cup of Water, polish and shine, brush into shower head to remove Mineral build up.

Floors: 1 x cup of AC Vinegar to a bucket of Water / or after rinse with clean Water with a cup of AC Vinegar added / No Soap scum left. Cleaner - ¼ x cup of Liquid Soap, ½ x cup of AC Vinegar and 2 gallons of Water.

Food / Stuck on tight: Soak in 2 cups of Water and ½ cup of AC Vinegar.

Food Parasites: AC Vinegar destroys.

Furniture polish: Add ¼ x cup of Linseed, 1/8 x cup of AC Vinegar and 1/8 x cup of Whisky. Light Weight - 3 parts AC Vinegar, 1 part Oil. Heavy Duty - 1 part of AC Vinegar, 3 parts Oil.

Garbage Disposal: Pour ½ x cup AC Vinegar over a tray of Ice Cubes once a week.

Glasses / Spotting: add AC Vinegar to rinse water and also kills Germs.

Glue / Wood / Soften: Wet with AC Vinegar overnight.

Hairbrushes / Clean: Soak in 2 x cups of hot soapy water with ½ x cup of AC Vinegar added.

Heavy Grease cleaner: To AC Vinegar add Washing Soda.

Ink Stains: Soak in Milk for 1 hour, cover with a paste of AC Vinegar and Cornstarch, wait until dry and wash as usual.

Iron Pots / Pans: Fill pot with Hay, add 1/4 x cup AC Vinegar and cover Hay with water, boil for 1 hour and wipe rust away. Rhubarb can be used instead of Hay.

Kitchen / Clean / Mould: Wipe all surfaces with full strength White Vinegar.

Laundry: ¼ cup of AC Vinegar to a load along with the Soap / brightens colours and makes whites sparkle, softens fabric, inhibits Moulds and Fungus and kills Athlete’s Foot germs in socks. Stains - soak in equal parts of AC Vinegar and Milk.

Leather Shoes / Preserve: Mix 1 x Tablespoon of AC Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Alcohol, 1 x teaspoon Vegetable Oil, ½ x teaspoon of Liquid Soap. Wipe on and brush until they shine.

Leather Polish: 2/3 cup of Linseed Oil, 1/3 cup of AC Vinegar, 1/3 cup of water, beat together, apply with soft cloth and buff with clean rag. Soften - Heat 1 x cup of AC Vinegar to boiling point, drop in 3 x Vitamin E Capsules and let stand until dissolved, add ½ x cup of Lemon Juice or Olive Oil and blend well.

Lint: Add an AC Vinegar rinse to stop the static- cling and reduce lint.

Metal / Mineral Build Up: ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar to a quart of water to clean, metal screens, storm doors and Aluminium furniture. Cleaner - To 2 x Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar add enough AC Vinegar to create a Paste, rub on and let dry and wash off with plain warm water, dry with an old towel.

Microwave Oven / Clean and Freshen: (Boil Vinegar water in it), mix ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar and 1 x cup of water in a small bowl and heat for 5 minutes.

Mild Abrasive Cleaner: To AC Vinegar add Salt.

Nail Polish: Clean Nails with White Vinegar before applying polish and it will go on smoother.

New Clothes: Add AC Vinegar to the Wash to eliminate manufacturing chemicals and odours.

Odours: To AC Vinegar add Baking Soda to absorb and deodorize and also makes a mild - abrasive.

Non - Abrasive Cleaner: To AC Vinegar add Chalk.

Painting / Odours: A dish or two of AC Vinegar around the job will absorb odours. Big Job - Fill a bucket with Hay and drizzle 1 x cup of AC Vinegar over it, let set for 15 minutes, then add water to cover the Hay.

Painted Surfaces - Clean: 1 x Tablespoon of Cornstarch, ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar, 2 cups of hot Water, wipe or spray on and wipe dry immediately, rub until it shines.

Pewter: 1 x Tablespoon of Salt, 1 x Tablespoon of Flour, add enough AC Vinegar to create a dry Paste, smear on pewter and allow to dry, rub off dried paste and rinse in hot Water and buff. Cleaner - Wet Cabbage Leaves with AC Vinegar and dip in Salt, buff pewter and rinse with cool Water and dry.

Preserve / Shine: Add Oil to AC Vinegar.

Protect / Shine: To AC Vinegar add Wax.

Saddle Soap: Use 1/8 x cup of Liquid Soap, 1/8 x cup of Linseed Oil, ¼ x cup of Beeswax, ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar. Warm the Beeswax slowly in the Vinegar, add Soap and Oil, keep warm until all mixes, cool until solid, rub on and buff.

Sponges / Renew: soak in 1 x quart Water and ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar.

Scratches / Wood: Equal parts of AC Vinegar and Iodine and apply with small brush. Stronger Colour - more Iodine. Lighter Colour - more AC Vinegar.

Shower Doors: Mix 1 x teaspoon of Alum / Aluminium Sulfate, ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar, wipe on glass doors, scrub with a soft brush, rinse with plenty of water and buff dry to remove scale. 

Soap Scum / Showers / Body: Add equal parts of AC Vinegar and water and rub down shower area or Body after bathing, also acts as a natural deodorant.

Stainless Steel: Dampen a small quantity of Baking Soda with a small quantity of AC Vinegar and scrub.

Stains / Perspiration on Clothes: Soak overnight in 3 gallons of water and a ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar. Berries, Fruits, Grasses, Coffee and Tea Stains: Use full strength AC Vinegar. Polish and Remove Stains: To AC Vinegar add Pumice.

Toilet Cleaner: 1x cup of Borax, 1 x cup of AC Vinegar, pour Vinegar all over the stained area of the toilet, sprinkle the Borax over the Vinegar, allow to soak for 2 hours, then brush and flush.

Toys: Add splash of AC Vinegar to hot Water, soap and rinse well.

Vegetables: Add small amount of AC Vinegar and Salt to wash leafy Vegetables to float out the bugs and kill the germs.

Vinyl / Soften / Clean: with ½ x cup of AC Vinegar, 2 x teaspoons of Liquid Soap, ½ x cup of water, wipe onto vinyl, rinse with clean water and buff dry.

Waxing: AC Vinegar will dissolve wax on furniture and floors, use small amounts to clean and shine, stronger to remove wax build up and heavy dirt.

Window Cleaner: (1) Mix ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar, 1 quart of water, place in spray and spray on, wipe off immediately with clean soft cloth.  (2) Mix ¼ x cup of Cornstarch, ¼ x cup of AC Vinegar, quickly dab on windows, let dry, rub off with a clean cloth. (3) ½ x teaspoon of Liquid Soap, ¼ cup of AC Vinegar, 2 cups of water, soak a sponge or small cloth in the mixture, wring out, store cloth in a glass jar with a tight lid until required, wipe spots and smears as required.


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