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                                                                                                                                                                            Angier - Mac Aready 

Angier. See Aungier.


Angland. See England.


O Anglim or O Anglin - Irish / Ua hAngluinn - anglon / champion. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Cork in Desmond / Des Mhumhain / Southern Munster.


De Angulo. See Nangle and Costello.


Angus or Anguish. See Mac Innes.


Aniff. See Cunniff.


Anilly. See Mac Neilly.


 Aninch or Inch or Ninch. Variants used in the Ulster Province for the Scottish Mac Innes, which see.


Anketill. Anglo Norman origins originally in Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster and had a branch in Co. Cork in Desmond / Des Mhumhain / Southern Munster.


Mac Anlis. Used as a variant for Mac Candless, which see.


Mac Annesley or Mac Aneslis. Heberian Eoghanacht Ui Fidhgheinte Ui Cairbre / Coirpre Aebda Sept / Family branch descended from 111.Aneisleis who had their territory at Carbery in Co. Cork in the Munster Province.

Ancestors: 111.Aneisleis, 110.Moroge, 109.Awley / Amhalgaidh, 108.Cathal O Donovan the first to use their surname, See 85.Eoghan Mor - 107.Donovan.


Annesley (clearing of) English origins from Nottinghamshire in 1606 AD and were in the Munster Province.


Annett / Ann. English origins and recent arrivals who came into Ireland from Northumberland and settled in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province.


Ansbery or Ansboro. See Hanbury.


Anthony. In Co. Waterford in the south - east in Ormond / Eastern Munster Province since the Mid - 17th Century AD.


Mac Anulla or Mac Nully or Mac Naul in the Ulster  Province where they are all synonymous and could also be a derivation of Mac Cullagh, which see.


Mac Anulty. Used as a variation for Mac Nulty, which see.


Mac Annaly. See Mac Nally.


O Anthony or O Antony or O Antonie or Green / Irish / Ui Uaithne. Gaelic Ithian Ui Luighe Sept / Family branch. Ancestors: *60.Fothach Airgthach the 118th King of Ireland jointly with his brother, (2) Fothach Cairpreach the 119th King of Ireland who in 285 AD slew his brother and was slain himself soon thereafter in the Battle of Ollarbha, (3) Duach the ancestor of the O Connells, the O Hennessys, the Mac Eircs etc,  (4) Fothach Canaan the ancestor of the O Barrys, the Mac Alins / Mac Colums the Earl of Argyle, and (4)Angus / Oenghus / Aeneas Gaifhuileach the ancestor of the O Coffeys - of Munster. One of these 4 brothers is also the ancestor of the O Hallinans. *60.Fothach Airgthach was to be the father of 61.Fachtna the father of 62.Dallan the father of 63.Feargus the father of 64.Mac Caille the father of 65.Laisre the father of 66.Natfraoch the father of 67.Fionnan the father of 68.Toman the father of 69.Fothach the father of: 70.Dongalach the father of 71.Fogartach the father of; 72.Flaithim the father of 73.Gorggal the father of 74.Aongus the father of 75.Dearmatha the father of 76.Cathan the father of 77.Cathalan the father of 78.Cathmac the father of 79.Rory / Ruadhri the father of 80.Matudan.  


Antian -


Anveray -


Mac Any -


Apesley -


Aragan. See Horgan.


Archbold / Airseaboid / Archibald used as a variant and they had their Estates early on into Co. Wicklow in the south - east of Southern  Leinster.


Archdale. English origins in the Ulster Province in the early 17th Century AD after the confiscation of the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Niaill Septs territories there, and the foreign non - Catholic plantations there, and had Castle Archdale in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west.


Archdeacon. See Mac Gillycuddy.


Archdeacon. Descended from the Anglo - Norman Baron, Odo L'Ercedekne who witnessed William Marshall's Charter of Kilkenny as they were in Co. Kilkenny / Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster. See also Cody.


Archer / Airseir / bowman. Anglo - Norman origins who were in Ireland in the 13th Century AD, and had their Estates in Co. Kilkenny in the south - west of Southern Leinster as one of the "10 Foreign Tribes of Kilkenny" in 1307 AD were they were strongly connected to Kilkenny City.


De Arcy. Anglo Norman origins. John de Arcy’s Castle was at Kiltullagh in Co. Galway in Southern Connacht above Clifden Bay, which is now in ruins.


Ardagh / Ardacha - Irish toponymic origins originally in Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster and later in Co. Waterford in the south - east in Ormond / Eastern Munster.


Mac Ardall. Especially see Mac Ardle.


Ardiff. Origins unknown as yet and were in Co. Kildare in Central Southern Leinster.


Ardill. They were in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of Ormond / Aur Mhumhain / Eastern Munster and it was also used to abbreviate Mac Ardle, which see.

Mac Ardell -


Mac Ardle or Mac Ardall or Mac  Cardle or Mac Cardwell - Irish / Mheic Ardghaill, ardghal / high valour (Descended from a son of Ardgal) Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Siol Daim Argait (Ui Cremthainn) Clann Nadsluaigh Sept / Family branch,  who had their territory at Clones in Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster and were also nearby in Co. Armagh and Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster and were kinsmen to the Mac Mahons / Mac Mahan / Mac Maghan / Mheic Mathghamhna, Mac Brady / Mheic Bradaigh, O Carroll / O Carool / Ui Cearbhaill, Mac Giver / Mac Keever / Mac Ever / Mac Kever / Mheic Iomhar, Mac Philip / Mac Phillips / Mac Phillip / Philipson. Ancestors:  *86.Cairbre Liffeachair the 117th King of Tara / Ireland, 87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen, 88.Murray / Muireadach Colla Da Crioch / Focrith - of the Two Countries, 89.Rochaid / Rochadh / Rochatha, 90.Daig Duirn, 91.Fiacc, 92.Criffan / Crimthann Lethan, 93.Eochy / Eochu, 94.Cairpre Dam Argait, 95.Nadsluaigh,


Mac Aready. See Mac Cready.



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