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Auld. Scottish origins - 


Mac Auley or Mac Awley or Mac Gawley or Macaulay or Magauley - Irish / Mheic Amhalghaidh. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the Barony of Kilcoursey in Co. Offaly in the north - west of Southern Leinster on the border with Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster. Kings of Calry / Calraidhe / Calrigia.


Mac Auley or Mac Awley or Mac Gawley - Irish / Mac Amhlaoibh. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Siol Daim Argait (Ui Cremthainn) Clann Lugainn Sept / Family branch, who were the Kings of Calry in their territory in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west of the Ulster Province who were a branch of the Maguires, which see, who were descended from a son of the first Maguire Chieftain who was the King of Fermanagh at the end of the 13th Century AD. Sometimes Mac Gawley - Irish / Mag Amhlaoibh was also used in the Connacht Province. Besides being kinsmen to the Maguires / Mac Guires, they were also kinsmen to the Mac Alear s/ Mac Eleer / Mheic Gilla Uidhir, Mac Anally / Mac Cowley / Mac Culloo / Mheic Con Uladh, Mac Aleese / Mac Gileece / Mac Leece / Mheic Giola Iosa, Mac Breen / Mheic Braoin, Mac Caffery / Mac Godfrey / Mheic Gafraidh, Mac Cassidy / Mheic Asidha, Mac Court / Mac Courtney / Mheic Cuairt, Mac Cormack / Mheic Cormaic, Mac Corry / Mac Gorry / Mac Godfrey / Mac Gohery / Mac Goffrey / Mheic Gothraidh, O Darragh / O Darra / O Darrough / Oaks / Ui Dubhdhara, Mac Gee / Magee / Mheic Aodh, O Heany / O Heeny / O Hegney / O Higny / Bird / Ui hEgneach, Mac Lilly / Mac Calilly / Mac Lely / Mac Lillie / Mac Alilly / Mac Alyly / Mheic Ailghile, Mac Loughlin / Mac Lachlan / Mheic Lochlainn, Mac Manus / Mheic Maghnuis, Mac Morrow / Mac Murrow / Mheic Murchada (Clann Aodh). Ancestors: 101.Lugan, 100.Irgalach, 99.Eignigh, 98.Cormac, 97.Fergus, 96.Aed, 95.Cormac, 94.Cairpre Daim Argait, 93.Eochy / Echach, 92.Criffan / Crimthann Leith / Lethan, 91.Feicc, 90.Dega Duirn, 89.Rochatha / Rochadh, 88.Murray / Muireadach Colla da Crioch / Focrith - of the Two Countries, 87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen, *86.Cairbre Liffeachair the 117th King of Tara / Ireland. Not connected to the Heberian Eoghanacht Mac Auliffes.


Mac Auliffe of Duhallow / Eallo Co. Cork - Irish / Mheic Amhlaoibh who were an important Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch who were the Chiefs of Clan Awley descended directly from 111.Auliffe / Amhlaoibh Mac Carthy who was their Chief in Des Mhumhain / Desmond / Southern Munster where they had their territory in the west of Co. Cork in Southern Munster and where they were kinsmen to the Mac Carthys the Kings of Desmond and Cashel / Munster. The Mac Auliffe Chief had his main seat at Castle Mac Auliffe and the Family is especially numerous in Co. Kerry, also in Desmond in the south - west of Munster, besides Co. Cork. Their main castle was at Newmarket overlooking the River Dalvui / Dalloo where they were the Chiefs in the area during Donnell Cam O Sullivan’s time in the late 15th Century AD, which is now only a ruin, and they also had Caislean an Cock and Curragh castles. The Chaisil Tuath was descended directly from 89.Conal Corc the Chaisil 1st King of Cashel / Munster in the 4th Century AD, and they were to go on to produce 10 Kings of Cashel / Munster on the Rock of Cashel. Florence Mac Auliffe was to be the last Chief of Clan Awley as he was to be Attainted in 1641 AD by the English Protector Oliver Cromwell  along with Mac Donogh Mac Carthy his nephew who was the Chief of Kanturk and their territory was also confiscated and given over to the Aldworths and other various English planters. Ancestors:120.Murtagh Mac Auliffe, 119.Cealla the father also of 120.Teague, 118.David, 117.Murtagh who had a brother 117.Eoghan, 116.Conor the father also of 117.Eoghan, 117.Murtagh, and 117.Maurice the father of 118.Thomas the father of 119.Conor Don who was known as the Mac Auliffe Don, 115.Conor, 114.Maolseachlainn, 113.Conor Oge, 112.Conor Mac Awliff. 111.Auliffe / Amhlaoibh Mac Carthy the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Auliffes, 110.Donogh, 109.Teague a brother to 109.Cormac Magh Tamnagh who was the Bishop of Cashel who succeeded his uncle, 110.Teague who was to die in 1123 AD, and married 109.Sadhbh the widow of 108.Dermod O Briain and was the ancestor of the Mac Carthys, 107.Carthy / Carrthach, direct ancestor of the Mac Carthys son of 106.Saerbrethach, 105.Donough / Donnchad the 38th King of Cashel / Munster, 104.Callaghan / Cellachan Caisil the 34th King of Cashel / Munster, descended from 85.Eoghan Mor (Eoghanachta), 84.Ailill Oluimm the 1st King of Munster.


Aungier  / de Aungiers. French Huguenot origins in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster in the Mid - 17th Century AD, and were also to be the English Earls of Longford who had their Estates in the Gaelic Milesian Irian kingdom of Annaly / Anghaile in Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster.


Aungier / Dangar was used as a synonym in Co. Offaly in the north - west of Southern Leinster, but may be of a different source.


Austin / Augustine. English origins in Ireland in the early 14th Century AD. - Irish / Oistin used also, with Mac Aibhistin also used in the Connacht Province.


Mac Avaddy - Irish / Mheic an Mahadaidh - madadh / dog. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province who were known there as Madden.


Mac Aveely. Norman origins. Gaelicized. See Staunton in Co. Clare and Co. Limerick in the north - west of Thomond / Northern Munster and were also nearby in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province.


Aveigh -


Mac Avera or Mac Avery - Irish / Mheic Aimhreidh. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province.


Averell. See Ebrill.


Avery / Alfred. Norman origins. Avery’s Castle is in the Strule Valley in Newtown Stewart in Co. Tyrone in Central Ulster.


Mac Avey or Mac Aveigh. Used as synonyms for Mac Evoy and Mac Veagh, which see, in Northern Connacht, and sometimes of Mac Evoy in the Ulster Province.


Mac Avin. See Mac Given.


Mac Avinchey - Irish / Mheic Dhuibhinse - dubh / black - innis / island. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Armagh, Co. Derry and Co. Tyrone in the Ulster Province. Also changed to Vincent there.


Mac Avinney or Mac Avinny or Mac Avenue - Irish / Mheic Aibhne. Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Clann Conchobhair Clann Drugain Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the Ulster Province who were descended from Aibhne O Cathain / O Caine  / O Kane from the 12th Century AD. See also Mac Evinney and O Kane. He was descended directly from 99.Conor / Conchobar a brother to 99.Aed Allan the 160th King of Ireland and to 99.Niall Frossach the 162nd King of Ireland. Ancestors: Aibhne O Kane, 99.Conor / Conchobar, *98.Fergal the 156th King of Ireland, 97.Maele Duinn the 14th King of Aileach,96.Mael Fithrich the 10th King of Aileach, *95.Aed Uaridnaich the 8th King of Aileach and 143rd King of Ireland, *94.Donnell / Domhnall Ilchelgach the 4th King of Aileach and 134th King of Ireland, *93.Murtough / Muirchertach mac Ercae the 3rd King of Aileach and 131st King of Ireland, 92.Murray / Muireadach the 2nd King of Aileach, 91.Eogan the 1st King of Aileach (Cenel nEogain), *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland (Ui Niaill).


Mac Avinue. See Mac Givney.


Mac Avish. Used as a variant for Mac Cavish, which see.


Mac Avoy. See Mac Evoy.


Mac Award. See Ward.


Mac Aweeney. Used as a variant for Mac Weeney, which see, in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster.


Mac Awley. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Siol Daim Argait Ui Cremthainn Clann Lugainn Sept / Family branch, who were the Kings of Calry in their territory in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west of the Ulster Province. Especially see Mac Auley.


Mac Aylmer / Aighlmear / noble / famous. Anglo Saxon origins. Gaelicized as they came after the Anglo - Norman Invasion in the 12th Century AD and had their Estates in Co. Kildare in Central Southern Leinster where they became “More Irish then the Irish.“


Aylward / Aighleart. Anglo Norman origins in Co. Waterford in the south - east of the Munster Province since the 14th Century AD, and were later on in Co. Kilkenny in the south - west of Southern Leinster in the Carrick - on - Suir region. They are also known as Elward.


Ayres or Eyres. Used as variants for Eyre, which see, in Ireland.


Ayshe -


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