RAINBOW FARMS    AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                             FUNDAMENTAL EMOTIONAL CONDITIONS - E - I and BACH ESSENCES to suite


Egoistic - Chicory, Heather and Willow.      Embittered - Holly and Willow.       Enraged - See Furious.

Envy - Holly and Willow.      Equanimity - lack of, See Calm.      Erratic - Scleranthus.

Exaggerates - make mountains out of molehills - Crab Apple.   Excited - easily excitable - Beech, Holly and Impatiens.

Exhausted - by long illness or stress - Olive, By everyday routine - Hornbeam, Through lack of relaxation - Vervain,  Through overtaxing strength - Centaury, Oak and Vervain,  By always seeking perfection - Pine and Rock Water,  Because a job has to be done - Elm, Too willing and good natured - Centaury, Exceeded limits of strength - Oak, Due to over commitment - Vervain, Expects too much of oneself - Pine and Rock Water.

Experience - tend not to learn from - Chestnut Bud.    Exploited - easily exploited - Centaury, Feel exploited - Chicory.


Failure - to feel failure - Pine, Fear of failure - Elm, Hornbeam, Larch and Oak.      Faith - have little faith, See Doubt.

Fanatical - Rock Water and Vervain.

Fear - of concrete things or situations - Mimulus, Of hurting others - Centaury, Of damaging others or oneself - Cherry Plum, Of rejection - Centaury and Larch, Of contagion - Crab Apple, Of Ridicule - Larch, Of Noise - Mimulus, Of failure - Larch and Mimulus, Of unexplainable things - Aspen, Of losing self control - Cherry Plum, Of not succeeding - Larch, Of vague, shadowy things - Aspen, Of everything - Mimulus, Of going mad - Cherry Plum, Panic fears, fear of death - Rock Rose, In threatening situations - Rock Rose, For others - Red Chestnut, Of arguments, quarrels - Agrimony, Of losing control - Aspen.

Fickle - See Unreliable.      Fixed Ideas - in views and behaviour - Beech, Oak, Rock Water, Vervain and Vine.

Foreboding - of threatening misfortune - Aspen.      Forgetful - Chestnut Bud.

Frustrated - easily frustrated - Holly, Impatiens and Wild Oat.     Furious - easily infuriated - Holly.


Give up - find it hard to give up or give in - Oak, Tend to give up easily - Gentian, Larch, Wild Oat and Wild Rose.

Gloomy - See Melancholy.     Good - Natured - allows oneself to be exploited - Centaury.

Guilt - blame oneself - Pine, Blame others - Willow.


 Harmony - need for - unwilling to upset others - Centaury, Feel physically ill during quarrels - Agrimony.

Hate, feelings of - arise quickly - Holly and Willow.     Headstrong - See Obstinate.

Helpful - cannot refuse anyone - Centaury, Feel responsible for others - Oak, But await gratitude - Chicory.

Helpless - do not know what to do - Cerato, Scleranthus and Wild Oat, Afraid of doing the wrong thing - See also Assertive - Larch.

Hesitant - Cerato and Gentian.     Homesick - Honeysuckle.     Hopeless - feel hopeless - Agrimony, Gorse, Oak, Pine. Sweet Chestnut and Wild Rose.

Horrified - easily horrified - Rock Rose.    Hot - Tempered - prone to violent rages - Cherry Plum and Holly.

Hypersensitive - See Over Sensitive. 


 Ignored - feel ignored - Chicory and Willow.

Impatient - when things go too slowly - Impatiens, When others don't pay attention - Chicory and Vine, When others fail to be persuaded - Vervain.

Impractical - all fingers and thumbs - Clematis.    Impulsive - act to impulsively - Impatiens and Vervain.

Incapable - feel incapable / incompetent - Larch, Pine and Star of Bethlehem.     Inconsistent - Chestnut Bud and Scleranthus.

Indecisive - find it hard to take decisions - Cerato, Gentian, Larch, Scleranthus and Wild Oat.

Indifferent - to people and situations, Due to inner resignation - Wild Rose, Due to loss of hope - Gorse, Due to depression - See Depressed, Due to exhaustion - Olive, Because thoughts are on the future - Clematis, Because thoughts are on the past - Honeysuckle, Through embitterment - Willow, Through self absorption - Heather.

Inferiority - feelings of - Elm, Larch and Pine.     Inflexible - See Fixed Ideas.     Influence - tend to influence others - Chicory and Vervain.

Influenceable - find it hard to say no - Centaury, When trying to pursue own ideas - Walnut, Through mistrusting own opinion - Cerato and Scleranthus. Through doubting own ability - Larch,     When grateful for any distraction - Agrimony.

Inhibited - in dealing with others - Larch, Mimulus and Water Violet.     Insistent - demanding, pushy - Heather.    Insomnia - See Sleeplessness.

Insulted - feel insulted, offended - Chicory.    Insupportable - cannot tolerate oneself - Larch.     Interest - lack of interest, See Indifferent.

Intolerant - of others - Beech, Impatiens, Vervain and Vine.     Irresponsible - Chestnut Bud.

Irritable - easily irritated - Holly and Impatiens, Because others disagree - Vine and Vervain, Because things go to slowly - Impatiens, At stupidity of others - Beech.

Isolated - easily feels isolated - Heather, Impatiens and Water Violet.

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