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                                                                                           FUNDAMENTAL EMOTONAL CONDITIONS - J - R  -  BACH ESSENCES to suite


Jealousy - Holly.     Joy - lack of joy in life - Mustard, Pine, Rock Rose and Rock Water.  

Learning - have difficulty in learning - Chestnut Bud.

Letting Go - cannot let go - of Memories - Honeysuckle, Of certain ideas - White Chestnut, Of family and friends - Chicory.

Limelight - constantly seeking attention - Chicory and Heather.    Listen - inability to listen to others - Heather.

Listless - See Indifferent.    Lonely - feel lonely - Chicory, Heather, Impatiens and Water Violet.

Loss - cannot overcome loss - Honeysuckle,  Is the cause of suffering - Star of Bethlehem.

Lost - feel lost - Gorse and Sweet Chestnut. 


Madness - fear of losing one's mind - Cherry Plum.   Malicious - Holly.

Manipulative - See Influence.    Melancholy - Gentian, Honeysuckle, Mustard and Willow.   

Memory - have poor memory - Clematis and Chestnut Bud.     Mental Breakdown - fear of mental breakdown - Cherry Plum.

Minimise - make light of problems to others - Agrimony,  Minimize own achievements - Larch,

Minor Things - sensitive about minor things - Beech and Crab Apple.    Miserable - feel miserable - Aspen, Clematis, Larch and Mimulus.

Mistrust - Gentian, Holly and Willow.     Misunderstood - feel misunderstood - Chicory, Heather and Willow.

Monday Morning Feeling - See Sluggish.     Moody - Holly and Scleranthus.


Negative Attitude - towards self - Larch, towards others - Beech and Willow, On principle - Gentian, Temporary - Holly.

Neglected - feel neglected - Chicory and Heather.     Nervous - Agrimony, Impatiens, Mimulus, Oak and Vervain.

Nervous Breakdown - fears of imminent - Cherry Plum, Oak and Vervain.     Nightmares - Aspen and Rock Rose.


Obstinate - Chicory, Rock Water, Vine and Vervain.     Obstructed - See Blocked.

Offended - easily offended - By lack of gratitude in others - Chicory, Through feeling ignored - Chicory and Willow.

Openness - lack openness towards others - Agrimony and Water Violet.

Over Caring - for the welfare of others - Chicory and Red Chestnut, Mainly for one's own welfare - Heather and Rock Water, About a minor matter - Crab Apple.

Over - Sensitive - can hear the grass growing - See also Sensitive - Aspen.     Overtaxed - feel overtaxed - Elm, Hornbeam, Larch, Oak and Olive.

Overworked - take on too much - Oak, Rock Water and Vervain,  Feel overworked, see Exhausted.


Panic - prone to panic attacks - Aspen and Rock Rose.     Perfectionist - everything must be perfect - Beech, Crab Apple, Rock Water and Vervain.

Perplexed - See Helpless.

Perseverance - have too little perseverance - Gentian, Scleranthus and Wild Oat, Persevere too long - Oak, Rock Water and Vervain.

Persuade - allow oneself to be persuaded - Centaury, Cerato, Larch, Scleranthus, Vervain and Vine.

Pessimist - always have negative expectations - Gentian.      Poisoned - feels poisoned, See Soiled.     Possessive - Chicory.

Power Seeking - Chicory and Vine.    Preaching - try constantly to convince others - Vervain.

Proud - refuse the help of others - Water Violet, Tend to be proud - Beech, Vine and Water Violet.


Quick - Tempered - Holly and Impatiens.   


Refuse - find it hard to refuse anything - Centaury, Denial of self - Crab Apple and Larch, Refusal of anything unfamiliar - Beech.

Rejected - feel rejected - Chicory and Willow.     Rejection - fear of rejection, See - Fear.

Relax - find it difficult to relax - Impatiens, Rock Water and Vervain.     Repressed - feel repressed - Centaury, Larch and Walnut, Repress others - Chicory and Vine.

Reproachful - quick to reproach others - Beech, Chicory, Impatiens and Willow.     Resentful - Honeysuckle and Willow.

Reserved - appear reserved - Larch, Mimulus and Water Violet.     Resigned - have completely given up - Gorse and Wild Rose.

Resilient / Resistant - no longer feel resilient due to Total exhaustion - Hornbeam and Olive,  Despair - Sweet Chestnut,   Depression - See Depressed.

Responsible - feel responsible for everything - Oak.   Restless - Impatiens and Scleranthus.


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