RAINBOW FARMS    AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                       FUNDAMENTAL EMOTIONAL CONDITIONS - S - Y - BACH ESSENCES to suite


Sad - see Depressed.     Sceptical - Gentian.      Self - Blame - Pine and Rock Water.     Self - Confidence - lack of, See Inferiority.

Self - Pity - Chicory.       Self - Respect - lack of, See Inferiority.     Self - Righteous - Rock Water and Vine.

Self - Sacrificing - sacrifice too much for others - Centaury and Chicory.     Sensitive - to criticism - Centaury and Larch.

Shock - in all shock situations - Star of Bethlehem.     Shyness - Larch and Mimulus.     Sleeplessness - Agrimony, Pine, Scleranthus and White Chestnut.

Sluggish - feel mentally sluggish - Hornbeam.      Soiled - feel inwardly and outwardly soiled - Crab Apple.     Spiteful - Holly.

Stress - have put oneself under stress - Vervain.     Strict - with oneself - Rock Water, With others - Beech, Chicory and Vine.

Stubborn - See Obstinate.     Suicidal - suffer from suicidal thoughts - Cherry Plum.     Superstitious - Aspen.

Sympathy - cannot feel or shoe sympathy - Vine.    


Tact - displays little or no tact because of Impatience - Impatiens, Outspokenness - Rock Water and Vine.

Take Things To Heart - Gentian, Larch and Rock Water.    Talkative - talk constantly about own concerns - Heather, Talk too quickly - Impatiens and Vervain, talk to cover nervousness - Mimulus.

Tense - feel tense, uptight - Rock Water and Vervain.    Tension - Impatiens, Rock Water, Vervain and Vine.    Tether - end of, See - Exhausted, Despairing.

Thoughts - same thoughts, circle round and round - White Chestnut, Too lazy to think - Hornbeam, Erratic thoughts - Scleranthus, Negative thoughts about others - Beech and Holly,   Negative thoughts about self - Larch, Negative thoughts about the future - Gentian and Willow, Torturing thoughts when alone - Agrimony, Dreamy thoughts - Clematis, Always thinking of the past - Honeysuckle.

Thrall - try to keep control over others - Chicory and Vine.    Tired - often feel tired - Clematis, Hornbeam, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine, Vervain and Wild Rose.

Tiresome - tire or bore others with questions - Cerato.     Torn - See Divided.     Tranquillity - lack of, See Calm.    Trust - See Doubt.

Tyrannical - See Domineering.    


Unattractive - see oneself as unattractive - Crab Apple and Larch, See others as unattractive - Beech.

Unbalanced - Scleranthus.    Uncertain - of making the right decision - Cerato, Scleranthus and Walnut, Of being able to master a task - Elm, Hornbeam and Wild Oat, Of ones own path in life - Wild Oat, If one is doing things right - Larch and Pine.

Uncontrolled - Holly.    Undecided - find it hard to make decisions - Cerato, Gentian, Larch, Scleranthus and Wild Oat.

Ungrateful - find others ungrateful - Chicory.    Unhappy - See Depressed.     Unjust - feel unjustly treated - Willow, Treat others unjustly - Beech, Holly and Vine.

Unreliable - Scleranthus and Wild Oat.     Unsociable - Water Violet.     Unstable - appear or feel unstable - Scleranthus.


Value - feel of little value - Larch and Pine.    Vengeful - Holly.     Vicious - Holly.     Volatile - See Unreliable.    


Weak - Willed - Centaury, Gentian and Larch.

Weakness - See Exhausted.    Weepy - Chicory and Heather.      Withdrawn - See Openness.    Work - unable top leave work undone - Rock Water,   Difficulty in getting going - Crab Apple and Hornbeam.


Yielding - too yielding - also see Compliant - Agrimony, Centaury and Larch.


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