RAINBOW FARMS    AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                             Basic Fundamental Emotional Conditions and Bach Essences  to suite


(1) Bad Behaviour: Chicory, Gentian, Holly, Pine and Willow. Gentian, Holly and Willow are for those who have suffered Bad Treatment, Chronic Illness, Poor Conditions and having been fed an incorrect diet.


(2) Fear: Agrimony, Aspen, Cerato, Cherry Plum Elm, Heather, Larch, Mimulus Mustard, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Scleranthus and Water Violet.


(3) Excess Energy: Beech, Impatiens, Rockwater, Vervain, Vine, White Chestnut and Wild Oat.


(4) Low Energy: Centaury, Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Crab Apple, Gorse, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Oak, Olive, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut and Wild Rose.


                                                                                                                           Fundamental  Emotional Symptoms:  A - B - C - D


Absent - Minded - See also Concentration and Forgetful - Clematis, Honeysuckle and White Chestnut.

Acceptance - Unable to accept yourself - Larch,  Unable to accept others - Beech, Unable to accept One's Fate - Vine and Willow.

Accident - Consequences of - Star of Bethlehem.     Acquiescent - See Compliant.      Affected - appears as - Agrimony

Aggressive - Holly.     Aimless - Wild Oat.     Alone - Do not want to be - Agrimony, Chicory and Heather.   Want to be - Clematis, Impatiens and Water Violet.

Ambitious / Over - Rock Water, Vervain and Vine, Lack of - Clematis and Wild Rose.     Angry / Gets Quickly - Holly.    Appalled - See Horrified.

Appreciation / Desire for - Larch.     Arrogant - gives this impression because of Shyness - Water Violet, Considers others Incompetent - Beech, Rock Water and Vine.

Assertive - find it hard to be assertive because of Lack of faith in own opinion - Cerato, Fear of conflict - Agrimony, Lack of self - confidence - Larch.  Fear of offending others - Centaury, Inability to say No - Centaury.

Attention / Desires attention - Chicory and Heather.    Authoritarian - tries to Dominate others - Vine.    Autocratic - See Domineering.


Bad Conscience - often have a bad conscience - Pine.    Bad Luck - feel dogged by Bad Luck - Willow.    Blocked - Feel Blocked - Star of Bethlehem.

Blushing - Blush easily - Mimulus and Larch.     Bossy - See Domineering.     Broody - tend to brood on things - Honeysuckle.


Cajole - See Persuade.    Calm - lack of Calmness - Beech, Impatiens, Mimulus, Rock Water and Vervain.

Care / Worry - do not care sufficiently, see Irresponsible, Worry about relatives - Red Chestnut, Feel overwhelmed by Worry - Agrimony.

Changeable - See Unstable.    Clumsy - in thought and action - Cerato, Chicory and Crab Apple.   Company - feel a need for company, see Alone.

Compliant - from fear of Conflict - Agrimony, Cannot say No - Centaury, See also Yielding.    Conceited - Chicory, Heather and Vine.

Concentrate - Cannot concentrate because of inattention - Chestnut Bud, Thoughts run ahead - Clematis, Of brooding on the past - Honeysuckle, Thoughts circle around one subject - White Chestnut, Thoughts dart about - Scleranthus, Every distraction is welcome - Agrimony,      

Conflict / Fear of - Agrimony and Centaury,    Conscientious - over conscientious - Crab Apple, Pine and Rock Water.

Constant Mental Activity - Cannot switch off - Vervain and White Chestnut.    Control - See Thrall.    Critical / of others - Beech and Chicory, of Self - Larch, Pine, Vine and Rock Water.

Criticism - cannot tolerate - Chicory, Larch and Pine.    Cruel - to people and animals - Holly and Vine.


Decision - cannot easily take decisions But seek no advice - Scleranthus, But seek advice - Cerato, When emotional detachment is needed - Walnut

Defiant - Holly.     Dejected - See Melancholy.

Depressed - by difficulties and setbacks - Gentian, For no apparent reason - Mustard and Wild Rose, By failure to fulfil one's expectations - Pine, Life appears meaningless - Wild Oat, Everything seems hopeless - See Hopeless, Unable to reach a decision - Acleranthus, Through embitterment - Willow, Through feelings of inferiority - Larch, Through inability to overcome negative or sad memories - Honeysuckle and Star of Bethlehem.

Despairing - Elm, Larch, Pine and Sweet Chestnut.    Despondent - easily become despondent - Clematis, Wild Oat and Wild Rose.

Difficulty - always have the same difficulties - Chestnut Bud,  Easily discouraged by difficulties - Gentian, Do not give up in the face of - Oak.

Direction - loss of - Scleranthus and Wild Oat.    Dirtied - feel dirtied, tainted - Crab Apple.     Disadvantaged - constantly feel disadvantaged - Chicory and Willow.

Disappointed - at lack of expected thanks - Chicory, Expected more from life - Willow.

Discouraged easily - in the face of difficulty - Elm, Gentian and Willow, By anything new - Larch,     Disgust - at dirt, sweat - Crab Apple.

Disheartened - lose heart quickly - Gentian, Larch and Wild Oat.    Disinclination - feel weak and lacking in drive - Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Olive and Wild Rose.

Dispirited - See Disheartened.     Dissatisfied - with oneself - Beech, Chicory and Willow.     Distraction - feel a need for distraction - Agrimony.

Divided - feel inwardly divided - Centaury, Cherry Plum and Scleranthus.     Dogmatic - Vine.     Domineering - Chicory and Vine.

Doubt - doubt in oneself - Larch and Pine, Doubts in own opinion - Cerato,  Doubt about the future - Gentian, Doubt  about ability to cope with work - Hornbeam, Doubt about ability to continue shouldering responsibility - Elm, Doubt the ability of others - Beech, Impatiens. and Vine. 

Drive - lacking in drive, feel weak - Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Olive and Wild Rose.  


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