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                                                                                                                                                    BACH ESSENCES  

Bach Essences can be applied in everyday situations to treat Adults, Children, Pets and Plants due to their simplicity and harmlessness especially in emergencies or acute Emotional Stress. Such as examination Nerves, Separation or Loss, Fear of any activity, or the aftermath of an accident. The individual Essences can assist to overcome negative emotional symptoms connected with a chronic Condition such as Lack of courage, Despair and Resentment while strengthening both optimism and courage to face life.


A precondition to effective treatment is to make an honest assessment of the weakness or weaknesses involved, such as Aggressiveness, Envy, Intolerance, Feelings of Inferiority, etc. The limit to treatment personally or a precursor is in recognizing and accepting our own faults and personal weaknesses so that the suitable Essences can be utilized.


Reactions first up can vary for each individual with some experiencing an increased need for rest and sleep with vivid dreams, while others might feel more energetic, more stable Emotionally and more content immediately or within a few weeks.


In some cases initially the emotional and physical symptoms may worsen, if so, - stop using, until this healing reaction has gone usually after a few hours or a day or two and start taking the drops again but reduce the dosage slightly at first.


Those involved in serious acute Conditions will feel better fairly quickly, either within a few hours or 1 - 2 days and the dosage can be stopped as you feel Emotionally more settled, or you no longer need them.


The mixture should be taken for 3 - 4 weeks, which is usually the contents of a 30ml Treatment bottle, but if still required you can repeat the mixture or mix a different mixture as required. Sometimes it can take a few months to regain equilibrium, but if using for an ongoing personal development change it may take a year although you should feel better within the first 3 - 4 weeks.


No Physical or Emotional secondary effects have been noted in using the Essences and there has been no interaction with plant - based Homeopathic or chemical medicaments.


N.B: An exception is high - potency Homeopathic preparations and these are usually not taken at the same time.  


As Children react well and quickly to these Essences they can assist in School Difficulties, Jealousy, Homesickness and Fears with the combination of Rescue Remedy as a First Aid.


Animals and Plants can also be treated with these Essences.  


Combines 38 different Bach Flower Essences, 37 of which are Flowers of non - Toxic natural Wild Bushes, Plants and Trees with the other being Rock Water or Spring Water from natural rock as the 38th. They balance the Positive and Negative Energies in the Energy System and are mainly utilized for all types of Emotional Disturbances that effect the Body's normal functions from Anxiety to Panic and from Aggressiveness to Terror in both Humans and Animals. They are as a non - Toxic medication and are a combination of Homeopathic remedies and Aromatherapy and they can be individually utilized or can be combined with other therapies.


Usually 4 x drops are taken from the Treatment Bottle 4 times a day, either directly on the Tongue or from a plastic spoon or if acute 4 drops may be taken hourly until relieved for 2 - 3 days. But this is only a guideline and they can be taken as required. Best taken on Waking, at Noon, in the Afternoon and on Retiring, and work best if held in the Mouth before swallowing and should be taken separate from food and drink.


If after 4 - 6 weeks you feel no effect this can be due to the mixture that is being used is unsuitable, so reconsider your symptoms to find the required Essence or Essences to suite. Or you have expected too much and failed to recognize any subtle changes or the willingness to change is lacking at a subconscious level, or the ability to react could also be blocked by psycho - pharmacological drugs. See an experienced Professional practitioner to set you right - do not dismiss the Essences as ineffective.


All of these 38 Essences are originally formed by the Sunlight distillation of the Flowers in Spring Water. From 1 to 5 Essences can be used to make up a particular Remedy to suite for either one or more Emotional Disturbances. The Essences assist to re - balance the natural Chemicals in the Brain when they are delicately unbalanced and causing simple, or major, upsets to our Emotions.


NB: Anaesthetics, Depression and Sedatives show how easy it is for the Brain to be influenced.)


N.B: Horses react much more quickly to Bach Essences then Humans. 


                                                                                                                                   Procedures to Refine:  (1) Sun (2) Simmer.

Sun: The Flowers are gathered on a cloudless sunny day at full blossoming and placed in Spring Water in a glass bowl, which is left in full Sun for 3 - 4 hours near where the flowers are picked. As the blossoms wilt they are carefully lifted from the water with twigs from the same plant. The liquid remaining is then preserved by adding 40% by volume of Alcohol, which is later diluted with Spring Water to 1:20 and stored in stock bottles.


Simmered: Used for those Plants that blossom early in the year of which the Sun's rays are not strong enough to capture their Essence using the Sun method. The Blossoms, young Leaves and Twigs of the plant are simmered with Spring Water in an enamel pan for about 30 minutes until wilted and left to cool and filtered then preserved and diluted the same as for the Sun method.


 Apple Cider Vinegar or diluted Brandy is added as a preservative and the actual dosage is given 4 - 5 times a day for 21 days.


Dosage: 4 x drops, is added to a couple of milliliters of fresh clean water (Spring Water if possible) - regardless of the size of the Patient.) It is directly syringed into the Mouth or added to a piece of food. (2 x Doses must be given this way and the other 3 can be given in drinking water.


N.B: Limit the use from the 38 Essences to 5, with Rescue Remedy if used in any mixture counted as one.


                                                                                                               Preparation Mix:

A Stock Bottle of each of the chosen Essences, a 20 or 30ml Treatment Bottle with a dropper and use only Still, Fresh or Spring Water.  N.B: Do not use Distilled or De - Mineralized Water.


Formula: 1 x drop of concentrate of each Flower Essence to 10ml of solution. E.G: 2 x drops to 20ml, 3 x drops to 30ml, fill the Treatment Bottle 3/4 full with the water then top up with the diluted alcohol or Apple Cider Vinegar. To mix the Essences in a 20ml bottle put 2 drops of each Essence in the Treatment Bottle, if 5 Essences are used that would total 10 drops in all and fill the bottle 3/4 full with water and top up with the chosen preserving agent. Store at room temperature and protect from light.  N.B: Do not keep longer then 3 - 4 weeks.


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