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                                                                                                                                                             RESCUE REMEDY - WILLOW  

Rescue Remedy: is a combination of 5 Flower Essences, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem that all work together. (The quicker given the better.) For those in Stressful situations and used to treat the pre - or post emotional effect that a sufferer may experience through Shock, great Fear or Terror, Panic, severe Mental Stress and Tension, a feeling of desperation or a numbed bemused state of Mind. Given as a few drops in water and syringed directly into the Mouth or can be rubbed into a Pulse or added to food or water. Used for: Adults, Children and Babies for any type of Stress as a First Aid and can be used Internally and Externally. N.B: Can be taken as often as required, but do not take for longer then 2 - 3 days. Internally: 4 drops of the Essence from a stock bottle into a small 20ml glass and fill up with still water, juice or tea and drink in sips over 15 minutes and take a second glass or third if required. Externally: Minor Burns and Injuries, Skin Conditions and Tension. Treatment: 6 drops from the stock bottle in 1/2 litre of water to make Compresses. Used as "First Aid" for emotional support after Accident or Injury or for Injections, Panic, Showing, Shock, Surgery, Stress, Trauma and Travelling to stabilize the emotional balance in Adults, Babies and Children.


Babies and Children: Put 4 x drops of the concentrate in a 20ml bottle with a dropper and fill it with still water and dribble 4 x drops of this solution at short intervals onto the Lips or Tongue.


Undiluted: Drop 2 x drops directly on the Tongue or lick them off of the back of the Hand.


Unconscious: Best in undiluted form by dripping 2 - 3 drops onto the Lips or Gums. N.B: Should not be taken for longer then 2 - 3 days as it is then better to prepare a personal mixture to suite the prevailing Emotional symptoms.


Also available as a Cream for External use for minor Burns, Bruises, small Cuts, Sprains and Sunburn but drops can be added to Compresses, Herbal treatments or Washes for External use as well. Keep several bottles of Rescue Remedy all ways on hand, out of Sunlight and in a cool place and shake before use.


Preparation for Horses: A 30ml bottle of Rescue Remedy, 3 x 100ml brown glass medicine bottles with dropper tops, 1 x bottle of still Spring water, and a small bottle of diluted Brandy or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Fill the bottle 7/8ths with Spring Water, 1/8 with Brandy or Organic Apple cider Vinegar and add 10 x drops of Rescue Remedy. (This is the Dosage Bottle.) Squeeze a dropper full into a clean plastic Medicine cup, egg - cup or similar, pick it up in a 10ml syringe and use to Dose a Horse. N.B: Keep the dropper and contents of the bottle clean.) Store the bottle in a cool place out of Sunlight. 2ml in the dropper = 1 x Dosage.


 Rock Rose: Helianthemum nummularium: Fear - For those who have panic attacks and where there appears no hope and there is a need to calm down such as in an accident or sudden illness or if frightened or terrified or if causing fear to those around. If not conscious moisten the Lips with the remedy and combine with other remedies to suite, if required.   Horses: for extreme fear, panic and terror that sweat under panic with great flight response, and also used with Cherry Plum - both part of Rescue Remedy.)


Rock Water: Over Caring - For those who demand too much of themselves denying themselves the joys and pleasures of life as it might interfere with their work, being hard masters on them selves and want to be strong and active and continue to do anything that will maintain the status quo. There is a need to be an example to others in the hope that they may follow and be better off as a result. Horses: for extreme energy of the will and inflexibility, made from water that wears away the hardest rock. Used as a mixture for degenerative Joint disease and with Star of Bethlehem, Chestnut Bud and Honeysuckle to help break old habits. Complimentary Flowers: Beech, Crab Apple and Oak.


Scleranthus: Scleranthus annuus: Uncertainty - For those who are torn between two things / thought - unable to decide and need to stabilize their inner balance and are usually quiet people who bear their difficulties alone and not inclined to discuss it with others. Horses: for loss of balance and lack of co- ordination and used in the treatment of physical illness.


Star of Bethlehem: Ornithogalum umbethlatum: Despair - For those who have suffered shock in the past or in the present that has produced great unhappiness and refuse to be consoled and they need the comfort that this remedy brings forth. Another one of the 5 Essences in Rescue Remedy.


Sweet Chestnut: Castanea sativ: Despair - For those who believe their situation to be hopeless and unbearable and their Body and Mind has reached its limits of endurance and it seems all is lost. Horses: for extreme despair and desolation after abuse or depression caused by illness or unhappy with the circumstances. Complimentary Flowers: Gentian, Gorse, Pine, White Chestnut and Willow.


Vervain: Verbena officinalis: Over - Caring - For those who feel tense and overstressed or over enthusiastic with fixed principles and ideas that they are confident are right and need to convert all around to those views due to their strong will and courage being fully convinced that they are right. In illness they will continue to struggle on long after many others would have given up. Horses: for over conscientiousness and excessive Nervous Energy. For those who are highly - strung and use up their excess energy in fence walking. (Also for those who are big - hearted who overdo and strain themselves physically. Always used as part of a mixture for Arthritis.) Complimentary Flowers: Beech, Impatiens and Rock Water.


Vine: Vitis vinifera: Over Caring - For those who tend to dominate others and to suffer from tense Muscles and stiff Joints due to the certainty of their own ability and confidence of success and ability to convince others of what they are sure will be right. Horses: for those that are extremely dominant and difficult to train. Once they learn to work with you they can become the best because of their toughness and good Brains. (The opposite of Centaury.) Complimentary Flowers: Beech, Impatiens and Rock Water.


Walnut: Juglans regia: Over - Sensitive to Influence - For those who have their own definite ideals and ambitions, but at times feel unsure of particular decisions and are tempted to be led astray of these by the strong opinions of others and need to regain their own inner confidence and protection from outside influence. Horses: is a protective remedy and link breaker for those who are secretive, and very good as a mixture for changes in circumstances, competition, surgery, training and travel. Complimentary Flowers: Centaury and Wild Oat.


Water Violet: Hottonia palustris: Loneliness - For those who keep their distance from others, who like to be alone, usually very quiet people, independent, capable and self - reliant but realize that this may lead onto an arrogant and even superior manner. Horses: for fear of damage from other horses and people. (Also useful for Loners.) Those subject to fear are subject to Adrenal Energy depletion and need Rosehips. Complimentary Flowers: Beech, Impatiens, Vervain and Vine.


White Chestnut: Aesculus hippocastanum: Lack of Interest - For those who lack over all concentration and may be fixed on one aspect and allow arguments, ideas and thoughts they do not really desire from entering their Minds. The thoughts that worry and remain and if removed still return and seem to go round in circles and create mental torture and give no peace and interfere with normal work or pleasure. Horses: useful for those who are anxious for no apparent reason and have difficulty in concentrating and focusing during training. Complimentary Flowers: Clematis, Holly, Honeysuckle, Mimulus, Pine, Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain and Willow.


Wild Oat: Bromus ramosus: Uncertainty - For those who cannot decide what is right and really important in their life to give them further direction as they have ambitions to do something and feel they require more experience to achieve what is possible. Their ambition is strong but they cannot decide what is the best way to achieve and suffer from delay and dissatisfaction. Horses: not used much for Horses although used for bored / unfulfilled Horses and low Libido in stallions. Complimentary Flowers:


Wild Rose: Rosa canina: Lack of Interest - For those who are resigned to their fate without no sufficient reason and make no effort to change circumstances and have a need to become mobile once more to improve their situation and find joy. Horses: for low Energy and passive disobedience. Useful for lazy, apathetic or stubborn types difficult to motivate. (N.B: Stop when Energy levels return). Complimentary Flowers: Gentian, Honeysuckle, Mustard and Star of Bethlehem.


Willow:  Salix vitellina: Despair - For those who have suffered adversity or misfortune and feel that their Fate is unkind and it is all too difficult to accept and they do not deserve what occurred and they become embittered, lose interest and are less active in those things that they previously enjoyed. This remedy will assist to overcome their bitterness. Horses: used for resentment (bitter and revengeful.) Laying back of the Ears, trying to bite, kick and a general warning to stay away. Complimentary Flowers: Gentian, Gorse, Heather, Holly, Honeysuckle and Star of Bethlehem.


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