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                                                                                                                                                 BACH ESSENCES and their Applications    

                                                                                                                                                          AGRIMONY  -   ELM                            

Agrimony: Agrimonia eupatoria: Over - Sensitive to Influence - For those who go out of their way to avoid conflict who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrels, and give up much to achieve this hiding their own cares behind humour. They often take to using alcohol or drugs in excess to stimulate themselves to assist them to bear their own personal trials. Complimentary Flowers: Mimulus and White Chestnut.


 Aspen: Populus tremula: Fear - For those with foreboding and feelings of unknown fear for which there can be no explanation or reason but still terrified of something going to happen either in the night or day, and sometimes afraid to tell others of these troubles. Horses: Apprehension (As part of a mixture for Nervousness, Competition and those that Shy.) Complimentary Flowers: Mimulus and Rock Rose.


Beech: Fagus sylvatica: Lack of Caring - For those who find it difficult to see other's viewpoints due to intolerance in both People and Animals (Environment and Circumstances) For those who need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding. Horses: Useful for those who don't like anyone except their master and in the treatment of Allergies. Complimentary Flowers: Impatiens, Rock Rose, Vervain, Water Violet and Willow.


Centaury: Centaurium umbellatum: Over - Sensitive to Influence - For those who are afraid of offending others usually kind, gentle and over anxious overtaxing their own strength to bring this about. They grow more like servants than willing helpers and they do more then there share and may even neglect their own way of life. Horses: A submissive Horse at the bottom of the pecking order that needs to learn to defend itself. (Centaury is opposite to Vine.)Complimentary Flowers: Cerato, Chestnut Bud, Larch, Honeysuckle, Mimulus and Star of Bethlehem.


 Cerato: Ceratostigma willmottiana: Uncertainty - For those who are uncertain, with feelings of not being capable of making their own decisions and constantly seek advice from others and are often misguided. Horses: For those who are distracted. Complimentary Flowers: Chestnut Bud, Larch, Mimulus and Star of Bethlehem.

Cherry Plum: Prunus cerasifera: Fear - For those who are prone to violent rages with a fear of the Mind being over - strained and of reason giving away, of doing fearful and dreaded things. Not wishing to do wrong, yet the thought and impulse comes to do them. Horses: For panic or loss of control under stress, at barriers, travelling, in competition and is used in conjunction with Rock Rose. Complimentary Flowers: Honeysuckle and Star of Bethlehem.


Chestnut Bud: Aesculus hippocasanum: Lack of Interest - For those who make the same mistakes over and over and do not take full advantage of their observations and experiences. Horses: A slow learner - suitable for training and behaviour. To break habits use with Star of Bethlehem, Honeysuckle and Rockwater for at least 3 months.


Chicory: Cichorium intybus: Over - Caring - For those who constantly have an inner desire to receive gratitude from others who are mindful of the needs of others and tend to be over caring for them. Always finding something that needs to be put right and a desire that they should always be near them. Horses: is used for extreme possessiveness. Complimentary Flowers: Red Chestnut and Vine.


Clematis: Clematis vitalba: Lack of Interest - For those who live in a dream world and need to regain control of their positive thoughts, dreamy, drowsy, not fully aware with no great interest in life, quiet people who are not really happy in what is occurring in their life. They are living more in the future than the present in hope of happier times when they hope it will all come about even those who are ill and are making no effort to recover and even look forward to there demise even to meeting up with some beloved they have lost. Used in Rescue Remedy for loss of Consciousness. Horses: On its own it is used for a lack of energy such as during trauma, e.g. Colic, long term drug usage or to assist in training when a Horse is not concentrating on the work at hand. Complimentary Flowers: White Chestnut.


Crab Apple: Malus pumila: Despair - A cleanser for those who need to learn what is really important in their lives, who are anxious of one thing which seems to them to be the most important while disregarding that which is more serious and becoming despondent when it fails to come to fruition. Horses: is a cleansing Flower as part of a cleaning and healing wash for external wounds and Skin infections. Also used Internally as part of detoxification treatment after poisoning or excessive drug use. Highly eliminatory and also causes Emotional cleansing so it can occasionally produce behavioural changes or mood swings. (If so give with Rescue Remedy.) Complimentary Flowers: Beech and Rock Water.


Elm: Ulmus procera: Despair - For those who doubt their own abilities although they are doing the best they are capable of and always hoping to do something of importance often to benefit humanity, with periods of depression due to believing they have undertaken what is too difficult. Horses: When anxious and travelling. Complimentary Flowers: Gentian and Olive.


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