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                                                                                                                                                                     O Bargy - Barry 


O Bargy. Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Sept / Family branch, of the Ui Bairrche Tuath / Family region, descended from 91.Daire Barrach the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Bairrche Kings of Leinster, who had their territory in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster. Ancestors: 91.Daire Barrach, *90.Caher / Cathair Mor the 109th King of Tara / Ireland, 89.Felim / Feidhlimidh Fer Aurglas. 88.Corbmac Gelta Gaeth, 87.Nia Corb, 86.Cu Corb.


Barker (tree stripper). English origins with the Oliver Cromwell Invasion and were in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster in the Mid - 16th Century AD. Other recent arrivals are also now in the Leinster Province and the Ulster Province.


Barlow. English toponymic origins in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster since 1584 AD, but mostly settled in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of Ormond / North Eastern Munster, and also in other areas.


Barnacle. A synonym used for Coyne, which see.

O Barnane - Irish / Ua Bearnain. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the west of Co. Cork in Desmond / Des Mhumhain / Southern Munster. Some changed to Bernard, which see.

Barnard. Used as a variant for Bernard, which see.


Barnes had Estates in Co. Meath in Northern Leinster.


Barnes. English locative name. Used as a synonym of Barron, which see. See also Bardon.


Barnett. English origins -


Barnwall or Barnewall or Barnewell or Barne or Barnes or Bernes or Berens. An Irish Family Sept originating from 112.Bernard O Beirne who returned to Ireland with Henry 11 and they became the English Barons of Trimblestone and English Viscount of Kingsland who had their Estates in Co. Meath in the south - east of Northern Leinster and were also in Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster and also had Estates in Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster where they were besieged by the Heberian Eoghanachta O Sullivan Septs in what was their previous territory and all were killed except for one who was studying in England who returned and settled at Drimnagh near in Dublin. John Barnewall / Lord Trimblestone rose to high office under Henry V111 and was granted Estates near Dunleer in Ireland. In 1536 AD along with Lord Brabazon he besieged Co. Offaly and drove out The O Connor Faly who was at that time besieging the English in his territory there. In 1537 AD he treated with The O Niaill for the Privy Council. Lord Trimblestone was 4 times married died 25/07/1538.  Ancestors: 111.Iomhar, a brother to 111.Gillcoman, 112.Bernard O Beirne, 113.Edward, 114.Eward Dubh, 115.Edward, 116.Thomas, 117.Richard, 118.James, 119.Walter, 120.Edward, 121.George, 122.Patrick,123 Edward, 124.Sir Christopher, 125.Sir Patrick, 126.Sir Nicholas born 1668 AD as family was ennobled by Charles 1st and in 1688 AD served as a Captain for King James 11 and after the defeat at the Boyne he secured an Estate in Co. Limerick and gave Allegiance to William of Orange but refused to take the Religious Oath with the other Catholic Lords. 1703 AD joined the Irish Catholic Petition against their treatment under the Violation of the Limerick Treaty, 1725 AD died and was interred at Lusk in Co. Dublin. Lord Viscount Kingsland was the first English Lord from this family.


Barnewell or Barnewall or Barneville or Barnivall. Originally de Bearnabhal of Anglo Norman origins. They were in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster.


Barr. English origins -


Barr. Scottish toponymic origins in the north - east of the Ulster Province.


Barr. Used as a variant for the Irish / Ua Baire who anglicized their name as Barry, which see.


Barre -


Mac Barragy or Mac Berochy or Mac Biracrea. Used as variants by the Irish Mac Berkerys, which see.


Barran -


Barrett / Baircud. Baroid used in the Munster Province and Bairead used in the Connacht Province. Bernard / Beraud / Germanic origins. All various branches of the Anglo Norman family who came with the Anglo - Norman Invasion under Strongbow and Henry 11 in the 12th Century AD. English Barons in Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster who were all kinsmen who held territory originally at Killala in Co. Mayo and Co. Galway in the south - west of the Connacht Province and in Co. Cork. They became "More Irish then the Irish." Also known as Mac Wattin, Mac Watkin - Mac Walter ?


Barrington. English toponymic origins arrived temporarily during the reign of Elizabeth 1st the Welsh Anglo - Norman Queen into Co. Laois in the mid - north - west of Southern Leinster and later others came during the Oliver Cromwell Invasion into Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster. Glenstal was their former home at Murroe in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west Thomond / Northern Munster on the Slieve Felim Mountains.


Barrington. Used by the Irish / Ua Bearain to anglicize their name. See also Barron.


Barrit -


Mac Barron - Irish / Ua Bearain. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province and nearby in Co. Tyrone. Ancestors: *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland (Ui Niaill), 91.Eogan the 1st King of Aileach (Cenel nEogain), *92.Murray / Muireadach the 2nd King of Aileach, *93.Murtough / Muirchertach mac Ercae, *94.Donnell Ilchegach, *95. Aed Uardidnach, 96.Mael Fithrich, 97.Mael Duin, *98.Fergal the 151st King of Ireland, *99.Niall Frossach, *100.Aed Oirdnide, *101.Niall Caille, *102.Aed Findliath, *103.Niall Glun Dubh (O Neills of Ulster), 104.Murtough / Muirchertach, *105.Donnell / Domhnall Ua Niaill, *106.Murtough / Muirchertach, 107.Flaherty / Flaithbertach Ua Niaill.


Mac Barron. Scottish origins who were a branch of the Frazers.


Barron or Berrane - Irish / Ua Bearain -

Barron / Barun. A branch of the Fitz - Geralds, which see, who had their Estates in Co. Waterford in the south - east of Ormond / Eastern Munster and nearby in Co. Kilkenny in the south - west of Southern Leinster.


Barron. Scottish origins. They came from Angus.

Barrow -


O Barry or O Baire or O Barrie or De Barrie or Du Barri / Irish / Ua Barie. A Gaelic Ithian Ui Luighe Sept / Family branch. In 1208 AD William Fitz Philip Barry was granted territory by King John of 3 Cantreds, Olthan, Muscry Dunegan and Killedy, which Fitz Stephen had previously given over to his father in Co. Cork. In 1267 AD David Barry the ancestor of the Barrys from Barrymore was the English appointed Lord Justice of Ireland. They were also Viscounts of Buttevant in Co. Cork and had Estates at Sandville in Co. Limerick. Donnell Barry who died in 1612 AD was from Owney / Abington and was the father of Daniel who died in 1640 AD  and was interred at Abington and was married to Johanna Bourke, and their son, David 1640 AD had his territory confiscated in 1649 AD. He fortunately saved a member of the Ingoldsby family and was excused from transplantation and settled under the protection of the Ingoldsbys at Fryarstown in 1656 AD and his son, John from Fryarstown who died in 1710 AD left 3 sons James, David and Thomas who both served in James 11's army. The O Barrys were also to be Lords of Santry which was part of Fryarstown in Co. Dublin,  Ancestors: *59.Lewy / Lughaidh mac con (the son of the hound) whose epithet came about because as a sickly young youth he suckled the teats of his favourite greyhound, Ealor Dearg, and later on became the Ithian 113th King of Tara / Ireland when his uncle, *84.Art - the Lonely the Heremonian Dal Cuinn 112th King of Tara / Ireland and 6 of *59.Lewy's Heberian younger half - brothers from his mother 84.Sadhbh were slain in battle against him and his Brythonic and Fir Bolg allies. (These 6 brothers were to be the sons of 84.Ailill Oluimm the Heberian 1st King of Munster and 84.Sadhbh who he had married as a widow after his father 57.Marcelline Mac Niadh's demise. This was to be a very decisive victory in a battle that occurred over *59.Lewy's determination to have a turn at the Munster Kingship, which also then allowed him to secure the overall Kingship of Tara / Ireland instead in his own right for 27 years, until he was to be removed from the position. He was later slain by Fergus / Feircis Dubh - Dheadach, a son of Imchad / Coman Eces who then became the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh 114th King of Ireland for one year only. *59.Lewy mac con had 5 sons, *60.Fothach Airgthach who would be the 118th King of Ireland jointly with his brother, (2) *60.Fothach Cairpreach the 119th King of Ireland who in 285 AD slew his brother and was slain himself soon thereafter in the Battle of Ollarbha, (3) 60.Duach the ancestor of the O Connells, the O Hennessys, the Mac Eircs etc,  60.Fothach Canaan the ancestor of the O Barrys, the Mac Alins / Mac Colums the Earl of Argyle, and (4)60.Angus / Oenghus / Aeneas Gaifhuileach the ancestor of the O Coffeys of Munster. One of these 4 brothers is also the ancestor of the O Hallinans. 60.Fothach Cannan who was his fifth son was the father of 61.Mac Niadh the father of 62.Breasal the father of 63.Eochy / Eochaidh / Eocha the father of 64.Conor the father of 65.Barie the father of 66.Garran the father of 67.Aodh Beag the father of 68.Echin the father of 69.Eochaidh Aigneach the father of 70.Barie the direct male line ancestor of the O Barrys / Ui Barie. 


De Barry. Originally de Barri / Bharraigh who are descended from the Anglo Norman Robert de Barri from Wales who landed at Bannow in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster in May, 1169 AD under Strongbow. (He was a brother of Giraldus Cambrensis the historian for the Anglo - Norman Invasion and they were originally from Barri Island in Wales.) In 1253 AD they built a Castle and founded a Franciscan Friary in Buttevant in Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster  where they were the English Earls and Barons and the area there was called after their War Cry / Boutez en Avant / Push Forward. They Gaelicised into 3 Septs, Barry Mor - the Greater, Barry Oge - the Younger in Co. Cork, and Barry Roe - of Red Complexion. By 1592 AD they had become "More Irish then the Irish." Two generations after the Desmond Rebellion, what was by then the main branch of the family, turned non - Catholic to hold on to their land in Co. Cork while their main seat was at Castle Lyons surrounded by an Estate of 79,000 acres. In the 18th Century AD they went to England as Absentee Land Lords. In 1769 AD Richard was born, known then as Lord Barry More / Barrymore, who was at that time a friend of the then Prince of Wales who later became German George 1V. They also Gaelicized their name as Mac Adam, which see.


Barry - Irish / Ua Baire. A Sept / Family branch, who anglicized their name to coincide with with James Barry the English Lord of Naas who had his Estates at Bunclody in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster. See also Barr.


Barry - Irish / Ua Beargha / spear like. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west of Tuaiscert Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster. See also Mac Adam.


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