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                                                                                                                                                                       Mac Carthy Glas 


Mac Carthy Glas - Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch.  Ancestors:114.Donnell Caomh - the Handsome Mac Carthy who in 1311 AD who on the death of his father became the Tanaiste /  Prince of Carbery and died in 1320 AD leaving among others;

115.Cormac Don Mac Carthy the Prince of Carbery who was slain in 1366 AD who is the actual ancestor of the Mac Carthy Glas Sept who had their territory at Glean na Croim surrounding Dunmanway, His sons were 116.Dermod who was taken prisoner by Mac Carthy of Carbery, who was his cousin, and given over to the English Galls and murdered in 1368 AD, 116.Donnell, 116.Eoghan, 116.Teague / Tadhg, 116.Finghin, 116.Donogh whose son 117.Finghin was the father of 118.Cormac Mac Carthy whose daughter married Donogh O Crowley,

his other son is the ancestor of the Slioght Feidhlimidh / Mac Carthys of Glean na Croim who was the Chief of the Sept who had 2 sons, 117.Finghin and;

117.Teague / Tadhg Mac Carthy the Chief of Dunmanway whose son,

118.Finghin Mac Cathy was also the Chief of Glen na Croim who was the father of;

119.Cormac Mac Carthy who married More the daughter of Dermod Oge O Leary, and produced 120.Dermod na n Glac Mac Carthy and 120.Finghin who also became their Chief who married Ellen the daughter of The O Sullivan Beare whose son 121.Cormac was killed by his cousin 121.Cormac Donn Mac Carthy over who then had the real sovereignty, 120.Finghin who was slain in 1641 AD and 120.Cormac Reagh, and a daughter married to Dermod O Crowley of Coillsealbhach.

120.Dermod na n Glac Mac Carthy -
of the Conflicts, who was his second son in 1563 AD married Eleanor the daughter of Teague Mac Carthy the 11th Lord of Muscry and produced 3 sons, 121.Cormac Donn who took his cousin 121.Cormac captive the son of 120.Finghin, who was murdered by the English Galls in Cork, he married More the daughter of Conor O Leary whose mother was a daughter of Mac Finghin Dubh and produced a son, 121.Felim and a daughter who married Art O Crowley, 121.Finghin and;

121.Teague an Fhorsa - of the Forces who was to be their Chief from 1578 AD until he was to die in Cork City in 1618 AD was twice married, first to the widow of Turlough Baccach Mac Sweeney of Desmond who was a daughter of Donnell Mac Finn of Ard Tully. Secondly to Eleanor the daughter of Rory Mac Sheehy who produced Dermod Mac Carthy of Dyreagh and Togher Castle, with territory at Shanacrane near Dunmanway, and a daughter who married Randal Oge O Hurley of Ballincarrig Castle,

122.Teague an Duna Mac Carthy
- the Hospicious of Dunmanway Castle, was his eldest son, who was to be the last Chief from this Sept, who was born in 1584 AD, and was to be their Chief from 1618 AD until 1648 AD who was second in command of the Irish Munster Province forces  in 1641 AD. He was twice married, first to the daughter of Brian Mac Owen Mac Sweeney of Cloghda Castle producing 123.Teague an Fhorsa and 123.Dermod  Cartie.

123.Teague an Fhorsa Oge, was his eldest son, who had Togher Castle in 1641 AD and married Gennet Coppinger a widow, and had the Estates of Fearlaghan / Tulla  Glas / Maulcullanane / Gortnidihy and Carrigatotane at Kilmeen in Carbery Co. Cork and was to die in 1650 AD. He also had the townlands of Curry Boy, Coolmontane, Tullagh, Inchigeelah, which were all confiscated by the English Galls, and his widow and 8 year old son were driven off.

124.Teague an Duna Mac Carthy of Glean na Chroim his young son was to be the last, and during the 1641 AD - 1652 AD War Togher Castle was confiscated by the English Galls, but because of his age Dunmanway was saved until 1691 AD when it too was also to be confiscated by the English under the Violated Treaty of Limerick. 124.Teague an Duna Mac Carthy secondly married Honoria the daughter of Donnell O Donovan the Lord of Cahill producing 125.Honoria who married the fourth son of Donnell Pipi Mac Carthy, 125.Joan who married Cormac Mac Teague Mac Carthy of Ballea, 125.Eoghan Mac Carthy who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Ballynoodie, 125.Callaghan Mac Carthy of Dunmanway Castle in 1652 AD. His son, Eoghan Mac Carthy who was born in 1603 AD and was to die in 1691 AD whose son, Teague an Duna Mac Carthy was a Captain in the Co. Kerry Regiment under James 11 and was taken to England as reliable. In 1691 and 1696 AD after the Attainder was put on Donogh Mac Carthy the Earl of Clan Carty by the English he held territory at East Ballyneadig in Co. Cork due to the agreed Articles of Limerick and when he died he was interred also in the Kilcrea Abbey.

125.Cormac Mac Carthy, of Leyradane his son, married a daughter of Radly of Knockrow and produced 126.Teague Mac Carthy, 126.Cormac, 126.Callaghan, 126.Mary who married a daughter of O Leary, and 126.Catherine who married Owen Mac Carthy Maister na Mona. 126.Teague Mac Carthy his son who was born in 1714 AD and died in 1763 AD married Joanna the daughter of Denis Mac Carthy of Dooneen and produced 127.Cormac, 127.Callaghan who married a daughter of Hennessy, 126.Teague, 126.Mary who married O Leary of Co. Kerry, and 126.Ellen who married Nagle of Mallow. He left his Rathduff Estate to his eldest son, 126.Cormac, and Monalahy, Lisavoura and Leyradane to 127.Callaghan and an equal share in Ballymartin with 126.Cormac. 127,Cormac Mac Carthy of Kilbane, his son, was born in 1738 AD who in 1764 AD married Mary the eldest daughter of Geoffrey O Donoghue of the Glen whose mother was the daughter of Randal Mac Carthy Mor, and secondly in 1766 AD he married Mary the eldest daughter of Michael Finucane. Their son, 128.Michael was born in Ennis in 1771 AD who married the daughter of Samuel Meade  and produced 129.Charles Edward Mac Carthy in 1800 AD who was to be the father of 130.Charles Dermod Mac Carthy who was born in 1832 AD.

122.Teague an Duna Mac Carthy's second son was,

123.Dermod Mac Carthy of Glean an Croim who had his father's Estates restored in 1684 AD under the Restoration of Charles 11 and was married to Catherine the daughter of Finghin Mac Carthy of Iniskean whose mother was Eleanor the daughter of Edmund Fitz Gibbon the White Knight and they produced a daughter 124.Elizabeth and also;

124.Felim Mac Carthy whose territory was confiscated also by the English as he was a Captain in the Irish forces under James 11 before and after 1689 AD and was forced to join the Wild Geese, but when he later came back to Ireland to claim his territory he was immediately assassinated before he reached his destination. Mary his wife was a daughter of Teague Mac Carthy of Knocktemple and they had 3 sons, 1.Dermod an Duna who married Ellen the daughter of Ceadach O Donovan whose mother was Margaret the daughter of Sir Finin O Driscoll and they produced 2 sons, Charles who married Kate O Donovan of Balleedown, and Teague na Feile who married Elizabeth O Donovan and;

 125.Cormac Glas / Charles of Lorraine, who was his third son who was also a Captain in the Irish Regiment of James 11, who had married Angel the daughter of Randal Oge O Hurley of Ballynacarriga Castle and produced 2 sons, 126.Donnell of Dunmanway who married Catherine Collins, and their son, 127.Donogh who married Ellen the daughter of Florence the son of Dermod Mac Carthy of Millane, who was also a grand daughter of Timothy O Donovan of Loghernth. 128.Daniel their son married Eleanor in 1887 AD, a daughter of Charles Mac Carthy of Muires, whose mother was Ellen a daughter of Owen Mac Carthy, who was a son  of Charles of Cloghroe, and whose mother was a daughter of Coghlan.  129.Justin Mac Carthy was their son in 1887 AD who was a cousin of 129.Denis and 129.Eugene Mac Carthy of Dunmanway who were teachers in 1887 AD.

126.Donogh Glas who married Catherine the daughter of Malachy O Crowley and produced 3 sons, 127.Donogh, 127.Cormac, and a daughter, 127.Angel who married O Donovan of Banlahan and produced 3 sons including Thomas a renowned poet, 127.Donnel Glas their third son, married Mary Kelleher and produced 128.Donogh who married Mary Mac Carthy, 128.Thomas who died of Yellow Fever at St. Domingo and 128.Justin, 128.Donnell Glas their second son married Mary Ward and produced 129.Donnell Glas of Glean na Chroim who was to die in England who was the father of 130.Florence Strachan Glas Mac Carthy.

124.Felim Mac Carthy's other son, 125.Owen / Eoghan his second son, married Faby O Herlihy who produced 2 sons, 126.Donogh who married a daughter of O Leary of Ive Leary and produced 127.Donogh Oge Mac Carthy of Glean na Croim, and a daughter 125.Angel who married Owen Callinan and produced Mary who married Cornelius Mac Carthy from the Clann Dermod and produced Nora who married John Mac Donald of Dunmanway and produced Mary who married Eugene Mac Finn Mac Carthy producing Randal Mac Finghin Mac Carthy. 125.Florence Mac Carthy his second son, produced 2 sons, 126.Donogh and 126.Charles, and a daughter 126.Angel. 127.Donogh was to be the father of 128.Owen who married Julia Collins of Cork and produced;
129.Eugene Mac Carthy Glas
of Dunmanway who was born in 1801 AD.


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