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Mac Carthy or Mac Carty or Mac Cartie or Mac Cartney - Irish / Mac Carrthaig (Carrthach - The Loving One.) Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch who were Kings in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of Aur Mhumhain / Ormond / North Eastern Munster and Kings and Princes / Tanaistes as the Mac Carthys of Dunhallow in the north - west of Co. Cork, and in the south - west of Co. Cork, Mac Carthy Reagh / Riabach and Co. Kerry / Mac Carthy Mor, and on the Co. Cork / Co. Kerry border as Mac Carthy Muscry / Muskerry in Des Mhumhain / Desmond / Southern Munster. Clann Teague Ruadh, Mac Donogh Carties, Clann Donnell Fionn, Clan Dermod Oge, Mac Carthy na Mona, Mac Carthy Clough Ruadh, Mac Carthy Aglish, Mac Carthy Rath Duane, Mac Carthy Drishane, Mac Carthy of Carrignavar, Mac Carthy Rabagh, Clann Dermod Reamhar, Mac Carthy na Duna, Mac Carthy Glas, Mac Carthy of Springhouse and Mac Carthy of Ballynoodie.


Ancestors: 84.Ailill Oluimm / Olomm the Heberian 1st King of Munster. 85.Eoghan Mor, his son ancestor of all of the Eoghanacht Septs in the Munster Province, 86.Fiachu Mullethan, his son, was the first 1st King of Southern Munster and 3rd King of Munster, 87.Ailill Fland Bec, 88.Lugthech, 89.Conall Corc the 1st King of Cashel / Munster, 90.Nad Froich the 2nd King of Cashel / Munster, 91.Angus / Oengus the 3rd King of Cashel / Munster, 92.Felim / Feidlimid the 4a King of Cashel / Munster, 93.Criffan / Crimthann, 94.Aed Dubh, 95.Failbe Fland / Falvey the 11th / 16th King of Munster who reigned for 40 years until 837 / 9 AD, whose older brother 95.Fingin reigned as King with Cairbre after Awley died and is the ancestor of the O Sullivans and O Keeffes.


95.Fingin was among those who attended the Royal Assembly at Drumceat / Mulough in Roe Park near Limavady in Co. Derry instigated by Aodh O Niall the Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain King of Ireland where St. Columbcille attended also.

96.Colgan / Colgu the son of 95.Failbhe Fland was the 15th / 21st King of Munster who reigned for 13 years whose son

 97.Nad Fraich / Nathfraoch was the King of Cashel / Munster in 954 AD and father of

98.Daolgach / Daologach who had 2 brothers, 98.Faolghusa and 98.Sneaghra,

99.Donngal / Dungal / Dungalach is the direct ancestor of the Clann Dunghaille / ORiordans and he also had a brother 99.Sneidh, 100.Snedgus / Sneidh / Sneadhghus who also had 5 brothers, 100.Algernon who was the 32nd King of Munster, 100.Maolguala who was the 33rd King of Munster, whose son 101.Maol Foghartach was also the 34th King of Munster who was taken prisoner and stoned to death by the Danes, while his other sons were 100.Foghartach, 100.Driscoll / Eidersceol and 100.Dunghus.

101.Artgal was the father of

 102.Lachtnae / Lachtna who lived during the 7 year reign of Cormac mac Cuilennain the sincere pious 31st King of Cashel / Munster,

103.Buadchan / Bouchan was to be the father of 104.Gormflaith who married  Donnell the King  of the Heremonian Deisi Septs and produced Mothla O Felan who was to be killed in the Battle of Clontarf,

104.Callaghan / Ceallachan Chaisil the 34th / 42nd King of Munster who reigned for 10 years and died in 952 / 4 AD after taking the Viking Danes head on and driving them out of the Munster Province altogether after the Battle of Knock Saingal in Co. Limerick were he killed Aulaf the Danish commander with a single blow.

105.Donough / Donnchad his son was to be the first Prince of Des Muma / Desmond / Southern Munster and the the 38th King of Cashel / Munster,

106.Saerbrethach his son, had 2 brothers, 106.Foghartach / Maol Fogartach who was the 43rd King of Munster and 106.Murcha the ancestor of the O Callaghans / Ui Ceallachain of Cloonmeen.

106.Saerbrethach's son 107.Carthy / Carrthach was the Prince / Tanaiste / heir apparent of Desmond / Southern Munster who was a great commander against the Viking Danes, but came into conflict with the Dal gCais Dalcassians led by a son of 107.Lonergan a grandson of 105.Donncuan, a brother to *105.Brian Boru / Boroimhe who was the previous Heberian Dal gCais 175th High King of Ireland,

107.Carthy was to be burnt to death along with his followers in 1045 AD and he became the direct male line ancestor of all of the Mac Carthys of Munster Province,

108.Murray / Muireadach mac Carthy, his son, who had been born in 1011 AD was the first to use their surname, and he became an Eoghanacht Chaisil King also in his own right and ruled on the death of his father in 1045 AD, and was to die in 1092 AD, He had a brother, 108.Teague / Tadhg mac Carthy who succeeded to the Kingship of Cashel / Munster also after him, and was to die in 1123 AD, leaving a daughter 109.Sadhbh who married Dermod / Diarmaid O Briain. 

108.Murray Mac Carthy left 3 sons, 109.Donogh, 109.Teague and

109.Cormac Magh Tamnagh Mac Carthy who was the Bishop / King of Desmond / Southern Munster and Cashel / Munster who succeeded his uncle 108.Teague, and married 109.Sadhbh the widow of Dermod O Briain who was also his uncle 108.Teague's daughter produced 110.Dermod Mac Carthy Mor na Cill Baghain, 110.Teague, and 110.Finghin Lic Lachtna who was killed in 1207 AD when he was treacherously slain at his residence by Turlough O Brian the son of Dermod O Brian and Dermod Lugdach O Connor Kerry. His son;

110.Dermod Mac Carthy Mor na Cill Baghain was born in 1098 AD and was to be the Prince of Desmond and King of Cork from 1144 AD until 1185 AD and would be the first of the Mac Carthys to submit in 1172 AD to Henry 11 the English King and at 75 years of age would marry for a second time a young Anglo - Norman woman, Petronella de Bleete / Bloet / Bluet whose family would produce the Stacks / Stac in Ireland giving them a great influence over the aged 110.Dermod and thereby gained vast territory in Co. Kerry. His Mac Carthy Sept rose up against him and took him prisoner for submitting to the foreign English Galls and his son, 111.Cormac Liathanach Mac Carthy was then proclaimed the King of Munster and they gathered a great army to drive his Gall allies out of Ireland. 111.Cormac Mac Carthy, his oldest son, was to be murdered in 1177 AD by Conor and Cathal O Donoghue for killing Mac Craith O Sullivan and Dermod was then released from captivity and slaughtered all those who were previously against him or who did not now submit to him. He was aided by Raymond Le Gross Fitz Gerald the Anglo - Norman Baron to whom he gave the Barony of Clan Maurice in Co. Kerry named for his son, Maurice who became the ancestor of the Fitz Maurices and the English Marquis of Lansdowne. Dermod Mac Carthy Mor himself was slain in 1185 AD near the City of Cork by Theobold Fitz Walter / Butler the Anglo - Norman Baron and his followers the foreign English Galls there while they were supposed to be having a conference. 110.Dermod Mac Carthy Mor na Cill Baghain had produced 5 sons, 111.Cormac Mac Carthy who was slain,111. Donnell Mac Carthy Mor na Curra who then succeeded him, 111.Murtough / Muirchertach Mac Carthy who was to be slain by the Gaelic Ithian O Driscolls in 1179 AD. 111.Teague Ruadh na Scairte - of the Bushes Mac Carthy who became the ancestor of the Clan Teague Roe Mac Carthys and the Skerrets, 111.Finin Mac Carthy who was a Prince of Desmond who was also slain by his nephews in 1208 AD.

111.Donnell Mor na Curra - of the Planting who was born in 1138 AD became the Prince / heir apparent of Desmond from 1185 AD to 1205 AD who was able to defeat the Anglo - Norman Galls in the Munster Province, driving them out of Limerick in 1196 AD and again in 1203 AD killing 160 of them. He had 3 sons,112.Dermod of Dun Droghain who died in 1217 AD who left 2 sons, 113.Teague and 113.Finin who were to be also slain by their uncles, 112.Teague in 1257 AD and 112.Finin in 1235 AD, 2.Donnell Oge / Goth Mac Carthy Lord of Carbery who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Glas Sept and Mac Carthy Riabach Sept. Mor / Greater who was now designated to be the elder Sept of the Mac Carthys. His other son;

 112.Cormac Fionn Mac Carthy who was born in 1170 AD who was also to be the Prince of Desmond / Southern Munster who founded the Abbey at Tracton near Kinsale and was inaugurated as The Mac Carthy Mor at Lisban na Cahir in Co. Kerry  where The O Sullivan Mor and The O Donoghue Mor presided. His Marshalls were the Heremonian O Rourkes, his Brehons / Lawyers the Heremonian Mac Egans, and the O Dalys and O Duinns were his poets and historians. Henry 111 who was by then the English King had him assist him in his Scottish Wars. He had 6 sons and was to die in 1242 AD, 1.Donnell Ruadh / Roe Mac Carthy, 2.Donn Mac Carthy of Inis Droighan who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Acharassy, 3.Dermod was his third son who is the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Mac Donoghs and Mac Carties of Duhallow as his son 114.Donogh was to be the father of 115.Cormac the father of 116.Donogh the father of 117.Donogh Oge who died in 1501 AD whose son was 118.Cormac in 1520 AD who had their territory at Duhallow / Duthaidh Ealla on the River Allo and their Castle at Kanturk, which was so well constructed that the English Galls banned its completion. 4.Donnell Fionn - the Fair his fourth son is the ancestor of the Mac Carthys / Clan Donnell Fionn of Evenalish, 5.Donogh an Druim - the Drummer his fifth son is the ancestor of the Mac Donnells of Barotto and the O Drums, O Drumins and O Drummonds, 6.Donogh Cairtneach Mac Carthy was to be the King of Desmond whose descendants were to be created by the English Galls the Viscounts Mac Cartney and Barons of Lisanoure and he produced 2 sons, Donnell Mac Carthy who supported Edward Bruce in Ireland, and later served under Robert The Bruce the King of Scotland against the English and was granted territory in Scotland in Argylshire. Some of his descendants there then migrated to Galloway from there where one of their Septs then migrated back into Ireland into Co. Antrim in the Ulster Province where the English gave an English title to George Mac Cartney in 1776 AD of Viscount Mac Cartney and Baron of Lisanoure, Teague of Dun Mac Tomain had a daughter, Sadhbh who married Turlough O Brian the Prince of Thomond / Northern Munster. 112.Cormac' Fionn Mac Carthy's daughter, 113.Catherine married Murtough Mor O Sullivan Mor.

113.Donnel Roe / Ruadh Mac Carthy, his oldest son, was was born in 1239 AD and was also a Prince of Desmond and married Margaret the daughter of Nicholas Fitz Maurice the third English Lord of Kerry and her mother was Slaine the daughter of O Brian the Prince of Thomond. He was to be the father of 114.Donnell Oge - the Younger, and 114.Dermod Oge of Tralee who was to be slain in 1325 AD by his cousin, Maurice Fitz Nicholson Fitz Maurice the fourth English appointed Lord of Kerry. 114.Dermod Oge Mac Carthy was to become the ancestor of the Mac Finghin Carthys of Cetherne and Gleneroughty from whom descends Randal Mac Finghin Mor who was the Catholic Bishop of Kerry in 1880 AD.

114.Donnell Oge Mac Carthy Mor
who was born in 1239 AD was a Prince of Desmond and he entered Carbery in 1306 AD and took his father's cousin, 113.Donnell Maol Mac Carthy prisoner and then released him and both Mac Carthy Princes combined their forces against the Anglo - Norman Barons and the foreign Galls in Desmond. His daughter, 115.Orflaith was to marry Turlough Mor O Brian and 114.Donnell Oge Mac Carthy was to die in 1307 AD.

115.Cormac Mac Carthy Mor
, his son, was the Prince of Desmond who was born in 1271 AD and married Honoria the daughter of Maurice Fitz Maurice the sixth English Lord of Kerry whose mother was Elizabeth Condon and was to die in 1359 AD after producing Donnell / Dermod Mac Carthy Mor who the English created the Lord of Muscry in 1353 AD who then became the ancestor of the Mac Carthy Lords of Muscry and English Earls of Clan Carty. 116.Feach / Fiacha Mac Carthy who became the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Maing, 116.Donough Mac Carthy who became the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Ardcanaghty, 116.Fingin, 116.Eoghan, 116.Donnell Buidhe, 116.Teague of Leamhain and a daughter 116.Catherine who married The O Sullivan Mor. 

116.Donnell Mac Carthy Mor
was the Prince of Desmond who was born in 1303 AD and died in 1371 AD who had married Joanna the daughter of Maurice Oge Fitz Gerald the fourth English Earl of Kildare, who became known as the Countess of Desmond and died in 1391 AD and they produced 117.Teague na Mainistreach and 117.Donnell who died in 1409 AD.

117.Teague na Mainistreach - of the Monastery  was born in 1340 AD and died in 1413 AD in the City of Cork and was interred in the Franciscan Monastery which he had supported. His son;

118.Donnell an Daimh - the Poet who was born in 1373 AD was a Prince of Desmond who rebuilt the Franciscan Abbey of Irreelagh / Muckross on the borders of Loch Lene where it had previously been constructed by his ancestor Cormac Mac Carthy Mor dedicated to the Holy Trinity. His daughter119. Eleanor / Nell married Geoffrey O Donoghue the Eoghanacht Chief of Glenflesk.

119.Teague Liath Mac Carthy who was born in 1407 AD was killed in battle between his Irish forces and Fitz Gerald the English Earl of Desmond in 1490 AD.

120.Cormac Ladhrach Mac Carthy was born in 1440 AD was a Prince of Desmond / Southern Munster who married Eleanor the daughter of Edmond Fitz Maurice  the ninth English Lord of Kerry whose mother was Mora the daughter of O Connor Kerry.

121.Donnell an Druim
the Prince of Desmond was born in 1481 AD and made peace with Leonard Grey the English appointed Lord Deputy in Ireland and delivered up Teague and Dermod O Mahony, who were his kinsmen, as hostages to ensure his co - operation. His children where; 122.Donnell Mac Carthy, Teague who had a daughter, 122.Catherine who married Thomas Fitz Maurice the English Lord of Kerry, 122.Catherine who married Finghin Mac Carthy Reagh, 122.Honoria who was the fourth wife of James Fitz Gerald the fifteenth English Earl of Desmond.

122.Donnell Mac Carthy Mor who had been born in 1518 AD was the Prince
of Desmond who married Honoria the daughter of his brother - in - law, James Fitz Gerald the English Earl of Desmond and in 1565 AD he was created the English Earl of Clancare / Glencar in Co. Kerry by Elizabeth 1st, and also Viscount Valentia. In 1568 AD he was seen as the King of Munster and when he died in 1596 AD he left no legitimate male heir. 123.Donnell who was one of his illegitimate sons, claimed the position of The Mac Carthy Mor, but was unsuccessful and his only heir was his daughter 123.Elana who married Florence / Finghin Mac Carthy Reagh / Riabach in 1588 AD who was the Prince of Carbery who is the ancestor also the Reas, Rays and Wrays. Their sons were 123.Teague who was imprisoned and died in the Tower of London, 123.Donnell, 123.Florence and 123.Cormac. 123.Elana's husband, Finghin / Florence Mac Carthy Reagh was a son of Sir Donogh Mac Carthy Reagh, and he had been born in Carbery in 1579 AD, and would die in London in 1640 AD, as he was twice imprisoned by Elizabeth 1st in the Tower of London, first for 11 years for marrying a Mac Carthy Irish Princess, and secondly for reasons of State for 39 years without any trials on both occasions. In 1600 AD the O Nialls were camped at Inniscarra near Cork and Florence Mac Carthy Reagh was Inaugurated as The Mac Carthy Mor, under the approval of Black Hugh / 126.Aodh O Niall. Their son, Donnell married Sarah the daughter of Randal Mac Donnell the English Earl of Antrim, who had been the widow of Niall Oge O Niall of Killelah, and also of Sir Charles O Connor Sligo, and they produced 2 sons, Florence who married Eleanor the daughter of John Fitz Gerald  the Knight of Kerry who died without issue. and Cormac Mac Carthy Mor, who married Honoria the daughter of John the Lord of Brittas, who became a Colonel in James 11's army. Finghin Mac Carthy Mor who married Mary the daughter of Charles Mac Carthy of Cloghroe and produced Randal who became a non - Catholic to survive, Elizabeth who married Geoffrey O Donoghue of the Glen. Cormac, Donnell and Eliza Jane. Cormac Mac Carthy the second son, leased land at Blackwater and Cork and married Dela the daughter of Joseph Welby / Guelph who was from Wales who had settled in Co. Cork and purchased the Muscry Estates, which Cormac later inherited back. Florence Mac Carthy, the third son, of Finghin and 123.Elana married Mary O Donovan and produced Donogh who married Margaret Finch  and produced 2 sons, Florence the eldest followed James 11 back to France and was the father of Charles Mac Carthy in 1764 AD and Justin Mac Carthy their second son whose second wife was Catherine Hussey, the daughter of Colonel Maurice Hussey of Cahirnane, who produced Randal Mac Carthy of Castlelough who sold his Estate there to Crosbie.

Mac Carthy / Cartie Mac Donogh - Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch who were the Princes of Duhallow / Duthaidh Ealla on the River Allo in Co. Cork. Because it was so well constructed the English stopped the Mac Carthy Mac Donogh Castle of Kanturk from being finished. Ancestors: 112.Cormac Fionn Mac Carthy Mor, 113.Dermod Mac Carthy who was his third son, 114.Donogh Mac Carthy, 115.Cormac Mac Carthy, 116,Donogh Mac Carthy, 117.Donogh Oge Mac Carthy who died in 1501 AD, 118.Cormac Mac Carthy 1520 AD.


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