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                                                                                                                                                            Mac Carthy Muscry / Muskerry


Mac Carthy - of Muskerry. Heberian Eoghanacht Chaisil Sept / Family branch who were the English appointed Lords of Muscry and Earls of Clan Carthy, Ancestors: 115.Cormac  Mac Carthy Mor who was the Tanaiste / Prince of Southern Munster / Des Muma / Desmond whose second son was;

116.Dermod Mor Mac Carthy
was born in 1310 AD and was created the English Lord of Muscry in 1353 AD by the English and taken prisoner by Mac Carthy of Carbery who handed him over to Lord Fitz Maurice, his mother's brother, who either killed him in 1363 AD / or he may have been killed later on by the O Mahonys in 1367, His sons were117.Felim Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Tuaonadronan, 117.Donogh Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Carthys / Carties of Cluanfada and;

117.Cormac Mac Carthy
who was also the Lord of Muscry who was born in 1346 AD and was slain by the Barrys in Co. Cork in 1374 AD and interred in Cork City. 118.Donnell Mac Carthy, his youngest son is the ancestor of the Carthies of Sean Choill / Shanakiel.

118.Teague Mac Carthy
was also to be the Lord of Muscry who was born in 1380 AD and died in 1448 AD who reigned there for 30 years. 119.Ellen his daughter married Dermod an Duna Mac Carthy the Prince of Carbery, while his sons were 119.Cormac Laidir Mac Carthy, 119.Dermod Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Drishane who constructed the Carrigaphooca Castle, 119.Eoghan of Rathduane the ancestor of Donogh Mac Cartie who married Eva O Donoghue of Glenflesk who produced a son Charles who married Mary the daughter of Art O Leary,

119.Cormac Laidir Mac Carthy
was born in 1411 AD and married Mary the daughter of Edmund Fitz Maurice the English Lord of Kerry, and in 1465 AD founded the Franciscan Monastery at Kilcredhe / Cill Credhe / Kilcrea at Kilbonane dedicated to St. Bridget and also 5 other churches, along with part of the Blarney Castle, Kilcrea and Ballymaccadan castles. He was killed by 119.Eoghan his own brother and his sons, and was interred at Kilcrea and was then succeeded by 119.Eoghan. His daughter married Donnell Mac Carthy Reagh of Carbery and;

120.Cormac Oge Mac Carthy who also became the Lord of Muscry who was born in 1447 AD, and died in 1537 AD, and was interred also at Kilcrea who had married Catherine Barry. He had defeated the Anglo - Norman Fitz Geralds in several battles and was involved in the Battle of Cluhar and Mourne Abbey where he was assisted by Mac Carthy Reagh and other Irish Chiefs, and also defeated James Fitz Gerald the English Earl of Desmond who was destroying the Munster Province in 1521 AD. He was also in the Anglo - Irish Parliament in 1525 AD as Lord of Muscry. 121.Ellen one of his daughters married James Barrett, while another 121.Mary was married to The O Sullivan Mor. 121.Julia his other daughter, was married 3 times, first to Gerald Fitz Maurice the English Lord of Kerry, secondly to Cormac Mac Carthy Reagh of Kilbrittain Castle, and thirdly to Edmond Butler the English Lord of Dunboyne.

121.Teague Mac Carthy,
his son, was to also be the Lord of Muscry, who was born in 1472 AD and died in 1565 AD, and was also interred at Kilcrea, who had married Catherine the daughter of Donnell Mac Carthy Reagh the Prince of Carbery and produced Donnell Eoghan Mac Carthy who was slain at Dromanee, Donnell na Countea - of the Country Mac Carthy who died in 1581 AD, Donogh Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Carthys of Carewe, and a daughter, Eleanor. His other sons where;
Sir Cormac the Lord of Muscry who is the ancestor of the Septs at Courtbreak, Bealla / Ballea, Castlemore and Clochroe / Cloghroe who died in 1581 AD had 3 sons, 123.Teague, 123.Donogh Mac Carthy Maister na Mona, and 123.Charles of Cloghroe whose son,124.Charles Oge had his Estate confiscated by Cromwell in 1641 AD and whose son, 125.Cormac Oge of Cloghroe in 1677 AD married a sister to Teague Mac Carthy of Aglish and produced 7 children, Denis, Alexander, Margaret, Nelly, Mary who married Florence Mac Carthy Mor, Catherine and Ellen and 126.Denis who married Mary a daughter of Sir. J. Meade, who was a sister to Sir Richard Meade the Earl of Clanwilliam, and produced Elizabeth who married Joseph Capel whose daughter Jane was to marry Robert Mac Cartie of Carrignavar.

123.Donogh Mac Carthy Maister na Mona / Mourne was from his first wife, Ellen Barrett a daughter of James Barrett, whose mother, Ellen was a sister to his father, Teague Mac Carthy. He also married Ellen the daughter of Donnell Mac Eoghan Mac Teague Illoyghie Mac Sweeney the Chief Marshall of Blaney Castle, and was to die in 1605 AD when his son,124.Cormac Mac Carthy was only 12 years of age. who had been born in 1593 who later married a daughter of Donnell O Donovan of Rahine, whose mother was Joan a daughter of Sir Owen Mac Carthy Reagh, and they produced Teague Mac Carthy whose daughter Mary married Donogh O Donovan of Castlehaven and, 125.Donogh Mac Carthy Maister na Mona whose wife was Catherine in 1700 AD who produced 12 children including Daniel who died in 1766 AD and who died himself in 1685 AD at 99 years of age. He held Courtbrack, Ballynapeak, Claune, Ballycullen and Lahackaneen in Muscry, which in 1641 AD had been the territory of his ancestors. His son, 126. Charles Mac Carthy Maister na Mona produced 16 sons of which 13 emigrated in 1700 AD on reversion of their Lease due to Donogh Mac Carthy who was then the English Earl of Clan Carty. 127.Owen Mac Carthy of Lyrelane who died in 1790 was interred in Kilcrea  Abbey who had one son and 3 daughters and was to be the last of the Maister na Monas. 128,Charles Mac Carthy his son, served in the army of the King of Portugal as a Colonel of a horse regiment, and was Governor of Miranda in 1790 AD, and died there in 1792 AD, leaving only a daughter who died in 1832 AD, who was also interred at Kilcrea.

121.Teague Mac Carthy's
other son,

122.Dermod Mac Carthy, was Lord of Muscry who was born in 1501 AD and married Eleanor the daughter of Maurice Fitz Gerald who was the niece of James Fitz Gerald the 15th Earl of Desmond, and died in 1570 AD, and was interred at Kilcrea also. He had defeated Sir Maurice Dubh Fitz Gerald his father - in - law who was beheaded. He was to be the father of 123.Teague Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Insirahell near Crookstown in Co. Cork, 123.Julia who married John de Barry of Laisarole, 123.Grainne who married Donogh Oge Mac Carthy Reagh of Carbery and;

123.Cormac Mor Mac Carthy
the Lord of Muscry who was born in 1552 AD who married Maria Butler and produced 124.Teague Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Aglish whose son, 125 Dermod Mac Carthy produced a daughter who married Charles Mac Carthy of Cloghroe and 126,Teague Mac Carthy of Aglish who supported James 11 and had his 4,000 acre Estate confiscated  by the Williamites and was driven out of his residence. 127.Charles Mac Carthy his son had a sister, Joanne who married John O Connor Kerry who was killed in 1652 AD by Cromwell forces.

124.Donnell Cormac Mac Carthy the ancestor of the Mac Carthys of Carrignavar, 124,Julia who married twice, first to David Barry of Buttevant, and secondly, to Dermod O Shaughnessy of Gort in Co. Galway. In 1578 AD. 123.Cormac Mor Mac Carthy was able to sit in the Anglo - Irish Parliament as Baron of Blaney after becoming a non - Catholic and when he was to die in 1616 AD he was also interred at Kilcrea. He had previously contested with Florence Mac Carthy Reagh for the vacant position of The Mac Carthy Mor, and on 21st October 1601 AD he had also assisted the English against Black Hugh / Aodh Dubh O Niall and Red Hugh / Aodh Ruadh O Donnell.

124.Donnell Mac Carthy
who died at an advanced age had 2 sons,125.Cormac Spainneach, and Donnell Oge whose son, 125.Cormac inherited the Estate of Carrignavar, but had it confiscated because of his involvement in the Irish Insurrection in 1688 AD - 1689 AD, which was sold off in 1702 AD and the Family were to eventually buy it back. 125.Cormac died without issue and the Estate reverted to the son of 124.Donnell Mac Carthy's second son, 125.Cormac Spainneach, whose second son,126.Donnell died at Carrignavar in 1692 AD who had 2 sons, 127.Cormac  / Charles of Carrignavar in 1716 AD who became a non - Catholic  and was then able to buy back their Estate under the English Penal Laws and 127.Donnell whose son, 128.Donnell Oge who died in 1763 AD had 2 sons, 129.Justin who predeceased him in 1762 AD and 129.Robert  who married in 1784 AD Jane Capel of Cloghroe whose mother Elizabeth was a daughter of Denis Mac Carthy of Cloghroe and produced the father of Joseph Capel Mac Cartie, Elizabeth and 130.Justin Mac Cartie.

124,Cormac Oge Mac
Carthy, his son, was to be the 17th Lord of Muscry who was born in 1564 AD who married Margaret the daughter of Donogh O Brien whose mother was Elena Roche, and died in 1640 AD in London. He had been educated in England and in 1628 AD he had been created the English Baron of Blarney,

125.Donogh Mac Carthy, his son, who was born in 1591 AD was to be created the eighteenth English Lord Viscount Muscry, and  in 1641 AD he was the Irish Confederate Chief and commander of the Munster Province forces from 1642 AD - 1652 AD, when he was exiled and his Estates were also confiscated, but he was to return to Ireland after the Restoration in 1658 AD and created the first English Earl of Clan Carty by Charles 11. He contested for the position of The Mac Carthy Mor against Florence and Donnell Mac Carthy and died in 1665 AD  in London. From his first marriage he produced 126.Donogh - the Fair Haired Boy Mac Carthy, and from his second marriage he had 3 sons, 126.Cormac Mac Carthy who became Lord Muscry who in 1665 AD was engaged in a battle on the sea with the Dutch of Harwich along with the Duke of York / James 11 and died from his wounds. He had been married to Margaret the daughter of Ulick de Burgo the 1st English Marquis and 5th Earl of Clanrickard and the 2nd Earl of St. Albans, He produced Charles James born 1663 AD and Francis born 1664 AD, and Justin Mac Carthy who was created Lord Mount Cashel by James 11 in 1689 AD who was married to Arabella the second daughter of Thomas Wentworth the Earl of Strafford and their daughter Margaret married Luke the Earl of Fingal who died in 1693 AD, Ellen who married William de Burgho the Earl of Clanricarde and produced Honoria who first married  Patrick Sarsfield and later in 1695 AD James Stuart the Duke of Berwick the son of James 11. Justin Mac Carthy died in France on the 1st of July 1694 at Barrege from his wounds also.

126 Donnell Buachaill Ban Mac Carthy his eldest son married the daughter of Mac Carthy Derreacha of Glean na Chroim whose son 127.Donnell Cormac Mac Carthy had Drishane Castle, and was the father of 128.Finghin Mac Carthy of Croom who produced 4 daughters and one son, 129.Finghin Mor Mac Carthy who was involved in the Irish Insurrection in 1798 AD against the continual oppression of the English, who was known as The Mac Carthy Mor ,
and was married to Margaret O Connor and died in a Co. Cork jail in 1818 AD at the age of 98 years. He had 5 sons and 5 daughters including, Donnell Mor, Finghin Oge Mac Carthy who married Mary O Crowley and migrated to America, John, Cornelius who married Kate Forbish, Charles who married Naney O Donovan and went to Canada, 130.Donnell Mor Mac Carthy who was married to Mary O Callaghan Richerson and produced 4 sons and 3 daughters and was also a Captain in command of Irish forces in the Insurrection of 1798 AD in the Battle of Ballynascarthy and was to die in America in 1828 AD. 131.Cormac Mac Carthy was born in 1808 AD and left Ireland in 1828 AD was married to Ellen O Connor Collins and produced 3 sons, Donnell Francis and John, and 2 daughters, Mary and Johanna and migrated to America. 132.Cornelius Mac Carthy Mor was born in 1846 AD and was in America.. 

/ Ceallachain Mac Carthy his second son was being educated in France for Holy Orders until his brother died and he then left the monastery and became a non - Catholic and died in 1676 AD after marrying Elizabeth Fitz Gerald the sixth daughter of George Fitz Gerald the 16th Earl of Kildare and produced one son and 4 daughters, One of his daughters, 127.Catherine married Paul Davis who was created Lord Viscount Mount Cashel and they had a daughter who was to later marry Justin Mac Carthy the son of Donogh Mac Carthy the Earl of Clan Carty.
127.Donogh Mac Carthy
his son, was the 4th Earl of Clan Carty who was born in 1669 AD and educated at Oxford and married Elizabeth Spencer the second daughter of Robert Spencer the Earl of Sunderland. In 1668 AD he received James 11 in Ireland and in 1690 AD he was taken prisoner by John Churchill and put in the Tower of London from which he escaped in 1694 AD and went to France. In 1698 AD he returned to England and was arrested and exiled, and his Estates confiscated and sold off in Violation of the Limerick Treaty and died in Hamburg in 1734 AD. His wife who had accompanied him into exile had died in 1704 AD.
128.Robert Mac Carthy,
his son, was the Lord of Muscry, Earl Clan Carty and Baron of Blaney who was born in 1686 AD and died in France in 1710 AD after he had joined in with The Pretender / James 111, and his Estates were also confiscated by the English.
129.Dermot Mac Carthy,
his son, was an Officer in the French Service who married Rose the youngest daughter of Niall O Neill the Prince of Ulster and he also returned to Ireland and died in 1815 AD and was interred also at Kilcrea, leaving 3 sons, and 4 daughters,
Mac Carthy, one of his sons, was the hereditary Earl of Clan Carty who lived in the City of Cork and married the daughter of William O Neill of Ulster and  died in 1826 AD and was interred at Moviddy, 131.Donogh Mac Carthy, his son, married Eva Mac Loughlin, and was to die in 1871 AD and was also interred at Kilcrea, 132.Justin Mac Carthy, his son, married Margaret O Daly and migrated to America,


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