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Mac Caugherty. See Mac Caherty.


Mac Caughey or Mac Cahey or Mac Haughey or Mac Hoey - Irish / Mheic Eochaidh. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Tyrone in Central Ulster. During the 11th Century AD in the Ulster Province, the sons and grandsons of Eochaidh mac Ardghail, and also later another of his descendants took up his name Mac Eochada or Ua hEochada / Mac or O Caughey, Haughey / Hoey. Despite this in Co. Down in the south - east of Ulster some of the Cahey, Caughey and Mac Cahy there were originally O Mulcahy, which see.


Mac Caughley or Mac Caffelly - Irish / Mac Eachmhilidh - each (horse) mileadh (warrior). Gaelic Milesian Irian Sept / Family branch, of the Mac Guinness, which especially see, who had their territory in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province. Mac Cawley also used as a synonym, which see. Ancestors: *62.Rory Mor who died in 218 BC as the Irian 86th King of Tara / Erinn the direct male line ancestor of all of the Irian Families from the Clann na Rory Sept descended from 37.Ir (Irians).


Mac Caul. See Mac Call.


Mac Cauley. See Mac Auley.


Caulfield. English origins in the Ulster Province. Used also as a synonym for Mac Call, Caffrey and Gaffney and sometimes for Mac Keown and for the English name, Calfhill, which see.


Caulin. See Cawlin.


Mac Causland. Originally Mac Absolom - Irish / Mac Ausalan. Highland Scottish origins. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh UI Felim Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Clann Clann Conchobair Clan Drugain Sept / Family branch. They have been in Co. Derry and Co. Tyrone in the Ulster Province since the Mid - 17th Century AD and are kinsman to their most important Sept the O Cahans / O Canes / O Kanes and the Clann Drugain. They are descended from 99.Conor / Conchobar a brother to *99.Aed Allan the 160th King of Ireland and *99.Niall Frossach the 162nd King of Ireland. Ancestors: *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland (Ui Niaill). 91.Eogan the 1st King of Ailech (Cenel nEogain), 92.Murray / Muireadach the 2nd King of Ailech, *95.Aed Uaridnaich the 143rd King of Ireland,  96.Mael Fithrich,  97.Mael Duin, *98.Fergal the 156th King of Tara / Ireland, 99.Conor,


Cavan. Used as a synonym for Keevan, which see, and sometimes also for Kavanagh, which see.


Mac Cavana - Irish / Mac an Mhanaigh - manach (monk). Used for Mac Evanny, which see in Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province.


Cavanagh or Kavanagh. Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Ui Cheinnselaig Mac Murrough Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Carlow and nearby in Co. Wexford  in the south - east of Southern Leinster where they were Kings. (Descended from 111.Diarmait Mac Murrogh na Gall - of the Foreigners the 59th King of Leinster in 1169 AD who was descended from 92.Enna Cennsalach the Cu Corb 2nd King of Leinster the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Cheinnselaig Sept,who was a grandson of 90.Bressal Belach the Cu Corb 1st King of Leinster. Their near kinsmen were the Mac Murroghs and Kinsellas.  Ancestors: *110.Dermot / Diarmait mac Mael na mBo - of the Many Cattle the 61st Ui Cheinnselaig King and the 51st King of Leinster and 177th King of Ireland - with opposition, 111.Murrough / Murchad the 51a King of Leinster, 112.Donough / Donnchad mac Murrough the 63rd Ui Cheinnselaig King and 56th King of Leinster, 113.Diamait mac Murrogh na Gall - of the English the 65th Ui Cheinnselaig King and 59th King of Leinster, 114.Donnell / Domhnall Caomh the direct male line ancestor of the Cavanaghs,


Cavanan -


Cavendish. English name. Used by the O Kevanes and Kavanaghs, which see, as a synonym.


Mac Caverty. See Mac Cafferty.


Mac Cavey - Irish / Mac Dhaibhidh. Similar to Mac Davitt.


Mac Cavish - Irish / Mac Thamhais. Similar to the Scottish Mac Tavish. They were in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster were they both have been changed to Thomson or Thompson. Also see Holmes.


Mac Cavitt. Used as a variant for Mac Kevitt, which see.


Mac Cavock. See Davock.


Mac Caw - Irish / Mac Adaimh. (Descended from a son of Adam) They were in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster but are now in Co. Antrim  in the north - east of the Ulster Province.


Mac Cawell - Irish / Mac Cathmhaol / battle chief. Used for Mac Campbell, which see, in Co. Tyrone in Central Ulster, and also as a synonym for Mac Call, which see.


O / Mac Cawley - Irish / Au Cadhla. A Gaelic Milesian Irian Sept / Family branch who were the Chiefs of Conmaicne Mara  / Connemara in the west of Co. Galway in the Connacht Province. Ancestors: Cadhla was a descendant of 64.Conmac the son of 63.Fergus Mor, Donogh / Donoch Caoch, Donnell, Iomhar, Fionn, Gilla Na Neave, Gilla na Neave, Donelan Mor, Donogh Oge, Aodh Dubh, Donogh, Cathal, John, Murray / Muireadach, Murray, Flan, Murtogh / Muircheartach, Flan, Malachy, Patrick, Melaghlin, Aodh, Murray, Murtogh Oge, Malachy O Cawley of West Connacht 1630 AD who was the Catholic Archbishop of Tuam / Tuam Da Gualann / Ballynahinch Co. Galway who was their Chief led an Irish Division in 1645 AD and was killed near Sligo in Co. Sligo whle trying to take back Sligo from the Puritan Parliamentarian Army under Sir Charles Coote. 


O Cawley. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Galway in Southern Connacht where they were Chiefs. See especially Mac Auley.


Mac Cawley. A variant used for Mac Awley, which see, who were in the Connacht Province and nearby in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west of the Ulster Province.


O Cawlin or O Caulin. Synonyms used for O Callan, which see, in the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 3 Colla kingdom of Oirghialla / Oriel in Southern Ulster and Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster. In Co. Cork in Desmond / Southern Munster Coughlan, which see, pronounced as Coholan is similar to Cawlin and was written down there also creating confusion with Cohalan.


Mac Cay. Used as variant for Mac Kay, which see, in the Ulster Province.

O Cein - Irish / Ua Chein. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Tipperary in the north - east of Aur Mhumhain / Ormond / North Eastern Munster.


Cecill -


Mac Ceoghegan -


O Cevlehan. Used as a variant for O Kivlehan, which see.


Chadwick -


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