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    Breeding Australian Harness Horses for over 50 years with particular emphasis on the production of both outstanding Juvenile Harness Horses including both Pacers and Trotters with Broodmares from the very best natural producing Juvenile genetic lines in AUSTRALIA of either gait combined with the most current outstanding successful Juvenile Sire lines of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.         

                                                                          PRODUCING            HIGH QUALITY               AUSTRALIAN                  YEARLINGS,             BROODMARES        RACEHORSES

                                          Angel  Rainbow                                  Artistic Rainbow                                       Belle Noelle                                              Classique Rainbow                              Dance A Rainbow                          


                       Troublemaker (Imp) - Hike Along          Artsplace (USA) - Hay Sharon    Vanston Hanover (USA) - Able Sharon                 Classic Garry - Fleet Finesse         Troublemaker (Imp) - Hay Sharon   


                                    Fantasy Rainbow                                      Fleet Finesse                                          Hay Sharon                                                      Hike Along                                                     Im Sharon                                                                  


                   Fake Left (Imp) - Hike Along                Hilarious Way (USA) - Purple Para           Fake Left (USA) - Able Sharon         Land Grant (USA) - Able Sharon               Fake Left (USA) - Able Sharon                                                                                                                                                              


                                     Leica Queen                                     Leila Rainbow                                    Lincoln Room (USA)                                          Lombo Sapphire                                                         Maori Australis 


       Troublemaker (USA) - Taurus Lady       In The Pocket (USA) - Hay Sharon     Presidential Ball (USA) -  Hatchery             Safely Kept (USA) - Smooth Gale   Walton Hanover (USA) - Maori Trump                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


        Miss Maori Rainbow                                My Pacific Rainbow                                                Rapt In Cotton                                      Sky Rainbow                                      Starry Rainbow                            Wings Of A Rainbow                                                                                                                                                                         


     Sundon (USA) - Maori Australis      Pacific Fella (USA) - Able Sharon         Safely Kept (USA) - Classic Figure        Fake Left (USA) - Hike Along    Fake Left (USA) - Hike Along     Armbro Operative (USA) - Able Sharon                                                                            

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                                                                                                                                                  AUSTRALIAN STANDARDBRED YEARLINGS 

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        AUSTRALIAN PACING GOLD                       BREEDERS CROWN & SIRES STAKES                   NEW SOUTH WALES CHALLENGE                          BATHURST GOLD CROWN      


                                                                                                                                                                        John & Sue Markham      

                                                                                                            Rainbow Farm

                                      603 Roxburgh Road., Muswellbrook., N.S.W. 2333. Australia           02 - 65 479 100 - Fax: 02 - 65 479 102         E - Mail:  


                               Situated on the western bank of the Hunter River, midway between Muswellbrook and Denman the doorway to the Heart of Australia's "Horse Capital" in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales., Australia.


                                                                                 Web contact: E - Mail:  - Phone:  02 - 65  479 144