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                                                                                                                                          Delap - O Dennan

Delap. See Lappin.


Delapulld -


O Delargy - Irish / Ua Duibhlearga - learg (plain or slope). A Sept / Family branch, who had their original territory in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province and later migrated to Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province before the mid - 17th Century AD.


Delea or Delay. See Dunlea.


De Leyt. Initially in Co. Carlow in Southern Leinster and Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster.


O Delgany -


Delmege. Originally Dolmage - German Palatine origins in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west of Thomond / Northern Munster.


Delvin -


De More -


Den -


O Deloughery - Irish / Ua Dubhluachra - dubh (black). A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Cork in Desmond / Des Mhumhain / Southern Munster  with 9 different Spellings were used there including O Deloorey and O Dilloughery and a synonym, Dilworth.


O Dempsey or O Dempsie - Irish / Ua Diomasaigh - diomasach (proud man). Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Clann Maellugra Clanmalier Sept / Family branch, who were the Chiefs of Clanmalier who had their territory in Co. Laois and Co. Offaly in the north - west of Southern Leinster on both sides of the River Barrow and part of Geashill and Philipstown and part of Portnahinch in Co. Laois and part of Co. Offaly, also in Co. Kildare including Monasterevin and adjoining districts  and part of Bally Cowen in Co. Offaly. They are originally descended from *60.Leary / Laoghaire Lorc who in 593 BC was the Heremonian 68th King of Tara / Ireland who was a son of the *59.Ugaine Mor - the Great the 66th King of Tara / Ireland. In 120 - 123 AD his descendant, *88.Cahir / Cathair Mor was the 109th Heremonian Cu Corb King of Tara / Ireland who was killed at the Battle of Moigh Acha and his son 89.Fiacha Ba hAiccid was made lame. Another son, 89.Ros Failge is the ancestor of the Ui Failge / Ui Conchobair Failghe / O Connor Faly, Ui Riacain / O Dunnes, and the O Dempseys from the Clann Maellugra. Another son, 89.Criffin / Crimthann is the ancestor of the Ui Crimthainn Ain / O Duffs. Another son, 89.Daire Barrach is the ancestor of the Ui Bairrche / Mac Gormans. Another son 89.Ailill Cetach is the ancestor of the Ui Cheithig / Crich na Cetach Sept. Another son, 89.Bressal Enechglas is the ancestor of the Ui Enechglais Sept / O Fearys. The O Dempseys were Kings and Chiefs in their territory at Clanmalier between Co. Laois and Co. Offaly in the west of Southern Leinster where they were strong Irish Patriots. In the 12th Century AD O Dempsey actually defeated Strongbow / Richard de Clare in battle during the Anglo - Norman Invasion. Because of their geographic situation to The English Pale they also were to eventually succumb and were appointed English Viscounts and Barons. During the Elizabethan Wars they were to side with Elizabeth 1st and later James 1st to hold onto their territory there and because of this Terence Dempsey was appointed the English Viscount Clanmalier. In 1689 AD their Irish Chiefs were situated at Geashill in Co. Offaly on both sides of the River Barrow, and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for Ireland they sided with James 11 the Stuart Catholic English King and lost their territory there to the English anyway who gave it over to Lord Digby who renamed their castle after himself. They were also in Co. Kildare in Central Southern Leinster and  always came under intense pressure from the English who were always trying to expand the boundaries of The English Pale around Dublin in Co. Dublin to attack the surrounding Irish Septs. Maximilian O Dempsey, who was the English Lord Viscount Clanmalier, who died on 30. 11. 1690 AD, was to be the last of their Irish aristocratic male line who were to be the Princes of Offaly.

Ancestors: 96.Congall, 97.Diomusach the direct male line ancestor of the O Dempseys the Chiefs of Clanmalier, 98.Flann Da Congal whose elder brother, 98.Angus / Aeneas is the ancestor of O Connor Faley Sept, 99.Kenneth / Cineath / Tomaltach who had a brother, 99.Mugron the ancestor of O Hoolahan of Clann Colgan, 100.Donnell who had a brother, 100.Riaghan the direct male line ancestor of the O Dunnes and O Regans whose brother100.Aodh is the ancestor of O Dempsey the Chiefs of Clanmalier, 101.Aodh O Dempsey who was the first to use their surname, 102.Conor, 103.Maoluradh the direct male ancestor of the Clann Malier / Maoluraidh, 104.Corcran, 105.Diomusach, 106.Aodh O Dempsey, 107,Corcran, 108.Florence the first Chief of Clanmalier, 109.Cubhroa, 110.Dermod, 111.Aodh, 112,.Coilen, 113.Fionn, 114.Melachlin, 115.Dermod, 116.Fionn, 117.Melachin, 118.Fionn,119.Dermod, 120.Maolmora Chief of Clanmalier, 121.Cahir of Bally Brittas, 122.Aodh, 123.Dermod, 124.Terrrence / Turlough O Dempsey who died in 1578 AD leaving no issue.

O Dempsey - English appointed Lords and Viscounts of Clanmalier from the previous Sept. Ancestors: 99.Kenneth / Cinaeth, 100.Aodh a younger brother of 100.Donnell the ancestor of the O Dempsey Chiefs of Clanmalier, 101.Conor, 102.Maolughra, 103.Corcran, 104.Diomasach, 105.Corcran, 106.Flann O Dempsey, 107.Aodh, 108.Conbroga, 109.Dermod, O Dempsey who constructed Monasterevin Abbey in 1179 AD, 110.Aodh, 111.Fionn who had brother 111.Coilen, 112.Maorseachlainn, 113.Fionn, 114.Dermod, 115.Maolmordha, 116.Cahir, 117.Aodh of Loghine Bally Brittas who died in 1563 AD, 118.Dermod Ruadh -  of Red Complexion who had 2 brothers, 118.Eoghan and 118.Terrence, 119.Sir Terrence who was knighted in May 1599 AD by Robert Deveroux the English Earl of Essex who was the English appointed Lord Lieutenant in Ireland, and who was also appointed Viscount Clanmalier on 8th July 1631 AD by Charles 1st , 120.Uaithne / Owney / Toney / Anthony of Clonegauny in Co. Offaly who died before his father in 1638 AD who had 4 brothers, 120.Hugh, 120.Edmond the Catholic Bishop of Leighlin, 120.Feagh the Catholic Vicar General of Kildare and 120.James. 121.Lewis was the second Viscount Clanmalier and Baron of Philipstown who was active in the Rebellion in 1641 AD  for which he was Outlawed by the English and Attainted in 1683 AD who had 2 brothers, 121.Sir Christopher who was also knighted when he was very young  by Lord Falkland the English appointed Lord Lieutenant in Ireland in July 1624 AD who died without issue.121.James O Dempsey, his brother, of Bishop's Court in Co. Kildare was a Colonel in James 11's Army. 122. Maxmillian O Dempsey was created the Lord Lieutenant of Co. Laois by James 11 and sat in the Parliament on 7th May 1689 AD and died without issue in 1714 AD and his territory was confiscated when he had an Attainder put on him also by William of Orange in 1691 AD, He had a younger brother, 122.Terrence O Dempsey who left Ireland and went to Cheshire in England who died in 1709 AD, 123.Thomas Dempsey of Northchurch his son, died at Laurel House, Foxtell Park in Liverpool in England in 1816 AD , 124.James Dempsey of Liverpool his son died 1847.   


Dempster. Manx origins / judge. They were in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province. Also used as a synonym for Dempsey, which see.


Denham -


Denieffe. English origins. They were in Co. Kilkenny in the south - west of Southern Leinster since the 18th Century AD. Sometimes also shortened to Neef.


O Denihan. Used as a variant for O Deenihan, which see.


Denivan. See Dingevan.


Denn. They were in Co. Waterford in the south - east of Ormond / Eastern Munster and nearby in Co. Kilkenny / Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster. Also see de Denne under Deane.


O Dennan or O Dennany or O Denneny - Irish / Ua Doineannaigh - doineannach (tempestuous). A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster and the surrounding Counties.


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