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Mac Donnell or Mac Daniel or O Donnell of Co. Fermanagh / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill (World Mighty). (Descended from a son of 102.Donnell), who was the King of Clan Kelly. The most important Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Siol Daim Argait Ui Cremthainn Clan Ceallaigh Sept / Family branch, who had their territory at Lisnakea in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west of the Ulster Province and were kinsmen to the O Flanagans / Ui Flannagain who had their territory nearby in Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster descended from Flanagan O Donnell. Ancestors: *86.Cairbre Liffeachair the 117th King of Tara / Ireland. 87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen, 88.Colla Da Crioch - of the Two Countries, 89.Rochadh. 90.Deach Dorn, 91.Fiach / Feig who had a brother 91.Labhradh the direct male ancestor of the O Laurys / Ui Laury, and another brother 91.Brian the direct male line ancestor of the O Briens / Ui Briain of Arcaill, 89.Criffan / Criomhthainn Liath - of the Grey Hair the ancestor of the O Griffins / Ui Criomhthainne of Ulster who was the King of Orghialla / Oriel (Southern Ulster and Co. Louth), who was aged when St. Patrick came to Ireland for the second time who assisted *91.Leary / Laoghaire the 128th King of Ireland, 89.Conall Corc the Heberian 1st King of Munster, Daire the Prince of Ulster, St. Patrick, St. Benignus and St. Carioch to review the records and the Brehon Laws of the kingdom. He also had 5 sons, 90.Fergus Ceanfhada - a Learned Man  the direct male line ancestor of the O Kennedys / Ui Ceanatta, 90.Lewy / Lughaidh the direct male line ancestor of the O Lughaidh / Ui Leithrinn, 90.Murray / Muireadach the ancestor of the Mac Brocks, 90.Aodh / Eochaidh the ancestor of the O Slevins, 93.Eochy / Eochaidh the King of Orghialla the ancestor of the Mac Nenys / Mheic an Eanaigh who was baptised by St. Patrick soon after he arrived in Ireland, and one of his sons St. Donart / Domhanghart founded 2 churches, one at Maghera on the northern side of Slieve Donard in Ulster, and one on the mountain summit in the mountains of Mourne. His brother 93.Carrol / Cearbhall was to become the ancestor of the O Carrolls the Kings of Orghialla  down to the 12th Century AD, 93.Eochy's other son, 94.Cairbre an Daimh Airgid - a Learned Man of Wealth was the King of Orghialla who died in 513 AD, who had many sons, 95.Cormac the ancestor of the Ui Cormaic, including the Maguires, 95.Nadsluagh the ancestor of the Clann Nadsluaigh, including the Mac Mahons of Ulster, 95.Fearach, 95.Fiacha, 95.Loingseach, 95.Brian, 95.Dobhron etc, and 95.Daimhin the King of Orghialla the ancestor of the Siol Daimhin who died in 566 AD, after whom Devenish island / Daimhin Inis in Loch Erne is named near Enniskillen in Co. Fermanagh, where St. Daimhin his descendant founded Devenish Abbey on the island. He also had many sons including, 96.Fearach his eighth son the ancestor of the O Devers, O Divers, O Dwyers, O Feehans, O Lahins, O Lehane, O Lanes / Ui Leathain, O Broads, O Larkins, O Malones, Orrs, and 96.Cumascach the King of Orghialla, Another son, 96.Tuathal Maol Gharbh had 2 brothers 96.Lochlann the ancestor of the O Davins, O Devins (Clann Daimhin) who represented the Clann Daimhin up to the 14th Century AD as the Princes of Co. Fermanagh when the Maguires who were also from the same Sept took over, and it became Maguires' Country, and 96.Clochar after whom Clogher in Co. Tyrone derived its name because he had founded a college there, 96.Tuathal Maol Gharbh's son, 97.Tuatan had 2 sons, 98.Baodan the ancestor of Cosgry ancestor of the Mac Cuskers, Cosgraves, Conans, Mac Coonans  Boylans, Carberys, Cahills, Corrigans, Donnellys, Gavans etc and 98.Maol Duin the father of 99.Toole / Tuathal the father of 100.Kelly / Ceallach the ancestor of the Clann Kelly of Co. Fermanagh / Ulster. He had 5 sons, and the fourth son, 101.Murtaugh is the ancestor of the O Dongans, O Donnegans, O Dunegans, O Keenans, O Morgans, O Merrins, O Rogans, etc. Another son, 101.Colga became the ancestor of the O Colgans of Ulster and the father of 102.Donnell the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Donnells from the Clann Kelly. and the father of 103.Fionnachtach who had 3 sons, 104.Congal, 104.Foghartach the ancestor of O Cairns / Kearns, Donnellans, Flanagans etc - all of Ulster, His other son, 104.Art is the father of 105.Lochlan, a brother of 105.Donnell the ancestor of the O Harts, and his son 106. Teague Mac Donnell was the first to use their surname, who became the father of 107.Fearmarcach the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Markeys, Horsemans, Knights, Ryders, Ridings and Rydings / Ui Marcaigh, the father of; 108.Teague the father of; 109.Flanagan. 


Mac Donnell of Co. Clare / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Clare in the north - west of Tuaiscert Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster where they were Chiefs.

Mac Donnell of Co. Derry / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Derry in the north - east of the Ulster Province.


Mac Donnell  of Co. Cavan / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill A Sept / Family branch who had their territory in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster in the Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin Breifne kingdom of East Breifne.


Mac Donnell of northwest Co. Clare / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill. Gaelic Milesian Irian Clann Rory Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the west of Co. Clare and nearby in Co. Limerick in the north - west of Thomond / Northern Munster, who were poets to the Heberian Dal gCais Ui mBriain Sept. They were Chiefs of Corca Baiscinn, descended directly from their Chief, Baiscin, and had their territory in the Baronies of Moyarta and Clonderlaw / Barony of Ibrackan? They were kinsmen to the O Loughlins, the O Connors of Fear Arda the Chiefs of Corcomroe, the O Baskins, the O Mulcoras and the O Kellys also the Chiefs of Corca Baiscinn. Ancestors: *62.Rory Mor (Clann Rory) the 68th King of Tara / Ireland,  


Mac Donnell of Kilkee in Co. Clare / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Colla Mac Uais Sept / Family branch, who had their territory at Kilkee in Co. Clare in the north - west of Thomond / Northern Munster who are from the same Colla Mac Uais Sept as the Mac Donnells / Donalds of Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province. which see. Ancestors: 120.Sir Alexander / Alasdair Carragh Mac Donnell of Kilconway and Moye, who died in 1634 AD, 121.Sir James Mac Donnell of Eanaigh and Bally Bannagh who died in 1688 AD, who married Mary O Brien and produced 6 sons of which his sixth son 122.Daniel Mac Donnell was deprived of his share of the Estates in Co. Antrim and migrated to Kilkee in Co. Clare where he leased Estate from his kinsman, Lord Clare and died in 1675 AD,  123.James Mac Donnell his son, was a Captain in Lord Clare's Dragoons in France and had Estates in Co. Clare, Co. Limerick and Co. Longford, and died in 1714 AD. 124.Charles Mac Donnell, his son, was at Kilkee. 122.Daniel's eldest son 123.John Mac Donnell was at Moyne in Co. Clare, was the father of 124.Charles of Moyne the father of 125.Timothy the father of 126.Michael of Kilrush the father of 127.John Mac Donnell who was born in 1805 AD and was at Fairy Hill in Co. Clare and died in 1886 AD.


Mac Donnell or Mac Donald or Mac Connell of Co. Antrim / Irish / Mheic Domhnaill. Chiefs of Glencoe. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Mac Uais Sept / Family branch, from the Clann Donald who are descended from a son of 107.Donald the Lord of the Isles in Scotland who were the most powerful Clann in the Scottish Highlands. After originally migrating from Ireland they settled at Argyle (The Land of the Gael) in the Scottish Highlands, and the Hebrides.During the reign of Malcolm 1V the Heremonian Dal Cuinn"northern" Ui Niaill King of Scotland, Sorley / Somerled / Somhairle Mac Donald was the Thane of Argyle whose descendants were the Lords of the Isles / Hebrides and Cantire / Cantyre who was also allied with the Norwegian Earls of the Orkneys, Hebrides and the Isle of Man. In 1211 AD their Chiefs who were the sons of Randal Mac Donald, the son of Sorley, who were accompanied by Thomas Mac Uchtry / Mac Guthrie / Guttry a Chief of Galloway and 76 ships and their followers, besieged the territory held by the Anglo - Norman de Mandevilles / Mac Quillans in the Routes in Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province and set up there. They besieged Co. Derry and Co. Donegal and created settlements in Co. Antrim and along the coast of the Ulster Province. They settled mostly in The Routes and Glynns of the previous Heremonian Ui Conaire kingdom of Dal Riada in Co. Antrim with their main seat at the Dunluce Castle, and eventually were to form alliances with the Irish Princes in Ulster, marrying into the the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel Conaill O Donnells of Co. Donegal, the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel Eogain O Kanes of Co. Derry, the Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Mac Mahons of Co. Monaghan, the Heremonin Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain O Neills of Co. Tyrone and Clannaboy. Under increased pressure from the Scottish King they came again from the Hebrides to Ireland under Sorley Boy Mac Donald / Donnell also in the 16th Century AD into Co. Antrim, where they had many battles against the Mac Quillans who they drove out, and would eventually become the Catholic Earls of Antrim in the Glynns under James 1st. They acted as galloglasses / mercenaries in the Ulster Province and the Connacht Province. Although they were by then of Scottish - Viking blood they were originally of Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn Colla Mac Uais Irish Celtic ancestry, descended from the *88.Carioll Colla Mac Uais from the kingdom of Orghialla / Airghialla / Oriel in Southern Ulster and nearby in Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster. Sorley Boy / Somhairle Buidhe Mac Donnell took over a large territory in Co. Antrim, including the English Dunluce Castle, that is now in ruins, situated on the high rock - on the sea next to the Giant’s Causeway at Bushmills. It had been previously held by the de Mandevilles the Anglo - Norman Barons who had Gaelicized their name to Mac Quillan / Mheic Uillin. Sorley Boy Mac Donnell then had to struggle with the English to hold onto the Castle, which is today held by the Government in trust. At Bo na Marghy friary on the River Marghy at Bally Castle in Co. Antrim there is a Mac Donnell tomb, while their first residence is west of there in Dun Ayne Castle. In 1620 AD, his son a Catholic Scottish Highlander, 116.Sir Randall mac Sorley Mac Donnell was created the 1st Catholic Earl of Antrim. Ancestors: *86.Cairbre Liffeachair the 117th King of Tara / Ireland the father of;  87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen the father of; *88.Carroll / Carioll Colla Uais the 121st King of Tara / Ireland, (who was the younger brother of Murray / Muireadach Colla Da Crioch). He was to be the father of;

89.Eochy / Eochaidh who had 2 brothers, 89.Rogain the ancestor of the O Fiachrys, Mac Uais etc. and the O Rowans / Ui Roghain, and 89.Fiachra Tort  the ancestor of O Flinn of Tuitre in the Baronies of Toome and Antrim, the O Gurneys / O Gernon / Ui Geuranaigh, the O Dubhdera, O Bassils. O Caseys etc. He was the father of 90.Earc / Eachach the father of 91.Carthan the ancestor of the Mac Cartans / Mac Carthainn of Loch Foyle who had one daughter and 6 sons, 92.Earc, 92.St. Teresa, 92.Murray / Muireadach, 92.Forgo, 92.Ailill / Oilioll, 92.Leary / Laoghaire and 92.Tren. This was a very noted pious Family.    

    92.Earc was to be the father of  93.Fergus the father of  94.Gofrith the father of  95.Main the father of 96.Niallgus the father of 97.Suibhneach the father of  98.Meargach / Ineargach the father of  99.Solam / Solomon the father of 100.Giolla Adhamhnan the father of 101.Giolla Brighde the father of 102.Sorley / Samhairle / Somerled in 1140 AD who was the 8th Thane of Argyle, Lord of Cantyre and the Hebrides who founded the kingdom of the Isles and was married to Sabina the daughter of Olad - the Red the King of the Isle of Man / Insula Mevania, and gained the Isles and the Isle of Man. He also had a brother 108.Dubhgall who is the ancestor of the Mac Dowells. His son was 103.Randal the Lord of Oergeal and Cantyre who founded the Cistercian Monastery and was the benefactor of the Paisley Abbey whose daughter married Aed O Connor, and he also had a brother, 103.Alexander, and his son was 104.Aengus / Aeneas the Lord of the Isles in 1211 AD the father of105.Donnell / Domhnaill the father of 106.Alexander the father of 107.Donnell the direct male line ancestor of the Ui / Mac Domhnaill the Lords of the Hebrides and Cantyre in Scotland and the Chiefs of Glencoe who also anglicized as Danielson and Donaldson. He had a brother, 107.Alexander who is the ancestor of the Mac Donnells of Ulster Province, and another brother, 107.Rory the ancestor of the Mac Rorys / Rogers / Rodgers. His son was 108.Aongus / Aeneas Mor Mac Donnell the Lord of the Isles married to ? Campbell and had a brother 108.Alastrum / Alexander the ancestor of the Alexanders / Mac Alisters, Sanderson. Saunders and the Mac Sheehys, His son was 109.Aeneas Oge Mac Donnell who fought at Bannockburn in 1314 AD for Robert / The Bruce the King of Scotland. He had an older brother 109.Alexander who is the ancestor of the Mac Dowells who were galloglasses in the Ulster Province who was slain in 1296 AD, and another brother, 109.Eoin known as The Gnieve. His son was 110.Randal Mac Donnell  the father of 111.Shane Mac Donnell the father of 112.Eoin Mor Mac Donnell who died in 1378 AD as the Lord of the Isles, who married twice, and from his first wife produced the Chiefs from the Clann Raghnaill / Ronald and of Glengarry, and from his second wife, Margaret the daughter of Robert 11 the King of Scotland he produced 113.Margaret who marred Nicholas the Earl of Sunderland, and another daughter, 113.Elizabeth was married to Lachlan Mac Lean of Dowart. He also had 3 sons, 113.Donnell na Heile the ancestor of the Hales whose descendants were Lords of the Isles, who in 1411 AD at the head of 10,000 followers besieged the kingdom of Scotland culminating in the Battle of Harlaw in defence of his right to the kingdom of Ross as he was married to the heiress. His other 2 sons were 113.Eoin Oge, and 113.Alexander the ancestor of the Mac Donnells of Kappagh. He also had a brother, 112.Marcach who was killed in 1397 AD and another 112.Donnell. His second son 113.Eoin Oge Mac Donnell married Margery the daughter of Lord Bisset of the Glinns in Co. Antrim, and his son;         

     114.Donell Ballach Mac Donnell married Joan the daughter of The O Donnell the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Chief of the Cenel Conaill from Tir Conaill / Tyrconnell, and his brother, 114.Marcach was married to the daughter of The O Cahan / Caine the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Chief, and his son was 115. Eoin Mac Donnell married Sarah the daughter of Phelim O Neill the Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Chief of Clannaboy, and his son was 116.Eoin Cathanach Mac Donnell who was hung in 1499 AD, who had been fostered by the O Cahans / O Caine, and was married to Cecilia the daughter of Robert Savage of the Ards. His son was 117. Alexander Mac Donnell the Lord of Route and the Glens who was married to Catherine the daughter of Murcha Mac Cahalan of Co. Derry. He also had a brother, 117.Aeneas Mac Donnell who was also known as Mac Parson / Mac Pherson  / Parsons who had 8 sons, 118.Giolla Easpuig Daoinech, 118.Donnell Ballach, 118.James whose son 119.Aeneas died in 1545 AD, 118.Aengus - the Proud, 118.Alasdair Oge, 118.Colla, 118.Sorley Buidhe and 118.Donnell Gorm. His seventh son who carried their male line forward on this occasion was 118.Sorley Buidhe Mac Donnell of Dunluce Castle in Co. Antrim who married Mary the daughter of 125.Conn Baccach O Neill the English appointed the first Earl of Tyrone in 1542 AD, who was to die in 1590 AD. He had 6 sons, 119.Donnell Colla / Visduin / Euston, 119.Aladran, 119.Sir James of Dunluce Castle, 119.Randal / Raghnall of Arran, 119.Aengus of Ulster and 119.Ludar. His third son who carried the male line forward was 119.Sir James Mac Donnell who was knighted by the English in 1597 AD, and died in 1601 AD. He had left his younger son, 120.Alasdair Carragh as a ward with his younger brother, 119.Randal / Raghnall Arranach Mac Donnell who was to become the English appointed first Earl of Antrim. He had 6 sons, Gilla Easpuig, Aengus, Raghnall, Colla, Donnell Gorm and Alasdair Carragh / Sir Alexander who died in 1634 AD.

    119. Sir Randall Arranach Mac Donnell, his brother, who had been fostered on the Arran Isle,  was to be the English appointed first Catholic Earl of Antrim who was to inherit the Estates of his brother after he died in 1601 AD. In 1602 AD he was to abandon 126,Aed Dubh / Black Hugh O Niall / The O Niall and join in with Sir Arthur Chichester and was knighted by Elizabeth's 1st Military commander, Mountjoy. On her death James 1st granted him over 333,000 acres between Larne and Coleraine, and in 1604 AD he married 127.Alice the daughter of 126,Aed Dubh / Black Hugh O Niall. In 1608 AD he was in London and in 1610 AD he was appointed by the English the first Earl of Antrim, and in 1618 AD he was created Viscount Dunluce where he died in December 1636 AD and was interred at Bonamarghy.  His son was 120. Sir Randall Mac Donnell who became the second Earl of Antrim and married the widow of The Duke of Buckingham, who reverted to her original faith becoming a Catholic again. Charles 1st appointed him his Lieutenant in the Scottish Highlands when War broke out there and in June 1649 AD he was in the Anglo - Irish House of Lords and resided in Dublin until 1641 - 1652 AD. In 1644 AD he was created a Marquis until Oliver Cromwell took away his Estate, which was restored in July, 1666 AD, but reduced to 87,000 acres at Dunluce and Glenarm. He died at Bally na Garry in February,1682 AD and was interred at Bonamarghy. He was succeeded by his brother 120.Alexander the third Earl of Antrim  who died in 1699 AD,  whose son 121.Randal was the 4th Earl of Antrim who died in 1721 AD  the father of 122.Alexander the 5th Earl who died in 1775 AD  the father of 123.Randal William the 6th Earl who died in 1791 AD and left no sons, but two daughters, 124.Anne Catherine  who became the Countess of Antrim and died in 1834 AD, and 124.Charlotte who succeeded her as the Countess of Antrim and died in 1835 AD.

        In 1692 AD the Mac Donald Glencoe Massacre occurred in the Highlands of Scotland when the English under Captain Robert Campbell with the Earl of Argyles Regiment, acting under instructions of the English King's command from James Hamilton was ordered to to attack Glencoe and take no prisoners under 70 years of age.  


Mac Donnell of Co. Laois in Southern Leinster. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Mac Uais Sept / Family branch. Ancestors: 114.Marcach Mac Donnell, a brother to 114.Donnell Ballach above, and the father of 115.Turlough Mor who died in 1435 AD the father of 116.Turlough Oge who was the first to settle in Southern Leinster the father of 117.Donough the father of 118.Eoin Carrach the father of 119.Turlough the father of 120.Charles / Calbhach in 1569 AD, the father of 121.Aed Buidhe the Chief of Gallo in Co. Laois and also had territory nearby in Co. Kildare, whose brother 121.Alexander was slain in 1577 AD, and he was the father of 122.Fearach who had 2 younger brothers, 122.Brian and 122.Fergus who died in 1637 AD, and a sister 122.Helen married to John Doyne. His son, 123.James who was a Colonel in the Irish Confederacy who had 400 pounds reward and a free pardon placed on his head died in London in 1661 AD.


Mac Donnell of Tyrawley in Co. Mayo. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Mac Uais Sept / Family branch. Ancestors: 112.Donnell Mac Donnell, a brother of 112.Eoin Mor, above, the father of 113.Randal the father of 114.Eoin the father of 115.Aongus the father of 116.Marcach the father of 117.Turlough the father of 118.Fearadach Mor of Tyrawley the father of 119.Duineadach (Slioght Duineadaigh) who had 2 brothers, 119.Brian Buidhe and 119.Cathal the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Hales / Mheic Cathail / Mheic Cail the father of 119.Fearadach the father of 123.James of Tyrawley who had brother, 123.Aonghus in 1691 AD.

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