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                                                                                                                                                                O Duhig - O Dunnigan

O Duhig or O Doohig - Irish / Ua Dubhthaigh. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Des Mhumhain / Desmond / Southern Munster. Elsewhere known as O Duffy, which see.

O Duigan. See O Deegan.


O Duignenan or O Deignan or O Dignam or O Duignan etc, - Irish / Ua Diubhgeannain. An Erenagh Sept / Family branch from Kilronan  who had their territory at Kilronan in Co. Roscommon in the east of the Connacht Province and nearby in Co. Leitrim in Northern Connacht where they were one of the most learned Families in Ireland and one of their Septs also went nearby into Co. Westmeath and Co. Longford in the west of Northern Leinster and Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster where they were known as O Deignan or O Dignam etc.

Duke - duc / leader. French origins or an abbreviation of Marmaduke in Ireland since the 16th Century AD, but some also came with the Oliver Cromwell Invasion and are found in the north - east of the Ulster Province and Northern Connacht.


Dukenfeild -


O Dulanty or O Dulhunty. Heberian Cianacht Sept / Family branch. See especially O Delahunty.

O Dullahan or O Dallaghan or O Dallahan or O Dallan or O Dolghan / Ua Dubhlachain. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Ui Breasail Airthir / Orior / Airthir Siol Fiachra Cassan Sept / Family branch who were kinsmen to the O Kealaghans / O Keelaghan / O Kealahan / Ui Ceileachain, Mac Cadden / Mac Cadigan / Mac Adam / Mac Adan / Mheic Acadhain, O Cashell / O Cassily / O Casley / O Cassell / O Cassely / O Cushley / Ui Caisile, O Kernaghans / O Kearnaghan / Ui Cearnachain, O Madigans / Ui Madadhain, O Trainor / O Trainer / O Trayner / Ui Threinfhir. They had their territory in Co. Louth in the the north - east of Northern Leinster and Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province. Ancestors: 100.Buachalla, 99.Conor / Conchobar Chorraig, 98.Mael Duin, 97.Fingin, 96.Ronan, 95.Toole / Tuathal, 94.Ailella, *3.Conall, 92.Feicc, 91.Bressal, 90.Felim / Feidlimid, 89.Fiachra Cassan, 88.Murray / Muireadach Colla Da Crioch / Focrith - of the Two Countries, 87.Eochy / Echu Doimhlen, *86.Cairbre Liffeachair the 117th King of Tara / Ireland.

Dullany -


Dullard. Especially see Dollard.


Dullea. See Dunlea.


O Dumigan. See O Domigan.


Dun -


Dunbar. Scottish toponymic origins in Co. Donegal and Co. Fermanagh in the west of the Ulster Province in the early 17th Century AD after the confiscation of the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill territories and the foreign non - Catholic plantations there and one of their branches were associated closely with James 11 and the Catholic Irish cause.


O Duncan or O Dunkin / Ua Duncinn. Gaelic Milesian Irian Sept / Family branch.Ancestors: 98.Narard ancestor also of the O Ruddys and the father of 99.Tormach his third son who is the direct male line ancestor of the O Tormeys / Ui Tormaigh, 97,Duncheann his second son is the direct male line ancestor of the Duncans / Dunkins.


O Duncan. Used in Ireland as a synonym for O Donegan, which see. See also Dinkin.


Dundas. Scottish origins in Co. Leitrim in Northern Connacht and nearby in Co. Fermanagh in the south - west of the Ulster Province.


Dundon. See Dondon.


Dunford or Dunfort. Used in Co. Waterford in south - east of the Munster Province as synonyms for Donarty, which see.


Dungan. See Dongan.


Dungiven -


O Dunican or O Dunigan. See O Donegan.


Dunkin. See Dinkin.


O Dunlea - Irish / Ua Duinnshleibhe. An Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the west of Co. Cork in Des Mhumhain / Desmond / Southern Munster. O Dullea and O Delea were also used as variants. See also Dunlevy.


Mac Dunlevy or Mac Donlevy or Dunleary or Dunlery or Donlery or Don - Levi or Delap or Dunlap or Dunlief or Livingstone or Levingstone or Levenston - Irish / Mheic Duinnshleibhe / Sliabh (mountain). Heremonian Dal Fiatach Sept / Family branch who were Kings and Princes / Tanaistes of Ulidia / Ulaid, who had their territory in Co. Down in the south - east of the Ulster Province up until the 12th Century AD who are descended from 110.Dunn Sliebe the 68th King of Ulaid whose brother, 110.Rory was to be the 69th King of Ulaid and the last. They were driven out of their territory by the English Galls and migrated to Tir Conaill / Tyrconnell (The Land of 91.Connell) in Co. Donegal in the north - west of Ulster under the protection of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel Conaill O Donnells. Some later migrated further south into Co. Leitrim in the north of the Connacht Province in 1602 AD. A Sept also went over to Scotland, were they changed their name to Dunlop and Dunlief. In 1691 AD the Prince / Tanaiste of the Mac Dunlevys stood up for James 11 and he was forced to leave Ireland and go to France where the Family became known as Don - Levi and he died at the residence of the Archbishop of Treves  leaving only his son, Andrew Maurice Mac Don - Levi who had been born in Ireland who died on 19th June 1751 AD at Coblentz.  Ancestors: 110.Dunn Sliebe the 56th King of Ulaid, 109.Eochy / Eochaidh the 52a King of Ulaid the direct male line ancestor of the O Haughey or O Haffey or O Hoey / Ui hEochaidh, 108.Niall the 48th / 52nd King of Ulaid, 107.Eochy / Eochaidh the 45 46th King of Ulaid, 106.Ardgal the 42 / 44th King of Ulaid, 105.Matudan the 41st King of Ulaid, 104.Aed the 37 / 38th King of Ulaid, 103.Eochagan,102.Aodh the 28th King of Ulaid, 101.Eochy / Eochaidh the 24th King of Ulaid, 100.Fiachne the 23rd King of Ulaid, 99.Aodh Roin the 21st King of Ulaid, 98. Beag Boirche the 19th King of Ulaid, 97.Blathmac  the 150th King of Ireland, 96.Maolcabhach the 15th King of Ulaid and 144th King of Ireland, 95. Fiachnae the 12th King of Ulaid, 94. Deman the 7th King of Ulaid, 93.Cairioll Coscrach the 2nd King of Ulaid, 92.Muiredach Muindearg  the first Christian King of Ulaid, 91.Forgg mac Dallain.


Dunlop or Dunlief. See Lappin and Mac Dunlevy.


Dunluce -


Dunmore -


O Dunn or O Dunne or O Dunn or O Doyne.  Originally O Doyne the Kings of Iregan - Irish / Ua Doinn or Ua Duinn - Donn (brown swarthy hair). Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Sept / Family branch of the O Regans / Ui Riaghain who were one of the 4 Septs of Tara who originally had their territory in Dooregan / Tuath Riagain anglicized as the Barony of Tinahinch / Tinne Hinch in the north of the kingdom of Leix / Co. Laois in the mid - west  of Southern Leinster where they were Kings and Chiefs. They were cleared out of Cloneagh in Co. Laois twice by the English who introduced foreign planters further into there to extend The English Pale surrounding Dublin in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster. They were also Kings and Chiefs nearby in Co. Meath in the south - east of Northern Leinster and Chiefs also nearby in Co. Kildare in Central Southern Leinster. Ancestors: *84.Conor / Conchobar Abhraiodhruaidh the 99th King of Tara / Ireland, 85.Mogh Corb, 86.Cu Corb, 100.Kenneth / Cinaeth, 101.Raghan a brother to 101.Donnell the ancestor of the O Dempseys / Ui Diomasaigh, 102.Maolfiona, 103.Dubhghall, 104.Dun the direct male line ancestor of the O Dunnes / Ui Duin, who had a brother, 104.Dubhrean the ancestor of the O Regans, 105.Ficheallach, 106.Awley / Amhailgadh O Duinn who was the first to use their surname, 107.Congalach the direct male line ancestor of the O Connollys / O Congalys / Ui Conghaile / Congalaigh, 108.Cublasma, 109.Caroill, 110.Conbhach who had a brother, 110.Branan the direct male line ancestor of the Mac Brannans, 111.Dunsleibhe, 112.Conbhach, 113.Awley, 114.Teague, 115.Awley, 116.Awley, 117.Donough, 118. Roger O Doyne,119.Leinach, 120.Teague, 121,Teague O Doyne who was the Chief of the O Doynes married Margaret the daughter of Shane an Diomuis O Niall, 122.Teagie who had a younger brother, 122.Brian whose son 123.Brian was the father of 124.Barnaby, the father of 125.Terrence the father of 126.Edward the father of 127.Francis the father of 128.Edward the General, the father of 129.Francis Dunn the Colonel of De La Ponce, 123.Teague O Doyne of Castle Brack in Co. Laois  the Prince of O Regan and the O Doyne Chief in 1593 AD who had territory at Kernymore, who had 5 sons and a brother, 123.Turlough O Doyne the ancestor of the O Dunnes of Ards who was the father of 124.John of Kilvavan who was the heir to Castle Brack in 1616 AD and the father of 125.Terrence / Turlough of Kilvavan and later of Ards in Co. Laois who died in 1680 AD, the father of 126.John of Ards who died in 1726 AD the father of 127.Terence of Ards the father of 128.Lawrence who was his second son, whose older brother 128.Terrence died without issue, 129.James his son of Ards died in 1841 AD who had 2 brothers, 129.John and 129.Lawrence and a son, 130.John Dunn of Ards in 1847 AD whose son was 131.Terrence Dunn.


O Dunn or O Dunne - Irish / Ua Doyne. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the Heremonian Dal Cuinn 3 Colla kingdom of Orghialla / Airghialla / Oriel in Southern Ulster.


O Dunnady. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Kerry in the south - west of Des Mhumhain / Desmond / Southern Munster.

O Dunnan. Gaelic Milesian Irian Conmaicne Magh Rein Cenel Luachain Sept / Family branch. who had their territory at  Oughteragh / Carrigallen in the south of Co. Leitrim in Northern Connacht. Especially see O Doonan.

O Dunnigan. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn Colla Da Crioch Cenel Rochada Fernmag (Fer Maighe) Farney Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster, Especially see O Donegan.


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