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                                                                                                                                                             Mac Evoy - Eyre

Mac Evoy of Co. Laois. Irish / Mheic Fhiodhbhuide. Gaelic Milesian Irian Ui Laeghis / Ui Mheic Uais / Mheic Fhiodh Bhuidhe of Breagh (Muintir Fhiodhbhuide) Sept / Family branch who were kinsmen to the O Heffernans / O Hiffernane / Ui hIfearnain / Clann Crecain who had their territory at Mountrath in Co. Laois in the mid - north - west of Southern Leinster. They were Kings in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster, and nearby in Co. Laois in the mid - west of Southern Leinster and Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province. Their territory was initially at Moygoish in Co. Westmeath from which they moved to the south - west as one of the 7 Septs of Leix, controlling the area of Mountain Rath and Raheen in Co. Laois. In their kingdom there in Leix / Co. Laois they existed along with their kinsmen the O Deevys, the O Dowlings, the O Kellys, the O Lalors and the O Mores after the Anglo - Norman Invasion in the 12 Century AD. Their initial alliance had previously begun after the 3rd Century AD when the ancestor of the Irian O Mores came into Co. Laois from the Ulster Province led by 69.Laoighseach Cean Mor, a son of 68.Conall Cearnach - of the Victories the leader of the Red Branch Warriors of Ulster who was a contemporary of Cuchulainn (Co. Laois is named for 69.Laoighseach.) He assisted 86.Cu Corb the direct male line ancestor of the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Kings of Leinster to drive the Septs of Munster Province out of that area there in Mogha's Half. They became the sub - Kings there and they held together all through the English persecutions and six ethnic and religious rebellions under Elizabeth 1st until they were finally dispersed by the English and relocated elsewhere. In the early 17th Century AD the leaders of all of the Families there were transported once again by the English by force to Co. Kerry in the south - west of Desmond / Southern Munster along with the other members of the 7 Septs and their territory was transplanted with foreign English planters. See also Mac Veagh. Also see the next 2 entries. Ancestor: 37.Ir (Irians).

Mac Evoy. Was also used in the north for Mac Iwee / Mac Kelvey, which see - Irish / Mheic Giolla Bhuidhe. (Descended from a son of the yellow haired youth.)


Mac Evoy. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Colla Uais Sept / Family branch.

Mac Evoy. Used also for Mac Veigh, which see - Irish / Mheic an Bheatha. (Descended from the son of Life) A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Armagh in the south - east of the Ulster Province and nearby in Co. Louth in the north - east of Northern Leinster.


Evoy. They were in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster.


Mac Evoy or Mac Veigh or Mac Veagh or Mac Vey or Noble of Co. Westmeath / Irish / Mheic Uais. Heremonian Colla Mac Uais Sept / Family branch who had their territory in Barony of Moygoish in Co. Westmeath in Northern Leinster where they were the Chiefs there and kinsmen to the O Hennessys, which see. Ancestors: *88.Colla Uais - the Noble the 121st King of Ireland, 89.Roghan who had 2 brothers, 89.Eochaidh and 89.Fiachra Toirt,  90.Earc, 91.Carthan who had a younger brother, 91.Fiachra, 92.Dochartach, 93.Cormac, 94.Anmire who had a younger brother 94.Fergus, 95.Foranan, 96.Guaire, 97.Maol Fogha, 98.Criochan the direct male line ancestor of O Creehan / O Crehan / Ui Criochain who had an older brother, 98.Cathach the ancestor of the Mac Fettridges, 99 Aodh, 100.Bran Dubh, 101.Caornan, 102.Coibhdeanach, 103.Robeartach the direct male line ancestor of Mac Roiberd / Mac Robhartaigh,  104.Maol Brighde, 105.Feardacrioch, 106.Flaherty / Flaithbertach,

107.Aodh, 108.Murray / Muireadach, 109.Brian, 110.Muran the direct male line ancestor of the O Murrins / Ui Murain, 111.Donough / Donoch, 112.Curaidach / Dubhros, 113.Padraic the ancestor of the O Hennessys / Ui hAonghusa who were dispossessed of their Ui Mac Uais territory / Barony of Moygoish in Co. Westmeath,114.Dubh Gall, 115.Donough, 116.Moroch, 117.Niall, 118.Rory, 119.Turough, 120.Cairbre, 121.Eoghan, 122.Padraic,123.Brian, 124.Donough, 125.James 1760 AD, 126.John Mac Veigh born 1765 AD died 1815 AD, 127.Patrick whose mother was Margaret Burns the second wife of his father, whose youngest son was born in 1802 AD and died in 1871 AD who was married to Helen O Hare / O Hehir of Ballyna Co. Down in 1823 AD and left Scotland for America, 128.James 1878 AD who had 4 brothers including Henry 1873 AD who was knighted by Queen Isabella of Spain, 129.James Mac Veigh  born 1848 AD. Mac Uais became Mac Evoy etc in Co. Meath.  


Mac Ewan. See Mac Keon.


Ewart -


Mac Ewen. See Ewing.


Mac Ewing. Used as a synonym for Mac Ewen, which see. Highland Scottish origins. Gaelic Irish / Mheic Eogain who were in the Ulster Province in the 17th Century AD after the confiscation of the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill territories and the foreign non - Catholic plantations carried out there.

De Exeter. Anglo Norman origins in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province.


Eyre / cuid (heir). English origins in Ireland in the 16th Century AD and some also came with the Oliver Cromwell Invasion and were also later in Co. Galway in Southern Connacht where is Eyrecourt and Eyreville. Codyre is a variant used there. Also see Ayres.


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