RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                   Scythian Celtic Gaelic descendants of 36.Mil and his uncle 35.Ithe

                                                                                                              Gaelic Heberian, Heremonian, Irian and Ithian Septs


                                                                                                                              12 Main Septs (Family Branches) in Ireland    

                                                             6 in - Leath Cuinn / Conn's Half: Dal nAruidhe, Dal gCein, Dal gCuinn, Dal ghFiatach, Dal Niadh Cuirb, Dal Riada. 


                                                            6 in - Leath Mogha / Mogha's Half:  Dal nBairdine, Dal gCais, Dal gCeide, Dal Dairine, Dal nEoghain, Dal bhFiachrach. 



         34.Breoghan / Brigus who was of Scythian Celtic Gaelic descent, is also the ancestor of the Brigante Septs, and was the 1st Gaelic King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia (Castile and Portugal) who constructed Breoghan’s Tower / Brigantia in Galicia and Braganza in Portugal and the father of;



         35.Bile who became the 2nd Gaelic King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia (Castile and Portugal) the father of;  


        36.Gallamh (warrior) who is also known as 36.Mil / Milesius / warrior in Latin in Ireland, was the Scythian Celtic Gaelic Milesian 3rs King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Brigia (Castile and Portugal.) who was widely respected throughout Gaul (Spain and parts of France) where he was known  as the "Celtic Hero of Spain" as he had previously gone to Egypt to serve the Pharaoh / King there and defeated the Ethiopians in battle on his behalf and Nectanbus the Egyptian Pharaoh then gave him his daughter, Scota / Scotia in marriage who was to give her name to the Scottii / Irishmen and to Scotland through her Gaelic Milesian descendants.

       Initially this was the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Conaire Scottii / Irishmen from the kingdom of Dal Riada (People of 89.Riada) through one of her surviving sons in Ireland, *37.Eremon who was the joint Celtic Gaelic Milesian 1st King of Erinn and his Heremonian descendant, *88.Conaire 11 the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian 111th King of Tara / Ireland and his son, 89.Eochy aka 89.Cairbre Riada / riata, and later on from 93.Fergus Mor mac Ercae who became the Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill King of Dal Riada, whose brother *93.Murtaugh / Muirchertach mac Ercae was to become the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niall Cenel nEogain 131st King of Tara / Ireland, as their mother was a daughter of Loarn the previous Heremonian Ui Conaire Scottii King of Dal Riada who also had territory in  Co. Antrim in the far north - east of the Ulster Province in both Ireland and Alba / Scottish Highlands The kingdom of Dal Riada ranged from Co. Antrim back over the Irish Sea into Kintyre, Knapdale and Lorn, and his descendant 96.Gabhran was to eventually set up at Knapdale were he was to build a fortress on Dunadd Rock where he became the direct male line ancestor also of the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Scottish Highland Kings.

     36.Mil was to succeed his father as the Gaelic King in Spain, and also become the direct male line ancestor of the Celtic Gaelic Milesian aristocratic warriors in Ireland predominantly through 3 of his 8 sons who were to be involved in the second Gaelic expedition to Eire / Ireland. (36.Gallamh's name in Ireland was to be later on changed by the Celtic Irish monks to Milesius from the Latin term (mileadh - warrior) and from there shortened to 36.Mil.)

    36.Mil / 36 Gollamh the Celtic Scythian Gaelic Hero of Spain who was the 3rd King of Castile and Portugal is the ancestor of all of the Gaelic Milesian Heberians, Heremonians and Irian Septs / Family branches in Ireland, who are descended from 3 of his sons and Scota, the daughter of Nectanbus the Pharaoh of Egypt).


    *37.Eber Fionn - of Fair Complexion the eldest surviving son of Scota became the direct aristocratic warrior male line ancestor of all of the Celtic Gaelic Milesian hEberian / Heberian Septs,

   *37.Eremon his seventh son whose mother was also Scota became the direct male line aristocratic warrior ancestor of all of the Celtic Gaelic Milesian hEremon / Heremonian Septs.

    37.Ir also from Scota, who was drowned during the second landing, became the direct aristocratic warrior male line ancestor of the Celtic Gaelic Milesian Irian Septs.

    35.Ithe who was 36.Mil's uncle, and his son, 36.Lewy / Lughaidh became the aristocratic warrior ancestors of the Gaelic Ithian Septs who were to have their territory in Southern Munster  

           All of their Gaelic descendants in Ireland were to be from their aristocratic warrior class who are known as the Saorchlana who became the Gaelic Kings of Ireland and of  Alba / Scottish Highlands.

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