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                                                                            Presented in the interests of general knowledge  - See further, Health Professionals or Professional Herbalists to suite !!


N.B: Most Herbs can be used safely over long periods in small amounts, but care should be taken when using Herbs that have a cumulative effect.

 NB: Avoid all strong Herbal Teas during the first 3 months of Pregnancy. 

N.B: Avoid ready made Herbal Mixes that contain Sugar. N.B: Do not give Peppermint or Sage Teas to Children under 4 years of age. 

N.B: Be sure if mixing Herbs in a Compound that they actually go together. 

N.B: Listen to your Body and if taking the Herb does not feel right then don't take it. 

N.B: Don't mix Herbs and prescription medication unless you are aware of their individual Properties, as they could combine to create problems. 


Natural Herbs and Bach Flower Essences are not only natural Organic species, but have also not been hybridized or genetically modified. They are utilized as a natural food and medicine for preventive Nutrition and therapeutically, to treat Imbalances and Disease in the Body. They treat the Causes of the Conditions and stimulate and assist the Body in the healing process with virtually no risk of complications.

N.B: Certified Organically grown Herbs, especially those grown in Australia, are highly recommended for their superior quality.

N.B: Rarely have "side effects," unless abused, due to the fact that being natural Organic food no waste products accumulate in the Body. The natural Organic Minerals in them metabolize with the other natural Organic Minerals and Vitamins along with the natural Enzymes, Glycoside, Tannins, Tissue Salts, etc that all go to synchronize the Synergy in the whole plant.


Quantities: *Use 3 x times the quantity of Fresh Herb to Dried Herb. 1 x teaspoon of dried herb or 3 of the fresh herb to 1 x cup of water and allow to steep for 15 minutes then drink, hot or cold. Dosage: 1/2 Cup x 2 to 3 times a day. 



Is related to the overall balance of the Actions and Constituents and the Compounds involved in plants, such as Meadowsweet, which is in reality herbal Aspirin without any "side effects." It contains Salicyclic Acid that is also found in the Bark of the Willow / Salix Alba, and it has an anti - Inflammatory action on Rheumatic Pain and Fever, as well as being anti - Septic and Diuretic. The other Constituents in the plant, such as Mucilage and Tannins balance these.


N.B: Salicylates taken in isolation can cause Gastric Bleeding, a "side effect" of the single compound, Aspirin, but left as a whole the Synergy it is in balance with its other Constituents, and has the opposite effect being whole herbs that heal Gastric Bleeding and Ulceration.

N.B:Imbalances occur when there is Human interference with Nature, as the key to health is that natural waste products are passed out of the Body quickly and easily, which is not the case with synthetically produced Chemical compounds and medicines.  The common action of medicinal Herbs and Bach Flower Essences is to treat the two extremes and so create Balance in the Body Systems.


By improving your Digestive System they can prevent the formation of Toxins, and increase the elimination of both Body Waste and Toxins. They can boost the Immune and Lymphatic Systems, cleanse the Blood and remove the Toxins from the Body and they can assist the Lungs and Kidneys to also eliminate Toxins. They can assist to clear up any Skin Problems, Fluid Retention and Obesity. They contain Compounds and Pharmacological properties that have been used for over two thousand years. They are mostly made up of plants whose stem is not woody or persistent. They can be used fresh (N.B: Except for Pasque Flower), or dried for future use when abundant, in Capsules, in Decoctions, in Inhalations, in Powders, in Teas and in Tinctures.


N.B: Some Herbs are for both Internal and External use while others are for External use only.  

N.B: They need to be stored in airtight containers with dark glass being the best medium for long time storage of Tinctures and Oils.  

Externally: applied as Compresses, Creams, Infused Oils, Ointments and Poultices. Fresh or Dried Herbs or Oils can be added to Therapeutic Baths.  

N.B: Essential Oils, Fluid - Extracts and Tablets are commercially produced and are not really suitable for home made remedies. 

In the kitchen Herbs add flavour to cooking and have health benefits.

Natural Plant food and Herbal Medicines provide natural combined Nutrients as a whole package for the Body to take up from them whatever it requires.

Synthetic individual isolated Chemical molecules derived from these may be stronger for a particular molecule, but they do not furnish the Body with the whole package and due to their added strength, and lack of natural wholeness / Synergy may produce "side effects." 



N.B: Always ensure that you identify correctly the Herb chosen to suite the need, and what its Properties are after first ensuring from a physician what the actual Condition really is, and especially the Cause.

N.B: A change of diet, increased exercise, and a better lifestyle may also be required.


Add pleasant Aromas to perfumes, or have a specific health benefit.

Allspice: for Indigestion.

Cardamon: a Mild Stimulant,

Cinnamon: anti - Microbial for Stomach problems.

Cloves: are a Pain reliever and an anti - Septic.

Coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Garlic: for Cancer and Heart Disease.

Ginger: for Arthritis and Nausea.

Red Pepper: is a pain reliever.

Sesame: is an anti - Oxidant,

Turmeric: for Arthritis and Diabetes.



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