Sire                                                                                                                                         RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

Sire: Hilarious Way (USA)  

                                                                                                                                  *HILARIOUS MAORI


Dam: Tuatahi Rakel ( Fallacy NZ) Dam of Noble Garry 1.59.6 (Garry Rowan NZ) and Hunter Rainbow 2,2.01. 1.58.4  (18 Wins and 21 Places) $60,000 (Big Band Sound (Imp), *Holly Rainbow (Land Grant (Imp) Dam of Sammy Rainbow.


Grand Dam: Countess Belmer (U. Scott) Dam of Belmer's Image 1.58.2 (Armbro Del (Imp) *Bryn Morphyd 2.11.3 (Garrison Hanover (Imp) Dam of Count Karalta 1.58 (Romeo Hanover (Imp)


Next Dam: Ingle Belmer (Jack Potts (Imp) Dam of Battlefield 2.09.6 (sire) Lady Belmer  2.06.8 NZ Dunedin Cup (U.Scott (Imp) Grand - Dam of Tarita 1.59.9. Lady Belfield (U.Scott (Imp) Dam of of Regal Belmer (Garrison Hanover (Imp) Dam of Harvest Gold 2.00.7 NZ.N.I. Oaks. Royal Belmer 1.59.2. Dam of Sovereign 2.06.7 NZ Derby.  *Ingle Brigade (Light Brigade (Imp) Grand - dam of Thurber Lobell 1.59 and Bobo 2.16.4 (Johnny Globe NZ) Dam of Angela Kay 1.58 (Timely Knight (Imp) and Company Command 1.58.8 (Noodlum NZ), Pine Air (Highland Air NZ) Dam of Pine Ship 1.57 and Knight Air 1.58.6.


Next Dam: Purple Patch (Rey De Oro (Imp) Dam of *Loyal Rey 2.07.4 (Grattan Loyal (Imp) Stratton Cup - ancestress of Garrison Patch (Garrison Hanover (Imp) Dam of Patchy Boy 1.59.2.  *Peggy Patch (Lusty Volo (Imp) Grand - dam of Aaron Peak (Silver Peak) Dam of Abercorn Kid 2.02.4 NSW Challenge Stakes and Penrith Kindergarten Stakes. Phillip's Council 1.58.2, Unspoken 1.59, Adios Brad 2.06.3 W.A. Derby, Kind Nature 1.58. Jolly Hope (Radiant Walla) Grand - dam of Regal Countess (Eagle Armbro (Imp) Dam of La Sharee 1.56.5 - ancestress of Miss Dior (Yankee Express (Imp) Dam of Unspoken 1.59 . Final Way (Final Say) Dam of Adios Brad 2.06.3 W.A. Derby, Kind Gesture (Regal Yankee (Imp) Dam of Kind Nature 1.58.  *Anita Patch (Jack Potts (Imp) Dam of Patchwork 2.03.8 New Brighton Cup. Dam of Purple Lass 2.08.6 (Garrison Hanover (Imp) Dam of Ballymoss 2.00.6 NSW Sapling Stakes, Betty Patch. Grand - dam of Prestina 1.57.6. *Zancara (Sire), *Pacework 2.14.4 (U. Scott (Imp) Dam of Manservant 2.00.6 $109,000. *Anita Scott. Grand - dam of Gay Meg 1.59.5.  *Inglewood - ancestress of Number One Son 2.00. Win Patch. Grand - dam of Charming William 2.00. Purple Queen (Meadow Chief (Imp)  Dam of King Armbro - Sire, Inglemead. Dam of Knight's Honour 1.59.2  and Striking Heir 1.57. Starwood (Thurber Frost (Imp) Dam of Misswood 1.59.3 S.A. Oaks and Victorian Silver Chalice (Tarport Coulter (Imp) and Jardare 2.04.4 Edgar Tatlow Stakes and Patchbrook (Hi Los Forbes (Imp) Dam of Fella's Patch 1.59 and Golden Patch 1.59. 

Next Dam: A Mare by Logan Pointer (Imp) 

Next Dam: A Mare (Advance) Dam of *Blush (Brent Locanda (imp) Dam of Reckless Lady (U. Scott (Imp) ancestress of Indian Order (Emory Hanover (Imp) Dam of Tread Softly 1.58.8 and Silver Streak 1.58.8 and ancestress also of Young Mandy (Diamond King) Dam of Sir Crocket 2.01.5 S.A. Derby and Jane Maree (Avian Again) Dam of Jane's Law 2.01.5 Shepparton Gold Cup. 


Next Dam: Family of PAPILLA (Thoroughbred) 


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