RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                                         KINGS OF MEATH / MIDHE / MIDLANDS  -  432 AD - 1172 AD


Began in the 2nd Century AD under *81.Tuathal Teachtmhar - the Legitimate the 106th King of Tara / Ireland from a portion of the 4 previous kingdoms creating a 5th Province and named for Midhe who had been the Chief Druid to Nemedius.

Meath. Combining Co. Meath and Co. Westmeath, parts of Co. Dublin, Co. Kildare, Co. Offaly, Co. Longford, the kingdoms of Brefne in the Connacht Province and Orgialla on the borders of Co. Cavan and Co. Louth. Boundaries - From the River Shannon eastward of Dublin and from Dublin to the River Rye / Righ that flows into the River Liffey at Leixlip then through to Kildare and Co. Offaly to Birr at Parsonstown from the River Rye westward to Cloncurry / Cluan Conrach, then to French Mill's Ford to the Cumar / Junction of Clonard on the southern border of Meath, then to Tochar Cairbre / The Bog Pass of Carbery in Carbery and Co. Kildare, then to Geashill in Co. Offaly to Druimchuillin in Eglish in Co. Offaly and to the River Little Brosna / Abhain Chara a tributary of the River Shannon from Loch Couragh, between Frankford and Birr, then the River Shannon northwards to Athlone and Loch Ree a part of the River Shannon between Westmeath and Longford / Annaly on one side and Roscommon on the other, then finally to Drogheda being bounded on the north by the kingdoms of Brefne and Orgialla. 


01.91.Conall Cremthainne the first Heremonian Dal Cuinn Christian King, a son of 90.Niall of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland. Male line ancestor of the Clann Cholmain Sept, the Caille Follamain Sept and the Siol nAedo Slaine Septs of the southern Ui Niall.

02.91.Fiacha / Fiachu, also a son of 90.Niall of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland. Male line ancestor of the Cenel Fiachach Sept of the southern Ui Niall.

03.92.Artgal, a son of 91.Conall Cremthainne and direct male line ancestor of the southern Ui Niall Cenel nArdgail.

04.93.Main a son of 92.Feargus Cearbhall / Carroll a son of 91.Conall Cremthainne. Male line ancestor of the Clann Cholmain, Caille Follamain and the Siol nAedo Slaine southern Ui Niall Septs

05.*93.Diarmaid mac Carroll the 133rd King of Tara / Ireland, son of 92.Feargus Cearbhall, and a brother to 93.Main. Ancestor of the Clann Cholmain, the Caille Follamain and Siol nAedo Slaine southern Ui Niall Septs. Tara abandoned after 2,000 years as the main seat of the Irish Kings because of his conduct.

06.94.Colman Mor a son of *93.Diarmaid mac Carroll the 133rd King of Tara / Ireland, and direct male line ancestor of the southern Ui Niall Clann Cholmain Septs.

07.94.Colman Beg, a brother to 94.Colman Mor, and ancestor of the southern Ui Niall Caille Follamain Septs.

08.95.Suibhneach, a son of 94.Colman Mor.                                     

09.96.Fergus, a son of 95.Colman Beg. 

10.96.Aongus / Aengus, a brother of 96.Fergus.                         

11.96.Conal Guthbin a son of 95.Sweeney / Suibhne.

12.Maolroid the Handsome. Circa 146/ 147th Kings of Ireland.

13.Diarmait  a son of Armeadh.                                                 

14.Murcha a son of Diarmait.                                                             

15.Diarmait 11 a son of Murcha.                                               

16.Armeath a son of Conall Gulbin 11.                                            

17.Aodh a son of Armeath.                                                        

18.Colga a son of Aodh.                                                                       

19.*100.Donnell Midi the 161st King of Ireland a son of 99.Murchad.   

20.Niall, the son of Diarmait .                                                               

21.101.Murtagh, a son of 100.Donnell Midi 161st King of Ireland.          

22.*101.Donogh Midi the 163rd King of Ireland a brother to 101.Murtagh.        

23.102.Donnell 11, a son of *101.Donogh Midi, was murdered by the Danes.

24.103.Mildredach, a son of 102.Donnell 11.                                                   

25.Ailiol / Oilioll a son of Mildredach.

26.*102.Conor / Conchobar / Congovarus the 165th King of Ireland.                        

27.102.Mulroney / Maolruanaidh. a brother to *102.Conor.

28.103.Flarth, a son of 102.Mulroney / Maolruanaidh.

29.*103.Malachy 1 Mor - the Great the 167th King of Ireland and a brother of 103.Flarth.

30.Lorcan - King, a son of Cathal Mor.

31.Donogh 11, a son of Eochagan / Eochy - the Anointed.

32,*104.Flann Sionna the 169th King of Ireland, a son of *103.Malachy 1st - the Great

33.104.Conor 11 / Congovarus 11 a brother of 104.Flan Sionna.

34,105.Donnell 111, a son of 104.Flann Sionna.

35.*105.Donogh 111 the 171st King of Ireland, was another son of 104.Flann Sionna.

36.106.Aongus a son of *105.Donogh 111.

37.106.Donogh 1V the son of 105.Donnell 111.

38.Feargal, the son of Aongus.

39.Aodh, the son of Mulroney / Maolruanaidh.

40.107.Donnell 1V  the son of 106.Donogh 1V.

41.108.Carlus the son of 107.Donnell 1V.

42.Murtagh Grigg / a Greek scholar.

43.Donnell V, the son of Congalach.

44.Feargal 11 the son of Donnell V.

45.*Malachy 11 / Malachias the 174th King of Ireland who reigned for 45 years.

46.Maolseachlainn who reigned 4 years.

47.108.Donnell V1 the son of *107.Malachy 11.

48.Conor / Conchobar / Congovarus 111 O Connor who was murdered by his brother AD 1073.

49.Murcha a son of Flann and the last King of Meath, after the Anglo - Norman English Invasion, who supported the Bective Abbey.


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