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                                                                                             93.Fergus Mor mac Earca - Heremonian Kings of Scotland


     *90.Niall - of the Nine Hostages the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn 126th King of Ireland the direct male line ancestor of all of the Dal Cuinn Ui Niaill Septs in Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland the father of;  

      91.Eoghan the 1st King of Aileach in the Ulster Province who is the direct male line ancestor of all the Cenel nEogain Septs in Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland and Kings of Ireland and Ulster the father of;

     92.Murray / Muireadach the Cenel nEogain 2nd King of Aileach who was the father of;

     93.Fergus Mor mac Earca, was a brother to *93.Murtaugh mac Earca the future Heremonian Dal Cuinn northern Cenel nEogain 131st King of Tara / Ireland, as both were the sons, of 92.Murray / Muireadach the 2nd King of Aileach in the Ulster Province and Earca the daughter of 97.Loarn the Heremonian Ui Conaire King of Dal Riada in the Alba / Scottish Highlands. 93.Fergus Mor mac Ercae was to become the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn northern Ui Niaill King of Dal Riada in his own right after his maternal grandfather, 97.Loarn the previous and last Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Conaire King of Dal Riada, was to die. 93.Fergus mac Earca's male line was to persist down to Malcolm 111 Cean Mor who was to be the first to be known officially as the King of Scotland and one of his sons, Alexander / Alastair 1st from St. Margaret, the Saxon Princess, who would be a sister to Edgar the Aetheling the Saxon heir apparent to Edward the Confessor the Saxon King of England in 1066 AD. (St. Margaret was to be the catalyst for the loss of the Gaelic influence in Scotland and the replacement by Anglo - Saxon and Norman influences there after they would move from the Highlands down into the Lowlands of Scotland.)

     In 498 AD along with 5 of his brothers, 2 x 93.Angus, another 93.Fergus and 2 x 93.Loarns they had taken 150 of their followers to the nearby Highlands of Alba / Scotland to assist their maternal Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Conaire grandfather, 97.Loarn in what was then the Heremonian territory of Dal Riada who was being besieged by the Picts who they were able to defeat. They where then to become the ancestors of the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn Kings of Albany in Argyle (The Land of the Gael) down to Malcolm 111. The descendants of Dal Riada there were to be eventually represented by the Cenel nGuaire Sept, the Cenel Fionn Chuinc Sept, the Mac Adhamhnan Sept, the Mac Eogan of Eirtre Sept, the Mag Giolla Eogain and Mag Giolla Laghmain Septs.

94.Domhangort / Donart the father of;

95.Eochaid the father of;                         96.Gabhran the father of;

97.Aedan / Aodhan who was selected and Inaugurated as the Heremonian northern Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain King of Dal Riada there in Alba by his Heremonian Dal Cuinn northern Ui Niaill Cenel Conaill kinsmen, 94.St.Columbcile / St. Columba of Iona (The Kindred of St. Columbcille) from the northern Ui Niaill who was maternally related to him. 96.Aedan was to be the father of;   

98.Eochy / Eochaidh Buidhe - of the Yellow Hair, the father of;           

99.Donnell / Domhnall Breac who was to break a Truce that was previously arranged by 94.St. Columbcille. He was the father of; 

100.Domhangort / Donart the father of;      

101.Aed / Aodh Fionn - of Fair Complexion, the father of;   

102..Eochy / Eochaidh Rinnamail the father of;

103.Ailpin 11 the King who was to die in 839 AD / 834, and whose younger son was to be 104.Donnell / Domhnall mac Ailpin who was to become the King of Dal Riada from 858 AD until he was assassinated in 862 AD who was to introduce "The Laws of Aed," including, the Gaelic Milesian Tanistry to ensure that if the King died suddenly, there would be some one elected and ready to take his place. 104. Donnell mac Alpin was to die at the palace at Cinn Belachoir in Perthshire after ruling for 4 years, and was buried on the Holy Island of Iona. 103.Ailpin was also the father of;

860 AD 104.Kenneth 1st / Cinaed mac Ailpin (810 AD -  reigned from 839 AD in Dal Riada / Alba after his father and the Pictish King, Uen were killed in battle against the Vikings. In 841 AD he defeated the Picts and from 843 - 858 AD / 854 he ruled as the Heremonian Scottii King and of the Picts as the Celtic Gaelic Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Dal Cuinn King while constantly under attack from the Vikings, which acted as a catalyst for a more united Alba. This was after he combined his kinsmen the aristocratic Scythian Celtic Gaelic Milesians on the male line and the Scythian Cruthin Gaelic Picts on the female line in 843 AD to create the Kingdom of Albany in the Scottish Highlands to produce the future Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn Scottii Kings of Albany / Scotland. He had his fortress at Fortevolt near Perth. He died from a tumour at Cinnbelachoir in 855 AD and was interred on Iona. He was succeeded by his brother, 104.Donnell. (858 - 862 AD). 104.Kenneth mac Alpin was to be the father of 2 sons and 2 daughters including ;

105.Constantin 1st mac Kenneth / Caustantin mac Cinaeda his son, the heir - elect / Tanaiste who became the Celtic Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Conaire King of Dal Riada / Alba / Scottish Highlands (863 AD - 877 AD / 878) who was able to expand and consolidate his kingdom and defeat the Teutonic Vikings, including Olaf the White / Amlaib Conung and Thorsten the Red in battle. During his reign Artgal was the King of Strathclyde who was killed in 872 AD by the Teutonic Vikings, and 97.Constantin 1st put his brother - in - law on his throne making Strathclyde subordinate to Alba / Albany. In 877 AD the Vikings from Dublin and Yorkshire landed at Fife and besieged the east - coast of Alba / Scottish Highlands and 105.Constantin was killed in battle at Inver Dovat and his body also was interred on the Holy Island of Iona. He was to be the father of;  

106. Donald / Domhnall mac Caustantin who was overlooked as Eochaidh and Giric took over the Kingship but he slew Giric and exiled Eochaidh to Wales and took over the Kingship of Strathclyde also, becoming the outright King of Alba 889 - 900 AD / 903, and was the first to try and subjugate the Highlanders while Sigurd - the Mighty the Viking King took over most of northern Alba. 106.Donald was killed in the Battle of Dunbar  by the Danes and his body also was interred on Iona. His son was;

107. Malcolm 1st / Mael Coluim mac Domhnall an Bodhbhercc - the Dangerous Red who reigned from 943 - 954 AD / 958 AD and joined with Edmund 1st the Saxon King of England against the Vikings, and Edmund 1st granted sovereignty over Strathclyde as a token of his esteem. In 952 AD there was a great battle by their combined forces against the Vikings and in 954 AD the Maormor / Earl Kelly / Cellach revolted against him and Cellach was slain and later one of Cellach's followers slew Mael Coluim 1st. His body was also interred on Iona. His son was;

108.Kenneth 11 (D:994 AD) His son was; 

109. Malcolm 11 (D:1040 AD) Mael Coluim (The servant or devotee of 94.St. Columbcille / St. Columba (The Dove of the Church) (Kindred of 94.Columbcille), the father of;

110.Beatrix / Beatrice  the mother of;  

111.Duncan 1st , whose father was Crinan the Lord of the Isles, (D:1041 AD) He was assassinated by mac Beth when Malcolm 111 Cean Mor was 9 year old who was then supported by Edward the Confessor in 1053 AD when mac Beth was killed at the Battle of Lumphanan.

110.Doda a sister to 110.Beatrix had married the Lord of Glammis and produced mac Beatha / Beth. (D:1057 AD) mac Findlaech mac Ruaidri who was a sub - King of Moray, in 1032 AD

112. Malcolm 111 Cean Mor mac Duncan 1st  1058 - 1093 AD. Married Ingibjorg who produced 3 sons before she died. He was remarried in 1070 AD to the Saxon Princess, St. Margaret, who produced 8 children with his only daughter, Matilda becoming the wife of Henry 1st of England.

113.Alexander 1st - the Fierce was the fourth son of Malcolm 111 Cean Mor and St. Margaret and he reigned from 1107 - 1124 AD. His son was;

114. Alexander 111 who succeeded his father at 8 years of age and in 1262 AD he gained the Kingship and claimed the Western Isles from King Haakon of Norway, which he eventually received along with the Isle of Man in the Treaty of Perth. In 1251 he married Margaret of England the daughter of Henry 111 who produced 3 children all of whom died before him. In 1286 AD he fell from his horse and died, which ended the Gaelic male line to the Scottish Kingship. 


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