Walton Hanover                                                                                                                 RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

SireWalton Hanover (USA) 3,1.53.4 $802,000 (U.S.A.) "2 Year Old Pacer of the Year." 678 USA winners inc Hi Ho Silverheels 1.49.8 $1,192,000 and Totally Ruthless 1.55.2 $1,150,000 also sired 275 Australian winners inc Sting Like A Bee. 


                           Miss Maori Rainbow                                                                           Flight Rainbow

                               Miss Maori Rainbow                                                                         MAORI AUSTRALIS          Deceased                                                                                                     Flight Rainbow

Dam of Maori Rainbow (deceased), Sunny Rainbow (Sundon (USA)  Mistral Rainbow (Sierra Kosmos (USA)  Chevaux Rainbow (Yankee Paco (USA)(13 Wins) Tr. 2,2.09.8. 1.58.7(13 Wins and 20 places $80,000), Bacardi Rainbow (Bacardi Lindy (USA, Chateux Rainbow (Yankee Paco (USA) ) Flight Rainbow (Eileen Donon (USA) Tr. 3;1.54. Second in NSW Challenge 2 Y.O. with Juvenile trotting ability and many places dam of Mistress Rainbow ( Majestic Son (Canada) 3,1.52.2 $1,993,000. (First foal), Miss Maori Rainbow  (Sundon (USA) Juvenile Trotting ability and injured dam of Rainbow Sam (Great Success (USA) Carolyn Laycock (Armbro Variable (USA) also injured dam of Williams Rainbow (Bacardi Lindy (USA)  

Dam Maori Trump (Overtrick (USA) Australian Broodmare of the Year. Dam of 11 winners  including, Noopy Kiosk (Paulsboro (USA) Tr.2.00.6 (34 wins) $320,000. Outstanding Juvenile inc Victoria 2 Year Old Sires Stakes, Victorian 3 Year Old Trotting Derby, Victorian Holmfield, Victorian El Dorado, Victorian 3 Year Old Sires Stakes,  Victorian 4 Year Old Sires Stakes, Heat Inter - Dominion and 3rd in the Final, Howe Cup, 3rd Cochran Cup & 1996 Australian Trotter of the Year. Aussie Trump (Sundon (USA.) Tr.2.05 4 x 3 Year Old (9 Wins) $ 61,000 inc Heat Victorian Trotters Derby & 2nd in the $50,000 Final, Heat Australian Breeders Crown, 2nd New Zealand Trotters Sires Stakes. Maori Azolla Tr. 2, 2.13.2 (2 Year Old wins) inc 1999 Redwood 2 Year Old Consolation(Entrepreneur (USA) Maori Acacia (Smooth Fella (Imp) Dam of Skye Rocket (Wagon Apollo) Tr. 3,2.05.1 (12 wins) $118,000 inc; Vic Bred 4 Year Old Final, Victorian Trotters Oaks, Heat Victorian Trotters Derby. Maori Aphylla  (French Chef (USA) Dam of *Gun Of A Son (Sundon (USA) T.2.08.5 1.59.4 (11 wins) $77,000 Consolation Victorian 2 Year Old Breeders Crown, 2 x 3 Year Old, grandam of Bee Arr Dee 1.59.2, Sparks Ignite 1.56.5 71,000sa Derby , Afternoondelite 2,2.04.7 61,000, Posseidon 3,1.59 427,000 grandam of Maori Time 1.51.5 421,000, Maori Law 1.58.7 139,000, Happy Maori 4,1.59.6 89,000 Powderkeg 2,2.01.4 62,000, Outback Madge 3,2.01 30,000 Maori Louise (Young Dancer (Imp) P. 2.00.5  (6 Wins) $18,000. He's A Ruler (The Contender (Imp) Tr. 2.04.2 (10 wins) $52,000 dam of Chesapeaka Boy 2.02.7 $89,00, Laurabel (Windshield Wiper (USA) P. 2,2.02.9 (7 Wins)  $28,000. Dam of Maori's Honour (Walton Hanover (Imp) P. 2.02.9 (4 wins) $22,000 3rd Central Victorian Pacing Championship. *Maori Mist (Torado Hanover (Imp) P. 2.03.9 (19 wins)  $72,000 inc 2 Moonee Valley and Heat and Final Victorian Claiming Masters. Magic Maori (Hilarion (USA) Tr. 2.09.2 (12 wins) $33,000. Tennotrump Tr. 2,2.03.5, 3,2.04.3. (17 Wins) $179,000 Brilliant young 2 Year Old and 3 Year Old Trotter. Winner of the Vic Bred 2 Year Old Trot, Breeders Crown 2 Year Old Trot, Vic Bred 3 Year Old 2005 Trotters Final and Schweppes 3 Year Old Trotting Classic, S.A. Trotters Derby, Breeders Crown 3 Year Old Trot & 2006 Gawler Trotters Cup. (A Go Go Lauxmont (U.S.A) *Maori Princess (Entrepreneur (USA) T.2.04.5 (11 wins) $75,000 6 x Mooney Valley, Victorian 3 Year Old Holmfield, 2 x Heats and the Final Victorian Sires Stakes, Prelude and Final Victorian El Dorado, 4 Year Old Victorian Sires Stakes, 1992 Australian Trotter of the Year. Dam of Sumthingaboutmaori (Pine Chip (U.S.A) Tr. 2.00.9. (31 wins) $461,000  inc  4 x 2 Year Old inc; 3rd in Victorian Tatlow Memorial, 2 Y.O. Trotter of the Year 2 x 3 Year Old, 2004 S.A. Trotters Cup ,Group 1 Australian Grand Prix, 2004 Trotters Inter - Dominion Championship. Maori Royal (R.C's. Dee Jay (USA) Tr.2.04.7  (9 wins)  $ 29,978. Maori Trust (Cute Van) P.2.03.6 (3 Wins), Maori Fella (Besta Fella (USA) P.2.02.4 (9 Wins) $23,000. Maori Vacation 2.00.6 $76,000, grandam of Kyvalley Clichy 3,1.59.2 $137,000, Needabacardi 1.57. $88,000, Aldebaran Sunstar 1.59 $37,000, Gus An Maori 3, 2.00.9 $32,000.

Grand - Dam:  Maori Miss (N.Z.) (Grand Monarch N.Z.)Australian Broodmare of the Year P. 2,2.14 .8 Tr. 2.10.6 (20 wins) inc 2 Heats of the Trotters Inter - Dominion and Dam of 8 Winners inc; Maori's Gift, Maori's Pride, Maori Monarch, Tr. (15 Wins) inc; Victorian Trotters Derby and Australian Trotters Championship, Maori's Wonder 2.01.3 (22 Wins) (Dick Adios (USA) Maori Way 2.06 (12 Wins), Maori's Pride Tr.2.04.4 (8 Wins), Maori Meadow, Maori's Idol Tr. 1.59.3 (Ike Frost (Imp) The most outstanding Trotter of his time and Australian Harness Horse of the Year with 24 consecutive wins and successful Sire. Maori Mia (Kentucky (USA) Dam of Maori's Glory Tr.2,2.05.3 3,2.07.9 2.02.9 $109,000 (Red Coach Glory (USA) Dam of Maori Moon (Entrepreneur (Imp) Dam of Master Maori Tr. 2,2.04.3 3,2.03.1 2.02.2 (20 Wins and 14 Places) $120,000. Maori Mara (Bravado Hanover (USA) Tr.2.09.2 $19,000 (2 and 3 Year Old Tr. Winner) Dam of Maoris Dream (Red Coach Glory (Imp) Tr. 3 2.06.5 2.02.8 (14 Wins) $79,000 inc; Dullard Cup, Victorian Sires Stakes 2 Year Old Trotters Final, Heat of Trotters Inter - Dominion $109,000. Dam of Calder Sensation Tr.2, 2.09.6 3, 2.03.1 4, 2.02.1(14 Wins) $142,000 2003 Redwood Consolation. Maoris Crown Tr. 2,2.06.2 3, 2.06.7 $57,000 (The Contender (USA) (8 Wins) Dam of Enjoy A Crownie Tr. 2.03.5 2.02.6 $122,000 (S.J.'s Photo (USA) Maori's Advice Tr.3,2.03.5 1997 2 Y.O. Trotter of the Year," Maori Demon 2,2.07 (Grand - dam of Broke As Usual Tr.1.55.6 $423,000. 

Next Dam Yendarra Hall (Loreto (Imp) Dam of Marnoo Hall Tr.2.13 SA Trotters Derby (Daring Deed) and *Hanover Hall (H.D. Hanover (USA) Dam of Convincing 2.10.2 (Aachen) Dam of Miller's Corner 1.59.3 (Thor Hanover (Imp), The Chief Accountant 1.56.2 (Kentucky (Imp) and Bondi Tramcar 1.59.2 (Kentucky (Imp) Yendarra Queen (Dick Adios (USA) Dam of Kind of Hush 2.05.2  3 Year Old Victorian Sires Stakes (Bye And Large (Imp) 

Next Dam: Adelaide Hall (Dillon Hall) (USA)  Next Dam: Fernbrook Lass (Jack Potts (Canada)  Next Dam: Locanda Queen (Brent Locanda (USA) Next Dam: Imperial Princess (Prince Imperial) Dam of *Imperial Logan (Logan Pointer (Imp) Dam of Colleen Travis (Travis Axworthy (Imp) ( Dam of Wadi Willow (Light Brigade (USA) Dam of Grosvenor Lord 1.59.2 $185,000 (Lordship NZ) and Grosvenor Countess (Play Bill (usa) Dam of Countess Royale 1.58 (Lordship) and Myra Parrish (Guy Parrish (USA) Dam of Ranier (Sandydale (Imp) Dam of Tiara Court 2.04.3 and Sire (Last Scott NZ) and Tiara Maid (Last Scott) Dam of Cassius Court 2.02.8 SA Champagne Stakes, Gawler Cup, Italian Cup and Mildura Cup (Deep Adios (Imp) Dorcus (Peerless Peter) Dam of Bold & Beautiful 2.06.5 (Deep Adios (USA) Dam of Blue Pasadena 2.00 (Tactus NZ) and Miss Vance (Meadow Vance (USA) Dam of Tracy Vance (Bravado Hanover (USA) Dam of Run Besta 2.00 (Besta Bret (USA) O Corrain (Leyoro) Dam of Padraig 2.02.5 3 Year Old WA Triple Crown WA Sires Produce.  

Family of  Problem  (N.Z.)  (Specification) ancestress also of Papa Red 1.55.8 $172,000.   


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