RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                                                                                           Mini Geldings

     1. Illusion 


       Born Height 22.00” Sorrel Chestnut, White Blaze, Blonde Mane and Tail, American Overo - Sabino white frosting throughout his coat.  

Sire: Mini World Chromes Classic  Chestnut Overo 34.625” Dam's Sire: Ramsey's Bambie 32.00" Sires Dam:  4 GS Bambies Carrott Top 11"(Imp) Splashed White Overo 33.25" Sires Grand Dam: 4 GS Hemlock Brooks Carrott  Top.                      

Dam’s Sire:  Olive Park Danny Boy Piebald 30.31” Dam: Mini World Olympic Style  Taffy 34.125” at 2 Y.O. Same height at 4 Y.O. Grand Sire:  FWF'S Blues Golden Comet  29.00" G. Sire:  FWF’s Blues Golden Illusion (Imp) Palomino 31.00”  Sires Dam FWF'S Blue Illusion Sorrel 31.00" Grandam: Olive Park Tinsel ‘n’ Gold  Palomino 29.275”



Born Height  22.00” Snowcap Spotted Palouse Small Horse with a White Blaze and Dark Legs. American Overo, Few Spot Cremello and Palouse genes.

Sire: Mini World  Chromes Classic  Chestnut Overo 34.625"  Dam's Sire: Lucky Four Cinemax (Imp) Few Spot  Buckskin Palouse  33.80" Dam: Mini World Fair Lady  MHAA Cremello Few Spot Palouse. Outstanding fine horse mare whose 7th dam is the Australian Pony Stud Book mare - Hordern's Jinny.

        3. Fine & Dandy                             


 50% American Silver Dappled Blue Grey Gelding. A Fine Horse, Silver Mane and Tail.

Sire: Sweetwaters Egyptian Kings Smokey (Imp) Silver Dappled Taffy 31.78"  Dam:  Denise  Grey 33.125"


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