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                                                                                                    Mini Mares  

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Angora Gold    -    Blue Denim   -    Buttercup      -        Candie       -        Candy        -   Care Bear     -  Classic Heritage        Denise     


Fair Lady        -Fairy Floss    -        Floss          -    Princess       -         Melitta        -          Mindi         -       Olympic        -     Petal



    Rainbow     -        Rosette          Serenade      -        Shania      -  Sheer Fantasy -        Starlight     -  Sweet Candy  -   Sweet Pea  




"Miss Eastover "(Imp)  Dam of  "Top Hat" "Olympic Blue" and "Jackwhite"          "Blue Denim"                "Classic Heritage"


To all those who have purchased the above Mini Mares we hope that all your troubles from now on will be "little ones."  


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