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                                                                                                                                     O Neill of Co. Clare - Mac Neilly

O Neill or O Neil or O Neile or  O Nihill or O Nihil or O Nihell or O Newell or Creagh - Irish / Ua Niaill - of Co. Clare. Heberian Dal gCais Ui Bloid Sept / Family branch who were Chiefs of the Clan Dalvy / Daelbhaoi and Tradree in the Barony of Inchiquin in Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province. In the 12th Century AD a Sept from the Family went to Co. Limerick to assist in expelling the Viking Danes and gained several victories there wearing green boughs / branches in their helmets and on their horse’s heads. They then received the nickname Ramifer and later also anglicized this name to Creagh from the Irish word craobhach for branch. (Descendants of these particular Mac Gilla Craobhach Septs still exists in Co. Clare, Co. Cork and Co. Tipperary. *105.Brian Boru - of the Tributes the King of Thomond, the 41st King of Cashell / Munster and 175th High King of Ireland, who defeated the Vikings at Clontarf near Dublin in 1014 AD, is originally from the Ui Bloid Sept. Their Chief seat was at Finlora  / Fionluaraigh and country at Tradree, Tomfinloe, Kilaasodagh, Kilmalarry, Kilcourey, Clonloghan, Drumline, Fernagh, Bunratty and Killaneen. In 1585 AD Turlogh O Neill from Tomfinloe was to succeed the murdered Dermod O Hurley as the Archbishop of Cashel and in 1781 AD Laurence Nihell was the Bishop of Kilfenora. Ancestors: 91.Cas the King of Tuaiscert Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster who was the direct male line ancestor of all of the Dal gCais Septs, 92.Blood / Blod the eldest son and direct male line ancestor of the Ui Bloid Septs, 93.Cairthenn Fionn  Oge Mor, 94.Eochy / Eochaidh Baill Dearg, 95.Conall, 96.Aodh Caomh the King of Munster who had two sons, the eldest 97.Cathal, and the younger,  97.Connelly / Congalach who is also the direct male line ancestor of the O Noonans / Owens / Ui nEogans of Thomond and Southern Connacht, 98.Iorchlosach, 99.Flann, 100.Toole / Tuathal, 101.Ionnrachtach, 102.Niall the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Niaill of Co. Clare.


O Neill of Co. Wicklow / Irish - Ua Niaill. A Sept / Family branch who had their territory at  Shillelagh where Farran O Neal was their Chief in 1088 AD. 


O Neill - Irish / Ua Niaill of Munster. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Decies Ui Eoghain Fionn Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Tipperary / Co. Waterford in the north of Deisi in the Munster Province and nearby in Co. Carlow in Southern Leinster. Ancestors: *92.Felim / Feidlimid the 108th King of Tara / Ireland (Ui Felim), *101.Toole / Tuathal the 106th King of Tara / Ireland, *60.Coffey / Cobhthach the 69th King of Tara / Erinn (Ui Cobhthaigh), *37,Eremon (Heremonians).


Mac Neill - Irish / Mheic Niall. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Fiachrach Sept / Family branch, who had their territory at Carra in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province. Ancestors: 99.Fiachra the second Dal Cuinn King of Connacht (Ui Fiachrach), *89.Eochy Mugmedon the 124th King of Tara / Ireland.


Mac Neill or Nielson or Nelson - Irish / Mheic Niall of West Breifne. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin Breifne Sept / Family branch who had their territory in the kingdom of West Breifne in the Connacht Province, Ancestors: 90.Brion the first Dal Cuinn King of Connacht, 91.Duach Galach the youngest son, 92.Eogan Srem / Sreibh ancestor of the Ui Briuin Breifne / Ui Briuin Ai) the 5th King of Connacht, 93.Murray / Muireadach, 94.Fergus father also of 95.Eochy ancestor of the O Connors of Connacht, 95.Fergnae ancestor of the O Rourkes and father also of 96.Brennan / Brunan, 96.Aed Fionn, 97.Scandlan / Scanlan, 98.Criffan / Crimthann, 99.Felim, 100.Blamhach, 101.Baethine / Baothan, 102.Donough / Dunchad, 103.Dub Dothra / Dubh Dara who was a Ui Briuin King. 104.Cobhthach / Carnachan, 105.Aodh whose younger brother 105.Maol Mordha is the ancestor of the O Reillys of East Breifne / Co Cavan, 106.Tiernan / Tighearnan who died in 892 AD as the Prince / Tanaiste of Breifne (3 Lower Baronies of Co. Leitrim, 107.Rourke / Ruarc / Roarc the youngest of 12 sons, who who died in 893/8 AD as the King of Breifne ancestor of the Ui Ruairc Sept, 108.Art O Rourke, 109. Fergal / Fearghail Sean O Rourke the 39th / 43rd King of Connacht who died in 954 AD, 110.Aed O Rourke who died in 1015 AD whose brother 110.Aodh Coileach O Rourke was the ancestor of the Ui Coileaigh / O Collys), 111.Art Uallach - the Righteous O Rourke the 48th King of Connacht slain in 1046 AD, 112.Aod O Rourke slain 1077 AD, 113.Niall O Rourke, died in 1047 AD, 114.Uallgarg / Ualgarg O Rourke the father also of 115.Donnell O Rourke the ancestor of another Sept of the Mac Tiernans - of West Breifne, 115.Tiernan O Rourke the "aged" King of Breifne who was killed by the English Galls in 1172 AD after the Anglo - Norman Invasion who was the eldest son married to Dervorgilla the daughter of Murcha the last Dal Cuinn "southern" Ui Niaill Clann Cholmain King of Meath who was carried off by 113,.Diarmait Mac Murrough na Gall, 116.Donnell / Domhnall O Rourke the last Prince / Tanaiste of West Breifne, 117.Feargal the Chief of Breifne, 118.Donnell O Rourke the Chief of Breifne who had 5 sons, including 119.Congal O Rourke the ancestor of the Mac Nialls of West  Breifne,


Mac Neill - of the Western Isles. Gaelic Irish / Mheic Niaill. Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill Cenel nEogain Sept / Family branch, who returned to Ireland as galloglass / mercenaries who have been in Co. Antrim and nearby in Co. Derry in the north - east of the Ulster Province since the early 14th Century AD who were originally descended also from * see (O Neills - of Ulster). A branch also settled in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province.  For a derivation see also Nielson. See also Mac Greal. Ancestors: *103.Niall Glun Dubh - of the Black Knee the 170th King of Tara / Ireland, *104.Murtough / Muirchertach the 33rd King of Aileach, *105.Donnell / Domhnaill O Niall the 34th / 37th King of Aileach and 173rd King of Tara / Ireland, 106.Murtough / Muirchertach, 107.Flaherty / Flaithbertach O Niall,


Mac Neilly or Mac Neely or Mac Anihilly - Irish / Mheic an Fhilidh / fileadh (poet). A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province. See also Mac Nellagh and Mac Neely.


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