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Dam of Olympic Rainbow (Speed Supreme (USA)

Sire: Whipster (NZ)

Dam: Rebel Air (Stormyway (USA) Dam of Rebel Star 2.09.3 and Sire (Whipster (NZ)

Grand - Dam: Scottish Air (U. Scott (USA) 

Next Dam: Airflow (USA) Tr.2.13 (Guy Day) Dam of Flight Commander 2.07 and Sire (Light Brigade (Imp) Red Emperor 2.08.7 and Sire (Light Brigade (imp) Aerial Scott Tr.2.09.6 NZ Rowe Cup, Inter - Dominion Trotting Championship (U. Scott (Imp) and Highland Air 2.09.2 NZ Auckland Cup and Sire (U. Scott (Imp)

Next Dam: Willina Chenault (Peter Chenault)

Next Dam: Willina H (The Harvester)

Next Dam: Sis Direction (Directum)

Next Dam: Bermuda Girl (Bermuda)

Next DamAnnie Mac Kee (Red Wilkes) 

Next Dam: Family of SALLY ANN SHUTER (Kavanagh's Glencoe)


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