RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

Sire: Maori's Idol (Aust)  The most outstanding Trotter of his time. First 2.00 Trotter (40 wins from 47 starts.)


                    RAINBOW MAORI                                                                                


        Dam of Rainbow Sunami Tr.  (Sundon (USA), Rainbow Jay Jay Tr. 1.59.2 (2 x 3 Y.O. Wins)  (14 Wins and 10 places) $86,000 (Yankee Paco (USA) Watts Up Maori Tr.2.01.6 (Bacardy Lindy (USA) Watts Up Rainbow Tr.2;2.03.6 (Bacardi Lindy (USA) From first 4 live foals.  

Dam:  *DIAMOND SKI  T.2.08.5 $13,000 (6 Wins and 12 Places) inc; NSW Spring Trotters Cup @ Harold Park and 3rd in NSW Summer Trotters Cup (Toliver Hanover (USA) Dam of *Dancer Rainbow T.2,2.15.7, Tr. 2.03.1 $11,000  (2 Wins and 19 Places) including the 1994 2 Year Old Redwood Consolation, placed in Heats of NSW Foundation Trot (Lucius Lobell (Imp) *Diamond's Pride Tr. 3,2.10 and placed in Heats of NSW Foundation Trot. (Lucius Lobell (Imp) (Deceased) *Delgado Rainbow P. 2.04.9 (Panorama (USA)  

Grandam: SKI GIRL (Johnny Globe (NZ) Dam of 6 Winners inc., *Apre Ski 2,2.09.6 3,2.07.3; 1.56 (34 wins) 19 Moonee Valley and Harold Park plus more 39 Wins in the U.S.A; Heat and Final Carousel, Victorian Pacing Cup, Warragul Cup, Victorian Marathon, Melbourne Pacing Cup - $417,000 (Garrison Hanover (Imp) *Summer Holiday 3, 2.08 2.01.4 $55,000 (18 Wins) 4 @ Harold Park, 2 @ Albion Park, 8 Wins in the USA, 2 Year Old, 6 Wins and 6 Places from 13 starts (Scottish Hanover (NZ) *Ima Toliver (Toliver Hanover (Imp) *Apre Toliver 2.12.4 (3 wins) (Toliver Hanover (Imp) *Ima Trunkey 2,2.09.1 3,2.07.5 (6 win) (Toliver Hanover (Imp) (6 Juvenile Wins) Heat and Semi - Final 3 Year Old NSW Sires Stakes, 2nd in Semi - final NSW Sires Stakes. *Born To Glory . Dam of Road To Riches 2.01.7 $23,000 and Grand - dam of Life's Reward 1.54.4 $122,,000. 

G.G.Dam: SNOW JANE 2.08 (U. Scott (USA) Dam of  9 Winners and 4 producing broodmares inc; *Snow Globe Tr. 2.08.5 2.02.6 $37,000  (Johnny Globe NZ) 10 N.Z. Wins including NZ Ordeal FFA and more in the U.S.A. Dam of Speed For Two Tr. 2.01 $277,000 (Speedy Crown U.S.A) *Bay Johnny Tr. 3,2.14.2 2.07.8 (21 wins) inc; 12 @ Harold Park, NSW Champion Trotters Free For All,  N.S.W. Champion Trotters Stakes, Heat and 1976 Inter - Dominion Trotters Championship Final and 3rd in 1973 Inter - Dominion Trotters Final. $44,000 (Johnny Globe NZ) *Toliver Bay 2, 2.11 3, 2.04.6 (12 wins) inc; 5 @ H.P., N.S.W. 3 Year Old Southern Cross Stakes, Penrith Derby and Successful Sire. $38,000 (Toliver Hanover (Imp) *Snowline 2.00 $20,000 (Brahman NZ)12 wins ) inc N.Z. New Year F.F.A. Dam of Snow Chick 2.12 (Fallacy NZ) Dam of, *Hands Down 1.59.6 $310,000 (31 wins) inc N.Z. Cup, NZ Free For All, Inter - Dominion Consolation and Colonial Chick (Lordship NZ) Dam of 8 Winners including Track Talk 1.59.4 $38,000 (Romeo Hanover (imp) *Native Rose 1.59.1. *Colonial Romeo 1.55.6 $75,000. *Battle Flex ( Springflex ) *Kapuni ( Johnny Globe) *Johnny Toliver 2.00.8 (Toliver Hanover (Imp) *Jane Flex 2.07.3 (Springflex) (5 Wins) Heat and 3rd in the Final of the NSW Ladyship Stakes. Dam of 6 Winners inc Joanie Toliver Tr. 2.05.5 (19 wins ) including the Dullard  Cup. $67,000 (Toliver Hanover (Imp Jonell Low 2.01.8 Grand - dam of Jonell's Son 1.57.3 $284,000 (34 Wins) Fleur Delacour 1.57.4, Joanie Hanover 1.58.5 *Kip Kenyan 1.59.7 $196,000. Toljane. Dam of *Preferred Bay 1.59.8 $102,000 and Grand - dam of Ayrmont Derby Tr. 2,2.07.3. (Outstanding Juvenile Trotter). 

Next Dam: Pleasure Bay (Quite Sure (USADam of 7 Winners inc *Scotch Pleasure (U.Scott (Imp) Dam of Toliver Trunkey (Toliver Hanover (Imp) Dam of Taipan Trunkey 2.007. W.A. 2 Year Old Triple Crown, 2 Year Old Sires Classic (3 Year Old Triple Crown, 3 Year Old Sires Classic (Massie (Imp) *Colwyn Bay 2.14.3 "Broodmare of the Year" (Josedale Dictator (Imp) Dam of 5 Winners inc, Margot Bay (Hal Tryax (Imp) Dam of Cardigan Belle (Brad Hanover (Imp) Dam of Cardigan Lord 2.00 (Lordship NZ) *Thule Bay (Hal Tryax (Imp) Dam of Young Cardigan 2.01.6 and Sire $144,000. *Cardigan Bay 1.56.2  First Horse to win a $1,000,000 (80 Wins) inc; Inter - Dominion Pacing Championship (Hal Tryax (Imp) *Scotch Girl (U.Scott (Imp) Dam of Scotch Goose 2.02 Victorian Oaks $158,000 (Goose Bay (Imp) and Manaia 2.14.4 (Captain Adios (Imp) Dam of Spokesman 2.04.4 and Sire (Scottish Command NZ) *Scottish Pigeon (U.Scott (Imp) Dam of Pigeon Toes (Springflex) Dam of Ima Batman 1.58.2 (Batman (Imp) *Dorstan 2.09.6 (U.Scott (Imp) Dam of Never Better 1.59.2 (Nevele Romeo (Imp) *Primrose Bay (Highland Kilt (NZ) Dam of Rhythm Bay (Scottish Hanover NZ) Dam of Rocket Bay 2.00 (Caliburn (Imp) and Colossus Bay 1.56.8 (Able Bye Bye (Imp) Baylight (Light Brigade (Imp) Dam of All Arranged 2.01.8 WA 3 Year Old Triple Crown (Boyden Hanover (Imp) Miss Bay (Johnny Globe NZ) Dam of Vulcan Bay 1.59 (Lumber Dream (Imp) and Miss Bay Toliver Tr. 2.12.6 Victorian Galaxy 2 Year Old Trot and Globe Bay 1.59.4 $139,000 (Johnny Globe NZ) 

Next Dam: Helen's Bay - Guy Parrish (USA)      Next Dam:  Gold Patch - George M. Patchen    Family of TRILBY (N.Z.) (King Quail) (70 in 2.00) inc; West Texas Crude 3, Tr.2.03.4 (30 wins) $200,000, Red Samurai 2 Year Old Trotter and Aged. Another Chip 1.59.5, Kappalite 1.59.4 $111,000, Citizen Ben 1.57.9 Sundancer 1.58.7, King Toli  1.59.2, Nevermore 1.56.1, No Equal 1.57.5$136,000, Goodie Mohawk 1.59.2. Ima Batman 1.57.6, Never Better 1.59.2, Vulcan Bay 1.59, Colossus Bay 1.56.8, All Arranged 2.01.8.


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