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Rosborough -



Rose. English origins in Ireland in the 14th Century AD and in Co. Limerick in the mid - north - west of the Munster Province in the 17th Century AD.


Roseman or Rosemond. German English into Ireland in the 17th Century AD during the English confiscation of the 3,500,000 acres of the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Niaill territories in the Ulster Province and the foreign non - Catholic plantations carried out there, and were also in Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster and nearby in Co. Leitrim in Northern Connacht.


O Rosney - Irish / Ua Rosna. Gaelic Ithian Corca Loigde Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Kerry in Iar Mhumhain in the south - west of Southern Munster. Ancestors: 36.Lewy / Lughaidh, 35.Ith (Ithians).


Ross. Scottish origins in the Ulster Province. Some changed to Mac Andrew.


Ross. May be of English origins in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster and Co. Cork in Southern Munster.


Rossiter. English toponymic origins who also Gaelicized their name as Rosaitear and were one of the first English families in Ireland who were in the Barony of Forth in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster.


Rothe / Rut (red) Norse origins originally in Co. Kilkenny / Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster in the 14th Century AD and became one of the "10 Foreign Tribes of Kilkenny" and were connected with Kilkenny City were they were Mayors from 1403 Ad to 1690 AD. Some now known as Ruth and Routh.


Rotherham -


O Rothlan or O Rotlen - Irish. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province.


Rothwell or Radwell. English origins in Co. Meath in the south - east of Northern Leinster in the Mid - 17th Century AD and are now in Co. Wexford in the south - east of Southern Leinster. Not connected to the Rothell Huguenots.


O Roughan  or Rowan or Roan Irish / Ua Ruadhachain / Roghain, Heberian Dal gCais Cenel Cuallachta Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Clare in the north - west of Tuaisceart Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster. See also O Rohan. Ancestors: 122.Dermod O Roughan, 121.Murtogh, 120.Murray / Muireadach, 119.Eoghan, 118.Morogh, 117.Kelly / Ceallach, 116.Ainbheithe, 115.Donogh Claragh, 114.Foalusa, 113.Feareadach, 112.Criffan / Criomthann, 111.Eanna, 110.Ailill / Oilioll, 109.Feach, 108.Faolan, 107.Searrach Roghan the direct male line ancestor of the O Roughans / Ui Roghain, 106.Flaherty / Flaithbertach the direct ancestor of the O Roughans who was the third son of 105.Deadha the direct male line ancestor also of the O Deas / Ui Deaghaidh through a younger son, 106.Donogh while his older son, 106.Conn Mor is the ancestor of the O Quinns of Munster from the Muintir Cuinn, 104.Donnell, 103.Donn, 102.Dubnhsalach, 101.Flancha, 100.Flann Scrupuil, 99.Fercionn / Fercinn the direct male line ancestor of the O Perkins / Ui Fercinn 98.Fermac the direct male line ancestor of the Cinel Fearmaic, 97.Cuacta / Cuallta the direct male line ancestor of the O Kieltys / O Quiltys / Wolfs / Ui Cualltaigh, 96.Dunsleibhe, 95.Diomma, 94.Seanach, 93.Rethach, 92.Angus / Aeneas Cinnathrach, (a younger brother of 92.Blod the ancestor of the Ui Bloid Sept), and the eighth son of 91.Cas the King of Thomond / Northern Munster. (Dal gCais).


O Roughneen or O Raghtneen - Irish / Ua Reachtain. Heberian Dal gCais Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in Co. Mayo in the mid - west of the Connacht Province. Rochford was used as a synonym, which see. O Ronayne also used as a synonym for O Roughneen, which see. See also Raghteen.


O Rouine or O Rowine - Irish / Ua Ruaidhain. A Sept / Family branch, who had their territory in the south of the Connacht Province. Also akin to O Ruane, which see.


Roulaps -


Roulston. See Rolston.


Rountree or Roundtree or Roantree. Actually Rowantree in Co. Armagh and Co. Cavan in Southern Ulster in 1376 AD.


O Rourke or O Rorke or O Rorke or O Ruarc or O Rooke- Irish / Ua Ruairc / Ruarc / Roairc (Norse name) of West Breifne. Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin Breifne Sept / Family branch who had the kingdom of Breifne O Rourke / West Breifne in the Connacht Province, and were close kinsmen to the O Reillys from the Breifne O Reilly kingdom of East Breifne in what is now Co. Cavan, who were both Princes / Tanaistes of Breifne and Cath Aeda Finn. They originally had their territory in their kingdom of Breifne / Hilly Country, that took in both Co. Cavan and nearby Co. Leitrim in the north - west of the Connacht Province along with a portion of the kingdom of Midhe / Meath and also part of the Barony of Carbury in Co. Sligo. It ran from Kells in Meath to Drumcliff in Co. Sligo and was then part of the overall kingdom of Connacht down to the reign of Elizabeth 1st, when it was divided by the English into Co. Leitrim, and Co. Cavan which they added to the Ulster Province. The O Rourkes were kinsmen also to the Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin O Connors, the Kings of Connacht and Ireland, and during the Middle Ages they were to struggle against the O Connors in the Connacht Province for the supremacy of the Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin Tuath / Family region and lost out.

      In the 9th Century AD 107.Rourke / Ruarc their direct male line ancestor was the King of Breifne who was to die in 893/8 AD, which took in Co. Leitrim and Co. Cavan and part of Co. Longford nearby in the north - west of Northern Leinster, from the sea beyond Loch Allan to Carrick on the Shannon to the borders of Co. Longford. (Their territory was capable of running 120,000 head of cattle.) In 966 / 7 AD Sean Fearghal Ua Ruairc, died and it was his grandson, Ualgarg O Rourke who began using his personal name as his surname. Over the next 150 years 4 of the O Rourkes were to become Kings of Connacht in their own right. In the 12th Century AD after the O Connors had gained the upper hand once again, the main seat of the O Rourkes was at Dromahaire on Loch Gill in Co. Leitrim. The original kingdom of Breifne / Hilly Country was divided into 2 separate kingdoms West Breifne to the O Rourkes and East Breifne to their close kinsmen the O Reillys, and they then survived as a Gaelic Milesian aristocratic Irish Family, like so many other Irish Gaelic Septs under the ongoing English religious and ethnic oppression until the 17th Century AD. In 1529 AD Brian Ballagh O Rourke was inaugurated as their Chief who died in 1562 AD. Their capital fortress at Dromahaire is were the ruins of their castle still exists on Table Hill. Their kingdom of Breifne originally included parts of Co. Cavan and Co. Monaghan in Southern Ulster and Co. Leitrim and Co. Sligo in Northern Connacht.

       One of the ironies was that they shared St. Maedoc (My Little Aed of Ferns) in Southern Leinster as their Patron Saint with the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Ui Cheinnselaig Sept of Southern Leinster who were in later times to be represented by the Mac Murroughs, Kinsellas and Kavanaghs descendants of 113.Diarmait Mac Murrough na Gall.

     At their Inaugurations they carried the Shrine of Maedoc / Brecc Maedoc around there newly elected King who pledged to do right by all under the Brehon Law as the wand / slat was handed over to him (It had been cut from the hazel of Maedoc in Sescenn Uairbeoil in the Leinster Province at Dysert Maedoc.) Their new Ui Briuin Breifne King gave over his horse and robes to Maedoc’s Family / Muintir Maedoc or to his successor who would then go three times around him handing him the Wand, and he then presided over the Assembly / Oenach. The Shrine of Maedoc was also carried out in front of the Fir Breifne (Men of Breifne) as they went into battle, and also during their contests. Other members of their Septs were the O Connaghtys, O Duffys, O Duigenans, O Cassidys, O Farrellys, O Fergus / Fergusons, O Margarvans and O Shallows?

Ancestors: *89.Eochy Mugmedon the 124th King of Ireland the father of 90.Brion the first Dal Cuinn King of Connacht the father of 91.Duach Galach who was his youngest son, the father of 92.Eogan Srem / Sreibh (Ui Briuin Breifne / Ui Briuin Ai) the 5th King of Connacht the father of 93.Murray / Muireadach, 94.Fergus the father of 95.Eochy the ancestor of the O Connors of Connacht, and his younger brother, 95.Fergnae the ancestor of the O Rourkes and the father of 96.Brennan / Brunan, and 96.Aed Fionn the father of 97.Scandlan / Scanlan the father of 98.Criffan / Crimthann the father of 99.Felim the father of 100.Blamhach the father of 101.Baethine / Baothan the father of 102.Donough / Dunchad the father of 103.Dub Dothra / Dubh Dara who was a Ui Briuin King and the father of 104.Coffey / Cobhthach / Carnachan the father of 105.Aodh whose younger brother 105.Maol Mordha is the ancestor of the O Reillys of East Breifne / Co Cavan and the father of 106.Tiernan / Tighearnan who died in 892 AD as the Prince / Tanaiste of Breifne (The 3 Lower Baronies of Co. Leitrim), and the father of 107.Rourke / Ruarc / Roarc the youngest of 12 sons, who who died in 893/8 AD as the King of Breifne the direct male line ancestor of the Ui Ruairc, and the father of 108.Art O Rourke the father of 109. Fergal / Fearghail Sean the 39th / 43rd King of Connacht who died in 954 AD the father of 110.Aed who died in 1015 AD, whose brother 110.Aodh Coileach was the ancestor of the O Collys / Ui Coileaigh, and the father of 111.Art Uallach - the Righteous the 48th King of Connacht slain in 1046 AD the father of 112.Aod slain 1077 AD the father of 113.Niall who died in 1047 AD the father of 114.Uallgarg / Ualgarg the father of 115.Donnell the ancestor of another Sept of the Mac Tiernans of West Breifne, while his eldest son was 115.Tiernan O Rourke the "aged" King of Breifne who was killed by the English Galls in 1172 AD after the Anglo - Norman Invasion who was married to Dervorgilla the daughter of Murcha who was to be the last Dal Cuinn "southern" Ui Niaill Clann Cholmain King of Meath whose kingdom and territory in Midhe in Northern Leinster was confiscated by Henry 11 and given over to Hugh de Lacy. Dervorgilla was to be carried off by 113.Diarmait Mac Murrough na Gall who had pretension of becoming the overall King of Ireland and later brought in the Anglo - Normans to carry it out.115.Tiernan was to be the father of 116.Donnell / Domhnall O Rourke who was to be the last Prince / Tanaiste of West Breifne whose son 117.Feargal was to become the Chief of Breifne and the father of 118.Donnell O Rourke the Chief of Breifne also who had 5 sons, including 119.Congal O Rourke the ancestor of  the Mac Nialls, 119.Art O Rourke who had 2 brothers, 119.Aodh and 119.Lochlann. 120.Awley / Amhalgaidh the Chief of West Breifne, 121.Donnell O Rourke who had 3 brothers 121.Tiernan, 121.Conor and 121.Rory, 122.Uallgarg Mor O Rourke, 123.Tiernan Mor O Rourke, 124.Teige na Goir O Rourke the Chief of West Brefne the ancestor of the Mac Gores / Mac Goir who had 8 brothers the ancestors of the O Rourkes of Dromahaire in Co. Leitrim, and the father of 125.Tiernan Oge O Rourke the Chief of West Breifne who had 2 younger brothers of which the youngest was 125.Art the ancestor of the Chiefs of Carrha in Co. Leitrim, and he was the father of 126.Donough O Rourke the father of 127.Eoghan O Rourke the Chief of West Breifne who was married to Margaret O Brien the daughter of Connor O Brien the Heberian Dal gCais King of Thomond. He founded the Franciscan Creevlea Abbey at Carrick Patrick / Leac Phadraic where his wife was interred later on along with many of the O Rourkes, Murroughs and Cornins were also interred, but is now like so many others just a ruin. He was the father of 128.Brian Ballach O Rourke the last Chief of West Breifne who constructed Leitrim Castle in 1540 AD and also had 2 other castles, Castle Carr on a crannog in a small lake in Glen Carr Valley between Manor Hamilton and Sligo, and Dromahaire Castle / Bally Rourke on the lefty bank of the river Bonet / Buaniad - lasting river near its entrance to Loch Gill, and died in 1562 AD the father of 129,Brian na Mota O Rourke who was only one of many in conflict with Elizabeth 1st's English subordinates in Ireland, Sir Henry Sidney in 1578 AD, and later Sir John Perrot in 1585 AD, and as a result was beheaded in England, He also had a younger brother 129.Eoghan ancestor of the O Rourkes of Carrha in Co. Leitrim. His sons were 130.Teige an Fhiona O Rourke, 130.Brian Oge who later on in 1602 AD supported Donnell Cam O Sullivan against the English genocide of his people and 130.Tiernan Ban who in an alliance with 130.Brian Oge in resisting Sir Richard Bingham Elizabeth 1st's appointed Lord Deputy in Connacht killed Sir Conyers Clifford at Curlieus Pass near Boyle in 1600 AD while his son 131.Eoghan took on Sir Frederick Hamilton another of her Lord Deputies in Ireland. 130.Teague an Fhiona was to be the father of 131. Brian O Rourke the father of 132.Brian O Rourke the father of 133.John O Rourke the father of 134.Thomas O Rourke the father of 135 Edmond Roche O Rourke who was at Nancy in France in 1777 AD. Many members of the Family distinguished themselves in Austria, France, Poland and Russia against the ongoing Imperialism in Europe. 


O Rourke of Carrha in Co. Leitrim. Ancestors: 125.Art O Rourke a brother to 125.Tiernan Oge O Rourke above, who was the father of 126.Lochlann O Rourke the father of 127.Shane O Rourke the father of 128.Shane Oge O Rourke the father of 129.Eoghan O Rourke who married Margaret Nugent from the Earls of Westmeath, and produced 130.Shane Oge the father of 131.Brian who married 132.Bridget O Rourke the daughter of 131.Eoghan Oge the son of 130.Eoghan Mor the son of 129.Tiernan a brother to 129.Brian na Mota above. 131.Brian's son was 132.Eoghan the father of 133.Count John O Rourke in 1782 AD, who had 2 brothers in service in Austria, 133.Brian, and 133.Conn who was married to a niece of Count Lacy. He was born near Wood Fort in Co. Leitrim and at 25 years of age went to England and joined the army there but as a Catholic he was forced to resign and he went to France and met the French King at Versailles and in 1758 AD became a Captain, but because of jealousy he was forced to fight 4 duels in a few days from which he gained a great reputation. He then resigned and went to Russia who was at War with Prussia and later returned to France and in 1770 AD he became a Colonel of the Horse Regiment there and in 1774 AD he received the order of St. Louis from the French King.


O Rourke of Innis Magrath Muintir Ceann Aodh in Co. Leitrim. Ancestor: 129.Eoghan a brother to 129.Brian na Mota above, whose son 130.Tiernan Ban fought against Sir Frederick Hamilton, Elizabeth 1st's Lord Deputy, and was the father of 131.Eoghan who had 2 sons 132.Hugh and 132.Eoghan who had 2 sons, 133.Brian who was killed in 1641 - 49 AD conflict with the English while his other son 133.Conn was executed also during that period  in front of his family  at their father's house on the banks of Loch Allen in Co. Leitrim and O Carolan later composed the "Dirge of the Death of Eoghan O Rourke," and for his wife, Mary Mac Dermott he also composed Fair Haired Mary / Mhaire an Chulfin. Before 1641 AD their territories were confiscated by the English at Inis Magrath and both 132.Hugh and his brother, 132.Eoghan fought in a campaign against the English oppression in 1688 - 91 AD under Teague O Regan and later returned to Inis Magrath to live. 132.Hugh the oldest son was still living in 1688 AD and his only son, 133.Conn lived at Conn's Hall / Alla Cuinn / Grouse Lodge  leaving behind a son and 2 daughters. 134,Donough O Rourke his son had 4 sons, 135.John, 135.Francis who died in 1854 AD, 135.Teague and 135.Michael. 135.John the eldest died in 1845 AD at 80 years of age and was the father of 3 sons, 136.Hugh who died in 1866 AD, 136.Conn who died in 1840 AD, and 136.Micheal O Rourke his youngest son had 5 sons, 137.Denis, 137.John born 1838 AD at Inis Magrath, 137.Michael born 1848 AD who went to America, 137.Francis born 1851 AD who went to Australia, 137.James born 1856 Ad. 137.Denis O Rourke, the eldest, lived in Mount Allen in Co. Roscommon married Julia the daughter of Thomas Clarke of Geevagh in Co. Sligo in 1860 AD and they had 7 sons and 6 daughters.   


Mac Rourke - Irish / Mheic Ruairc. Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Niaill Cenel Enda Sept / Family branch who were the Chiefs of Aicme Enda who had their territory within the Hill of Uisneach in the Barony of Rathconrath in Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster. Ancestors:   *90 Niall - of the Nine Hostages the 126th King of Tara / Ireland. 91.Ennae Finn, Ruarc,


Routh. See Rothe.


Rovelle -


Row -


O Rowan or O Rowen / Chaorthain. Used as a synonym for O Ruane, O Rohan, which see and especially see O Roughan.


Rowan (a tree). English origins -


Rowell -

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