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              ST. BRIGID

93.St. Brigid was a daughter of;

92.Dubhthach a son of;

91.Demri a son of;

90.Bresal a son of;

89.Den a son of;

88.Connla a son of;

87.Art Corb a son of;

86.Cairbre Niadh a son of;

85.Cormac a son of;

84.Aonghus Mean a son of;

*83.Eochaidh Finn Fothart / Find Fuath nAirtt the direct male line ancestor of of the Heremonian Ui Felim Fotharta Septs, who was a brother to *83. Conn - of the Hundred Battles the 110th King of Tara / Ireland.

*82.Felim / Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar the Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh 108th King of Tara / Ireland married to Una / Ughna Ollerothach the daughter of the King of Denmark / Lochlann.

*81.Toole Teachtmhar the 106th King of Tara / Ireland married to Baine of Finland  the daughter of Scal the King of Sacsa and she was also to be the mother of 82.Coole / Cumhall, who was to be the father of 83.Finn mac Coole / Fionn mac Cumhaill the outstanding leader of the Fianna Warriors in the Leinster Province.


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