O Aherne                                                                                                                                                RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                 Dal gCais / Dalcassian Families of Tuaisceart Mhumhain / Thomond / Northern Munster   


    Descended from 91.Cas the King of Thomond / North Munster a direct descendant of 85.Cormac Cass the 2nd King of Munster and 1st King of Northern Munster / Thomond, a son of 84.Ailill Oluimm the Scythian Celtic Gaelic Milesian Heberian 1st King of Munster descended from *37.Heber Fionn the 1st joint Gaelic Milesian King of Tara / Erinn.


The Tradraige Sept were the original Celts who had their territory near Magh Adhair / Magh  nAdir (The Meadow of the Sacred Oaks) in the east of Co. Clare in the north - west of the Munster Province, which later became the place of the Inauguration Mound of the Heberian Dal gCais Kings of Thomond.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Families / Septs

O Aherne / O Hearne  O Heron  O Hearon, Mac Arthur.

O Brien, O Bladair, O Blair, O Blood, O Boland / O Boland  / O Bolland, O Bowen, O Brennan, O Brien, Mac Brody / Bruodin / Broudin.

O Cahill, O Carmondy  / O Carmody, O Carney / O Kearney, O Casey / Chiefs of Rathconan in the Barony of Pubble Brien in Co. Limerick,  O Cashin, Mac Clancy, Mac Clune, Mac Coughlan / Chiefs - of Co. Offaly in the north - west of Southern Leinster, Mac Cole, Mac Connell, O Connolly, Conoo / Cunnoe, O / Mac Considine, Mac Conry, O Coombes, O Corridon, O Cormacan, Mac Cormack, Cosgrave, Mac Coughlan, O Creagh, O Cremin / O Cremeen, O Curry, Mac Curtin.

O Davoren / Chiefs of Muintir Lidheagha who had their territory in the Barony of Corcomroe and at Ballynalaken near Lisdoonvarna in Co. Clare, O Dea  / O Daw / O Day, Mac Donnell - of Co. Clare, O Downey, O Duggan / O Dugan / O Doogan  / O Deegan, O Durack, O Duhig.

Mac Eniry, O Eustace.         O Fenelon / O Finnelan, O Flattery, O Fogarty.

O Galvan / O Galvin, O Gloirns, O Glinns, O Grady, Mac Grath / Magrath, Green, O Griffin / O Griffey, O Gunning.

O Halley, O Halloran, O Hanrahan, O Hartigan, O Hassett, O Hea, O Hely / O Haley / O Hayley, O Heap, O Hearne / Aherne, O Heffernan, O Hehir / O Haier / O Haher / O Herr / O Hegher, O Henchy / O Hinchy, O Hickey, O Hogan, O Hurley / O Harley.

Mac Inerney.

O Kearney / O Carney / Chiefs of Avon Ui Cearney situated on Kearney's River about Six Mile Bridge in the Barony of Tulla and Bunratty - of Co. Clare, O Keaty, O Kelleher, O Kennedy, O Kermode  / O Carmody, O Kieley.

O Larkin, O Liddy / O Leddy / O Luddy, O Lonergan  / O Londrigan  / O Longergan / Mac Lurigan, O Loughlin, O Lynch  / Lynchy, Mac Lysaght.

O Maegan, O Maglan, Mac Mahon of Clare, O Malone, O Maloney / O Meehan, O Mara / O Meara, O Molony / O Moloney / O Mullony / O Mullowney / O Maloney / Chiefs of Cuiltenan in the Parish of Kiltonlea in the Barony of Tulla in Co. Clare, O Muldoon  O Malone, O Mulmea  / Mulmy, O Mulqueen / O Mulqueeny.

Mac Namara, O Naghten  / O Norton, O Nechtainn, O Neill  / O Neil / O Nihill of Clare, O Neylan / O Neilan, O Noonan  / O Nunan.

O Owen.        O Power.        O Quinn - of Co. Clare, O / Mac Quirke.

Mac Raith / Mac Grath / Magrath, O Reddan, O Regan / O Reagan, O Reidy, O Ryan,

O Scanlan, O Scully / O Skully / Chiefs in Teffia - of Co. Westmeath in the south - west of Northern Leinster, O Sexton, O Shanahan  / O Shannon, Mac Shannon, Mac Sheedy, O Sheehan  O Sheahan, O Slattery, O Spillane / O Splaine / O Spellane.

O Twomey / O Toomey  / O Tuomey.  


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