The  Cianachta Septs of Ireland                                                                                                                                                    RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                                        Heberian Cianachta Septs - Family Branches of Ireland


            Descended from *85.Cian / Keen - the direct ancestor of all of the Heberian Cianachta Septs, who was a younger brother to 85.Eogan Mor the direct ancestor of the Eoghanacht Septs in Southern Munster and 85.Cormac Cass the second oldest brother who is the ancestor of the Heberian Dal gCais Septs in Thomond / Northern Munster.


          The Gregraige Septs had their territory in the north of Loch Gara as the they were originally a Fir Bolg Sept in the west of Co. Sligo in the north - west of the Connacht Province between Loch Gara and the Ox Mountains where they shared the territory there with the Gailenga Sept and the Luigne Sept who were 2 Tuatha De Danann Tuaths / Family regions there.


        The O Haras and O Garas became the Gaelic Milesian Cianachta aristocratic warrior over - Kings in this region. The Luigni Sept and the Gailenga Sept were also closely linked in the Connacht Province, as they where nearby in the Midlands / Midhe / Northern Leinster in the south of the Ox Mountains, were they formed the last block between the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian Dal Cuinn "northern" Ui Fiachrach Sept and their kinsmen the Heremonian Dal Cuinn Ui Briuin Septs who acted as an over kingdom dominating the smaller Tuaths / Family regions. These were fertile regions around the Moy estuary, in parts of Co. Sligo, south between Galway Bay in Co. Galway in the south - west of Connacht and the River Shannon and also in the east of Co. Roscommon in Connacht. The main Septs / Family branches of the Heberian Cianachta were;


 O Carrolls of Ely, O Connor the Chiefs of Cianacht / Keenaught in Co. Derry in the north - west of the Ulster Province, O Casey, O Conway, Mac Corcoran,


 O Delahunt / O Dulhunty / O Dulanty / de La Hunt etc. 


O Gara the Kings of Lieny and Coolavin in Co. Sligo in the north - west of the Connacht Province, O Geary,


O Hara the Kings of Lieny and Coolavin in Co. Sligo in the north - west of the Connacht Province who also had a Sept migrate to Co. Antrim in the north - east of the Ulster Province, O Hennessy,


O Kanavaghan. A Sept of the O Haras now also known as O Conway or O Convey, Mac Keogh / Kehoe,


O Meagher / Maher,


O Tougher / O Tooher / O Toher / O Tooker / O Tucker.


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