Heremonian Connla Septs of Ossory                                                                                                                                                        RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                       Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Connla Septs of Ossory in the south - west of Southern Leinster  


        Descended originally in Ireland from *37.Eremon the Gaelic Milesian 1st joint King of Erinn and aristocratic warrior ancestor of all of the Heremonian Septs, *59.Ugaine the Great the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian 66th King of Tara / Ireland and his son, *60.Leary / Laoghaire Lorc the Gaelic Milesian Heremonian 68th King of Tara / Ireland and ancestor of the Ui Laoghaire Sept then directly through 77.Breasal Breac and one of his 2 sons, 78. Connla thearistocratic warrior direct male line ancestor of the Ui Connla Septs in Leinster.


        77.Bressal Breac's other son, 78.Lewy / Lughaidh is the direct male line ancestor of the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Lughaidh Cu Corb Septs and the majority of the Kings of Leinster.  


   Original Celtic tribes in the region 

     The Osraighe Sept were originally an early Erainn Fir Bolg Sept in the south - west of the Leinster Province who had their kingdom in the territory that was to be known as Ossory, situated between a rock and a hard place, sandwiched between Southern Leinster and the Munster Province.


     The first Gaelic Milesian Heremonian aristocratic warrior King there in Ossory was 88.Angus Osrithe / Aeneas Ossaraidhe in the 2nd Century AD who was descended from 78.Connla and his father, 77.Bressall Breac, and in the 5th Century AD the nearby Heremonian Ui Cobhthaigh Ui Felim Deisi Sept assisted by the Gaelic Ithian Corca Loigde Sept took over the territory in the south of Ossory and the Ithian Corca Loigde Chiefs then ruled there for a Century in their place.


     In the early 7th Century AD the original Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Connla Ossory Kings regained control there and the descendants of 88.Angus Ossrithe then ruled once more under his descendant 98.Colman Mor who became the 1st King of Ossory leading on in turn to his descendant 110.Carroll / Cearbhall who became the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Connla 15th King of Ossory and one of the outstanding Kings of Ossory in the 9th Century AD during the Viking disruptions to the Brehon Law.


1003 - 1039 AD 115.Donough mac Giolla Padraig / Donnchad mac Gilla Padraig was the Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Connla 20th King of Ossory, who was a son of 114.Giolla Patraic who would be the only Heremonian Ui Laoghaire Ui Connla King of Leinster from the Ossory Ui Connla Sept, and this gave further impetus to the rise to the Family of Mac Gilla Padraig (Normanized later on in the 16th Century AD to Fitz Patrick). Most of Co. Kilkenny made up the kingdom of Ossory, but later on well after the Anglo - Norman Invasion, in the year 1210 AD, and due to its proximity to the English Pale surrounding Dublin in Co. Dublin in the north - east of Southern Leinster it became one of the most English dominated Counties in Southern Leinster. Their territory their was to be taken over by Strongbow / Richard de Clare the Earl of Pembrok,e and Kilkenny Castle was to be constructed there to ensure the English hold over the territory there, and in the 13th Century AD it was granted by the English to the English Butlers / le Buitleirs who were to be created the English Earls of Ormonde


                    Septs / Family branches   O Dunphys / O Dunfy, Fitz Patrick (Mac Gilla Padraig).,Mac Sheras / Mac Sheeras who were a Fitz Patrick Sept / Family branch. 




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