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                                                                                                                                  Gaelic Milesian Irian Septs / Family branches


       Irian Septs - Family branches who originally had their territory in their kingdom of Ulaid on the north - east of Ulster Province who were descended from *37.Ir, one of the Gaelic Milesian 5 brothers who were drowned before landing a second time in Ireland in 1699 BC who was also a brother to *37.Eremon and 37.Eber Fionn the sons of *36.Mil the Celtic Gaelic Hero of Spain and 3rd King of Castile and Portugal.

       Of these the Irian Dal nAraide aristocratic warrior Septs were based on the Scythian Cruthin Celtic Picts in the Ulster Province who were always in conflict with the Heremonian Dal Fiatach Septs there in Ulaid who they took turns at sharing the Kingship of Ulaid with. The Heremonian Dal Riada Sept who were also descended from 37.Eremon had territory there also in the far - north of Co. Antrim in far north - east Ulster under 71.Erc, 71.Lorn  71.Angus who were to expand their territory from there across the Irish Sea to Argyle (The Land of the Gael) in Albany in the Highlands of Scotland. The remaining members of the Heremonian Dal Riada Sept who were left behind in Co. Antrim allied with the Irian Dal nAraide Septs, which made them stronger.


O Berry - O Bury, Mac Birney, O Birren, O Branagan, O Bredin,

 O Canavan, O Conlevy / Lalor, O Connor/ / Clann na Rory Chiefs of Co. Kerry in the south - west of Munster and Fear Arda Chiefs of Corcomroe in Co. Clare in the north - west of Munster, Mac Creesh,

O Daly, O / Mac Dunlevy / Donlevy / Levens in Ulster, O Donnell Chiefs of Corcomroe in Co. Clare in the north - west of Munster, Mac Donnell,

O Farrell / Ferrell Chiefs of Annaly in Co. Longford in the north - west of Northern Leinster, O Finnegan / Finegan in Co. Louth in north - east of Northern Leinster,

O Gaynor, O Gilligan, Mac Gowan, Mac Guinness / Genis / Magennis in Ulster,

O Hoey,

O Keely / Keeley / Kelly Chiefs of Corca Baskin in the north - west of Munster, O Kenny, O Kerrigan,

O Lalor / Lawler / Lawlor in Co Laois in the north - west of Southern Leinster, O Leavy / Levy / Conlevy, Levens - (Mac Dunlevy Sept in Ulster), O Loughlin Chiefs of the Burren in Co. Clare in the north - west of Munster.

Martin, O Moran, O More / Moore, O Mulcora Chiefs of Corca Baskin in the north - west of Munster, O Mulkerrin, O Mulvey,

O Quinn,

Mac Rannall / Reynolds / Olis / Olice / Olasagh Chiefs of Muintir Eolais in Co. Leitrim in the north of Connacht Province.

O Shane, Mac Shanley, O Sheridan,

Ultagh (Mac Donlevy Sept in Ulster),


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