Descended from                                                                                                                                               RAINBOW FARMS AUSTRALIA                                            

                                                                                                                                    Gaelic Ithian Corca Loigde / Laoidhe / Luighe Septs  


Descended from 35.Ithe  and his son, 36.Lewy / Lughaidh the uncle and cousin of 36.Mil the Celtic Gaelic Hero of Spain and 3rd King of Castle and Portugal who was the father of *37.Eber Fionn the ancestor of the Heberian Septs, *37.Eremon the ancestor of the Heremonian Septs and 37.Ir. the ancestor of the Irian Septs.                    

            The overall aristocratic warrior Corca Loigde / Luighe Septs where originally based on a pre- Milesian race and Lewy / Lughaidh was to be a common name among their early aristocratic Gaelic Chiefs. One of these, *58.Lewy / Lughaidh mac con became the 113th King of Tara / Ireland as did 2 of his sons and their territory extended from Beann Finn westward to Tragumina and Loch Ine and from Beal Atha Buidhe to Teragh Claen at the rock in Co. Cork in Southern Munster. Each of their Tuaths / Family regions had a Taoiseach (leader / Oglaigh) and beneath him were their hereditary leaders. O Fehilly and O Dunlea, merged in Clonakilty and became the Taoiseacha / leaders there. The O Driscolls came to be their main ruling Sept / Family branch in more modern times, and all of these Families were to be gradually pushed further south of the River Bandon by the expansion of the Heberian Eoghanachta Septs under the O Mahonys and O Donoghues.


                                                                                                                                  Original Celts in Southern Munster. 

Uterini / Uterni / Iberni / Iberi / Juerni Celts who were also originally in Co. Cork in Southern Munster were there territory was the southern part of the region known as Des Muma / Desmond / Southern Munster and they were of Spanish Iberian origins.

Velabri / Vellibori Celts who had their territory also in Co. Kerry in South West Munster descended from the Iberi Celts in Spain.

Vodiae - Vodii Celts who had their territory in Co. Cork in Southern Munster, along with the Uterni Celts and the Coriondi Celts, who had their territory in the eastern part of the region along the coast



                                                                                                      # 35.Ithe - *59.Lewy mac con the Gaelic 113th King of Ireland   - *Click on # to view !!


                                                                                                                                                Ithian Corca Loigde Septs \ Family branches. 

O Anglin. Barry,

O Cagney, O Coffey, O Collins, O Connor, O Cowhig, O Cronan /  O Cronin, O Cullinane / O Cullinan.

O Deady, O Deas, O Dineen, O Doheny / O Downey, O Doorley, O Doughan, O Downey, O Driscoll, O Duggan, O Dulea, O Dunlea, O Dwayne  / O Divane /  O Downes, O Devane / O Duane.

O Eady.

O Fehilly / O Feeley / Field, O Flains, O Flattery, O Flynn.

O Hea / Hayes, O Hennessy, O Hevaghans, O Hills (Muintir hIllig), O Hogan, O Hourigan.

O Keady, O Kennedy.

O Lahiffe, O Leahy, O Leary.

O Macken, O Manahan / O Manihan / Mannix, O Moloney, O Murray.

Needham, O Nolan.

O Shally / O Shalvey  / O Shalloo  O Shallow / O Shelley, O Shinnick.

O Torpey.

O Whooley / O Wholey who were an O Driscoll Sept. 


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